About Sándor Bálint

Sándor Bálint, Security Lead for Applied Data Science for Balabit, is a senior security professional with over 15 years of security experience in the telecommunications, financial and energy industries. He has previously served as security architect for Telenor, chief security officer at Hungarian Export-Import Bank, senior information security risk manager at KBC, security specialist at Erste Bank, network security regional coordinator (EMEA region) at ExxonMobil and senior IT security manager at Hungarian Telekom.

Trends and perspectives in the use and security of biometric technologies

This is a guest post by Sándor Bálint, Security Lead for Applied Data Science for Balabit The use of biometric technologies is clearly on the rise. Physiological and behavioral biometric data is being collected in quantities never seen before, and the possibilities to collect such information has also reached unprecedented levels. One contributing factor to this is the availability of data analysis solutions that are able to deal with massive amounts of information, making it possible to collect, store and