About Joey Pritikin

Joey leads Tascent’s marketing and product management efforts, driving a unified approach to communication, design, and interaction at the company and product level. He has worked in biometrics for nearly 15 years, first developing MEMS-based fingerprint sensors at Fidelica (now part of Lenovo) and then helping to build AOptix’s Identity Solutions business from its infancy through to its acquisition by Tascent.

Why usability matters

This is a guest post by Joey Pritikin, VP Sales and Marketing at Tascent. Showing your ID at the airport is one thing. But using your eye as your passport? It might feel like a big step. Nevertheless, iris scanning and other forms of biometrics will soon be common sights at airports around the world. Airports all over the world are installing biometrics to streamline the traveler journey, from airplane entry gates to baggage pickup. The Australian government plans to