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Fingerprint database of security guards set up in Karachi

A 2009 Allied Bank heist that involved private security guards in Karachi has caused the Sindh Police, who are responsible for policing in Karachi, to initiate a project to monitor private security guards. Fayyaz Ahmed Leghari, Inspector General of the Sindh police, wants all private security guards to submit their fingerprints for registration under the automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). In Karachi alone, there are about 20,000 private security guards employed by 50 security companies. The first phase of the

Ft. Lauderdale police using electronic fingerprinting for background checks

Fort Lauderdale Police have introduced live scan fingerprinting for employment background checks. Live Scan captures fingerprints electronically and transmits them to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for processing. Now the FBI and FDLE can electronically process captured fingerprints from the Florida police department within days, instead of weeks. In an article in Sun Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale Detective DeAnna Garcia said that the service is being provided “to anyone who lives

GCC to fingerprint, iris scan migrant workers for health purposes

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will take measures to make all migrant workers submit fingerprints and iris scans for health tracking purposes. The biometric information will be linked to health data from clinical laboratory and radiological tests that are required to be taken by migrant workers before they are permitted to enter to any Gulf state. Workers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Egypt, Sudan or Ethiopia will need to have examinations at health centers in their

Smiles banned for New Jersey driver’s licenses

Starting immediately, the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is not permitting smiles on driver license photos due to a new facial scanning system it is using. The new facial scanning software, which the DMV acquired in January, is helping the state eliminate fraud. The software is designed to review over 19 million driver photo records to authenticate driving records and to ensure persons only hold one license. To ensure that old driver photos match replacement licenses, facial expressions

Pune, India using biometric survey to identify illegal vendors

Pune, the seventh largest city in India, has been dealing with illegal merchandise vendors, referred to as “hawkers”, for years. It has become a perennial problem for the civic administration to deal with. The latest measure the city administration has decided to employ to weed out illegal hawkers is to conduct a biometric survey. Fingerprints of hawkers will be captured, along with other data including location for easy identification and GIS mapping. Though the use of mapping, city officials will

“Coast Guard City” looks at fingerprinting business license applicants

The city council of Newburyport, Massachusetts, dubbed the “Coast Guard City”, deliberated on a proposal requiring people who apply for business licenses to submit to fingerprinting. The proposed ordinance was sent to the city’s public safety committee for further deliberation. If the ordinance passes, people involved in the following occupations will be required to submit to fingerprinting: owners or operators of public conveyances such as taxis and limousines, sellers of second-hand retail items, managers holding alcohol beverage licenses, hackney drivers,

Retired Florida police officer launches mobile biometrics business

An article in The Palm Beach Post, highlighted the story of a 56-year old former Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, Dwight Walton, who started his own mobile biometric business called Alpha Omega Biometrics Division, right after his retirement in 2007. Alpha Omega Biometrics Division operates a fully-equipped mobile biometric vehicle that lets Walton and his three staff move around his neighborhood and provide background checks, fingerprint scans and drug testing. It uses its six fingerprint scan machines to screen jobs applicants

Midwest security company offers access control with face and voice recognition

J. Becher & Associates Inc., an electrical contractor for commercial, industrial and residential industries, has been licensed to sell security software including face and voice recognition, developed by the Israeli military to patrol over Israeli-Palestinian borders. This organization has been in the business of providing security to homes, apartment units, and commercial buildings for electricity, phone, internet and security systems. With this new FST21 software on hand, the company plans to use it for accessing doors at data centers, apartment

DNA tracked suspected killer of one of Highway of Tears victims

DNA testing has proven yet again just how important and significant a tool it is in law enforcement and in solving cold cases. Parents of one of Highway of Tears slaying victims from British Columbia, Canada, Colleen Rae MacMillen, have found their closure after Bobby Jack Fowler has been proven through DNA testing as her killer. Fowler was convicted of an attempted rape in 1996 and died in prison in 2006. Retired Mountie Fred Bodnaruk, who headed the murder investigations

Michigan to use biometrics for patient records

The state of Michigan will soon implement PatientSecure, a biometrics-based solution to streamline its patient care record system. PatientSecure is designed by HT Systems. It uses palm vein pattern technology for accurate identification and verification in order to protect patient records from error and fraud, as well as reduce administrative costs for health care providers. Carl Bertrams, Senior Vice President of sales and marketing at HT Systems/PatientSecure said, in an article in Infosecurity that: “The PatientSecure technology provides Michigan healthcare