About Paul Coombes

Paul Coombes is the Head of Commercial (EMEA) for Argus Global. Paul is experienced in biometric systems integration and distribution of biometric products. He has experience of both the public and private sectors and has a sound knowledge of various biometric modalities. Argus Global is a world leader in integrating and supplying the right biometric to the right application to improve information management, increase business efficiency and mitigate risk.

What is Biometric Data Sharing? An Introduction & Overview

This is a guest post by Paul Coombes, Head of Commercial (EMEA) for Argus Global The Five Country Conference (FCC) High Value Data Sharing (HVDS) Protocol initiative was signed in 2009 to enable the exchange of biometric data between member countries – the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In 2011 the UK and Ireland agreed to share biometric data from visa applications to fight illegal immigration. The goal of these programs is to exchange data

Biometric Technology In The UK: The Emerging Trends

This is a guest post by Paul Coombes, Head of Commercial (EMEA) for Argus Global In the UK, we see the use of Biometric Identification systems being deployed by more and more public and private institutions in more expanded applications. In particular, the UK Border Agency is advancing the use of biometric identification, and so too are British primary and secondary schools. Businesses are following suit, as the benefits of biometric technology become apparent. Biometrics in UK Schools In May