About Paco Garcia

Paco Garcia is the CTO at Yoti. His background is in the space industry; he worked at the European Space Agency and Airbus in the classified secure testing of the constellation of satellites for the Galileo navigation system and was technical lead for the assembly, integration and test of the fifth satellite payload. He’s been involved in the cryptography and security aspects of military telecommunications satellites. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science & Telecommunications from Malaga University & Virginia Tech

Biometrics are shaping the future of digital banking

This is a guest post by Paco Garcia, CTO at Yoti From blockchain to IoT solutions and digital challengers; the world of banking has been going through a series of changes in the way interactions with customers are carried out. As a result, the financial sector is introducing new and innovative products on an almost daily basis to ensure engagement stays high and loyal customers don’t sway. That’s why we’re seeing more ground breaking technologies enter the world of financial