About Patrick Salyer

Patrick Salyer is the CEO of Gigya, where he oversees the company’s vision, strategy and operations. Gigya is the leading Customer Identity Management platform with more than 700 clients including Fox, Forbes and ASOS. When he is not helping brands create identity-driven relationships with their customers, Patrick enjoys captaining the Gigya basketball team against formidable rec-league opponents, playing Settlers of Catan and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Passé passwords give way to biometric authentication

This is a guest post by Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya Many consumers use Twitter as their “go-to” resource for celebrity gossip, information on their favorite brands and just overall updates on current events and the latest news. However, Twitter is also a breeding ground for hoaxes and identity theft — as demonstrated by the NFL’s recent security breach. While social media has fueled consumer expectation for frictionless, real-time access to information, applications and networks, it’s also created an impatience