About John Callahan

Dr. John Callahan is Chief Technology Officer at Hoyos Labs. Before joining the company, he served as the Associate Director for Information Dominance at the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research Global, London, UK, office, via an Intergovernmental Personnel Act assignment from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. At ONR, his work included knowledge discovery, C4ISR, communications, and cybersecurity.

The password is dead

This is a guest post by Dr. John Callahan, Chief Technology Officer at Hoyos Labs. The death of passwords has been heralded for over a decade now, but these reports were often greatly exaggerated. In recent years this trend has begun to change, however, as new technologies are allowing companies to change how they secure access to digital assets. From traditional usernames and passwords to two-factor authentication, outdated security practices are failing to keep data secure. Last year, 63 percent