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U.S. gov’t to support “Big Data” research for DNA analysis

The U.S. government will support “Big Data” research to aid several universities involved in DNA analysis. The government acknowledges the importance of understanding human DNA and its potential in medicine and other fields, such as biometrics, and will provide US$2 million each in annual grants to five major research institutes over the next three years to develop better algorithms for DNA coding and to set up libraries to hold extensive data. The National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of

GIA to release a comprehensive report on fingerprint sensors

Global Industry Analysts, Inc. is slated to release a report covering the silicon-based fingerprint sensors market. The comprehensive report will cover market share predictions. The firm estimates that demand for the technology will rise by as much as US$255 million dollars in 2018. This steep rise in revenue is the result of an increasing demand in Internet security and other practical applications for mobile devices. Passwords and PINs are currently the most widely used form of security both online and

Apple to team up with biometric security firm Microlatch

According to a story first published in The Australian newspaper, Apple is working with Australian biosecurity firm Microlatch on a new suite of products that will secure mobile payment using near field communication. Microlatch considers itself a leader in the design, development and manufacture of cost-effective biometrics security within a stand-alone, self-contained device that requires no external configuration. Microlatch’s patented technology has been adapted to automotive controls, smartphone and tablets, PC networks, building access and corporate attendance applications. The technology

Ghana to use biometrics to manage civil service attendance

Biometric attendance records will soon become a “must” for all ministries and government facilities in Ghana. The announcement was made by Moses Asaga, Minister of Employment and Social Welfare. He made the announcement during his remarks at the 52nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Ghana Employers Association (GEA) in Accra. The 2012 AGM had the theme: “Democratic Governance and Enterprise Development in Ghana Achievements, Challenges and Prospects”. The Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare will monitor the new, automated

Sir Alec Jeffreys, inventor of DNA fingerprinting, retires

Sir Alec Jeffreys is retiring from the University Of Leicester. Jeffreys was instrumental in changing criminal investigations around the world with his work developing techniques for DNA fingerprinting and DNA profiling. The genetic scientist, now 62, has been awarded the position of Emeritus professor at the University. Sir Alec Jeffreys invented and developed DNA fingerprinting techniques in 1984. Through his extensive research and development, he has helped law enforcement officers from around the world catch criminals that range from rapists

Gabon using biometric technology for civil registry

In a bid for a better means of identification among its citizens, Gabon has initiated a National Biometric Identification System that it hopes will ultimately replace paper files. The contract to carry out the national biometric ID system was awarded to Gemalto and falls under the “Digital Gabon” strategic modernization plan. The new system will be used as an electoral register in the coming election in 2013. Gemalto provides biometrics technology and business solutions. It specializes in digital security and

Leicester gets new biometric unit for registration of foreigners

Leicester now has a fully functioning facial recognition system in one of its post offices. Biometric technology is often one of the fastest and most reliable means to verify a person’s identity and in this case, will be used to keep track of foreign nationals in the city. With the new technology within easy reach, foreign nationals working or even just visiting the city for a few months can register at the post office without needing to drive all the

Biometrics provider HT Systems partners with CentraMed

HT Systems, a healthcare technology leader that provides the biometric-based patient identity management, announced a partnership with CentraMed, Inc., a provider of industry-leading healthcare analytics and consulting services. Under the new agreement, CentraMed will resell HT System’s flagship biometric solution PatientSecure, alongside the company’s cloud analytics solutions. “Accurate identification of every patient via PatientSecure will help ensure patient safety, better protect patient’s personal and financial information and minimize costs associated with issues such as medical record duplicates and overlays,” said

Biometrics firm iEvo moves to bigger facility, expands manpower

The biometric boom has prompted iEvo bosses to move their headquarters. The iEvo group develops personnel and facility security management tools. iEvo also develops high quality fingerprint scanners. The new location will be within the Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate in North Shields, Tyne and Wear in the United Kingdom. The new headquarters will not only be the base for a larger facility, but also will give the group enough elbow room to expand operations in the region. The company expects

Biometrics offer more security to South Dakota childcare center

The Youth Enrichment Services building in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is taking advantage of the latest in security systems and will be using biometric technology in their facility for added protection. KSFY News – Sioux Falls, SD News, Weather, Sports The extra layer of security is designed to ease parent concerns. A recent incident involving children in another Sioux Falls-area home day care facility has rattled both parents and the authorities which have led to the upgrade of current security