About Simon Cadbury

Simon is a product marketer and strategist with 18 years’ experience working for a range of major international brands. Simon’s role is to work with Intelligent Environments’ investors to set and deliver the company’s mid and long term strategy, as well as overall responsibility for the product development and management of Interact; the company's core product offering. Simon joined in 2013 from Lloyds Banking Group where he was responsible for payment technology and also sat on the Credit Card divisions leadership team. Prior to this he worked on the launch of a number of firsts in new technology – the Blackberry (BT Cellnet), BT Openzone (BT Retail), 3G Live! (Vodafone Australia) and Sky HD (BSKYB).

Simplicity is at the heart of the biometric banking experience

This is a guest post by Simon Cadbury, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Intelligent Environments The success of any new technology, be it a service, a product, or an entire ecosystem, is heavily influenced by its ease of use. If it’s too complex or unwieldy, or brings with it unnecessary anxieties for first time users, especially if there’s a security or financial element to it, then companies will have lost the customer at the first hurdle. The role that