About Steve Cook

Steve is Director of Sales EMEA for Daon and has been working in the biometrics industry for over three years. He has a long track record in the online and mobile video gaming and gambling markets with over 20 years’ experience. As General Manager at Sega Europe for 8 years he developed a unique understanding of the industry and was one of the first people involved when gaming moved online. In 2001, Steve developed his own business consultancy company providing European strategic sales, business development and marketing services to fintech start-ups. Today, Steve is firmly established in the biometrics industry having previously worked for Facebanx.

Passwords are so “last century”. They have to go… so deal with it!

This is a guest post by Steve Cook, Director of Sales EMEA for Daon Many of you feel very strongly about passwords, but the fact is … they have to go because of the large volume of hacks or frauds taking place putting you and also your money at risk! It is true, strong passwords cannot be defeated but the facts are that very rarely do we use them. Companies or your employer insist on them, but in most cases

Welcome to the biometrics age!

This is a guest post by Steve Cook, Director of Business Development at Facebanx. The biometrics age is upon us. A future sci-fi world of disappearing passwords, the internet of things and the unique human characteristics of our body parts to verify who we are is now actually a reality! No more so than in authenticating mobile payments. According to a recent study produced by Goode Intelligence, over $5.6 trillion dollars of payments will be secured with biometric technology by

Banking on biometrics

This is a guest post by Steve Cook, Director of Business Development at Facebanx. The world of banking is changing forever! Yes, right before your eyes (excuse the pun) the way we will all be banking in the future is radically going to alter as well as disrupt our lives. OUT: goes the traditional password. IN: comes biometric authentication. Biometric banking will be here to stay and whether we like it or not, we had better get used to it,

Biometric identification’s role in the on-boarding process

This is a guest post by Steve Cook Director of Business Development at Facebanx Examining the use of biometrics in ID protection and KYC Biometric identification systems are now being deployed within various applications into more and more public and private institutions. For those that are new to biometrics, biometrics are the unique characteristics of a human being that can be used to clearly identify a person. Biometric technology such as fingerprint, iris, face and voice recognition is now widely

Apple vs Samsung – battle for the biometric smartphone market begins in earnest – Round 2014

Apple vs. Samsung.  Who will dominate the smartphone market for 2014? Will anyone else get a look in? The imminent arrival of the new iPhone 6S circulate the industry as speculation is rife that Apple will move forward their release date of their new smartphone to coincide with Samsung’s new Galaxy 5S which is set for an April release date. Speculation is that Apple could release the new iPhone any time between April and September, but as likely they will

Operators should be alert to the forthcoming EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive

The European Parliament will vote on proposed amendments to the fourth Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directive over the next two months. The main topic of debate has been on whether beneficial ownership information for companies, trusts etc., will be collected in public registers that requires transparency across all EU Member States. The issue being that anonymous shell companies and trusts play a central role in laundering money, concealing the identity of corrupt individuals and irresponsible businesses involved in activities including the

Why the next generation will embrace biometrics such as facial recognition technology

Do you still need to be convinced that biometrics will be the next disruptive change in most people’s lives? Disruptive in the sense that you will not be able to avoid it!  The new generation of smartphones will all have some form of biometric security in future — whether it is Apple’s new iPhone 5S and a fingerprint scanner leading the way to other manufacturers releasing new advanced devices with the same or using voice recognition or facial recognition via

Biometrics are key for secure banking

Biometrics are the new E-verification tools for online and mobile banking says Steve Cook, Director of Business Development for Facebanx. Why? Simply because consumers are fed-up with identity theft and further inconveniences with having to prove who they are. Fraud is costing banks and tax-payers millions. ID theft is increasing at an alarming rate and is affecting millions of people, yet not enough stringent methods are being adopted to protect customer accounts. According to a recent report by the US