About Millind Borkar

Milind Borkar, Ph.D., is a part of the marketing team for the Singlecore DSP product line at Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). He is responsible for product management for singlecore DSPs; defining and bringing to market new processors, evaluation modules, development kits and reference designs; business development for emerging end equipments; and providing support to regional business development managers and sales teams.

Biometric technology of the future, today

“The future is in the palm of your hand.” It’s a saying we’ve all heard before. Today, it is truer than ever thanks to the proliferation of biometric technology. Moreover, the future is not only in the palm of your hand, but also in the details of your iris, fingertips and facial structure. What does this biometric innovation mean for us? Thanks to real-time biometric identification, I imagine we’ll soon be able to quickly and securely get cash from an