About Steve Thies

Steve has 35 years of business management and leadership experience with an emphasis in operations; 18 years in C-level positions; five years in the biometric industry and is the past president of Purolator Products, Spartanburg Stainless, Spartanburg Steel, and Mark IV Automotive Aftermarket. Steve holds a BSME from the Missouri School of Science & Technology. He is a contributor to news outlets in multiple industries on the subject of identity and biometrics.

Biometrics offer smarter, faster and more respectful border control

This is a guest post by Steve Thies, CEO of Integrated Biometrics It has become clear that 2017 is a year of change and challenge for the United States, especially regarding immigration and national security. With enhanced border protection and aggressive vetting of visitors, immigrants, diplomats and refugees, one of the most important questions will be how to screen these individuals – quickly, accurately and respectfully. Biometric technology can and should be an essential part of these programs. Biometric screening