Gemalto launches machine learning-based fraud prevention solution for banks

Gemalto is releasing the Gemalto Assurance Hub, a machine learning-powered fraud prevention solution for online banking that analyzes the profile and the behavior of customers in real time. The platform only activates additional authentication measures when required, providing a seamless user experience. The solution comes amid the growing occurrence of cyberattacks against online banking services, as well as financial institutions requiring to comply with emerging banking regulations such as Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) and Federal Financial Institution Examination Council

Wheelys unveils AI-based self-driving mobile retail store

Swedish retail startup Wheelys has unveiled a prototype for an autonomous, self-driving mobile store that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to navigate city streets, according to a report by The Verge. Earlier this year, the startup launched its first Moby Mart test store in Shanghai carrying basic items like fresh food, sneakers and magazines. The current prototype is controlled by humans, however, the fully-realized mobile store will use AI and computer vision technologies to self-drive throughout urban and rural

BioCatch named a 2017 Red Herring Top 100 company

BioCatch has been named a Red Herring Top 100 company in both Europe and North America. The Red Herring Top 100 award highlight the most exciting startups from Asia, Europe and the Americas and are widely recognized as one of the industry’s more prestigious recognitions, with hundreds of candidates from each continent competing for a Top 100. Nominees are evaluated on 20 main quantitative and qualitative criterion, which include disruptive impact, market footprint, proof of concept, financial performance, technology innovation,

Neuro-ID releases prescriptive analytics solution to assess future risk

Neuro-ID announced the commercial availability of its prescriptive analytic solution, Neuro Confidence Score (Neuro-CS), which analyzes cognitive changes demonstrated by the applicant during the onboarding process that are indicative of future and ‘risk-relevant’ actions. The technology includes a complete toolset and score to access breakthrough insight about online applicant risk. The solution combines behavioral biometrics, advanced analytics and neuro-cognitive research to provide organizations more assurance in applicant segmentation — mitigating overall risk and improving the bottom line. Neuro-ID’s technology monitors

Secured Signing adds video confirmation capabilities to eSignatures

Secured Signing has expanded its identity confirmation capabilities with what it calls the world’s first use of video confirmation as part of the online signing process to deliver signed documents for proof of agreement. Available to all customers at no extra cost, Secured Signing is now offering video confirmation capabilities to improve the independent signature verification process of PKI user based digital signatures. “Our primary goal for Secured Signing is to make it quick and simple for the document signer

BehavioSec behavioral biometrics solution integrated into Kount fraud platform

BehavioSechas partnered with Kount to integrate its behavioral biometric technology into Kount’s fraud management platform. Kount’s fraud prevention services enable online merchants increase sales and decrease losses associated with fraud. The company reviews billions of transactions and protects several internationally-renowned brands, preventing customers from fraud attacks through the constant development of patented technologies and strategic partnerships. “It is clear that to achieve true digitalization of our everyday transactions, we need to automate and combat online fraud through a layered and

Passwords: Getting the NIST of It

This is a guest post by Robert Capps, VP of business development at NuData Security Is the age of using passwords dead? Passé, so to speak? The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has amended its password recommendations for Digital Identity guidelines. This codification of standards for government agencies, businesses and consumers includes a resource for password security. These new standards are commonsense updates to the widely deployed user authentication regime of usernames and passwords. The new guidelines drop

Nuance launches AI-powered multimodal biometric solutions

Nuance Communications has released a new suite of biometric security solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which includes voice biometrics technology as well as facial and behavioral biometrics. Nuance Security Suite applies deep neural networks (DNN) and advanced algorithms to detect synthetic speech attacks, as well as integrates facial and behavioral biometrics, to provide improved fraud prevention. By combining a range of physical, behavioral, and digital characteristics to provide secure authentication and more accurately detect fraud across multiple channels, the

ID R&D launches multi-factor, multimodal mobile authentication solution

Biometric technology firm ID R&D launched a mobile biometric login solution earlier this week at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2017, marking the company’s first product. The patent-pending IDSquared combines a simple and intuitive user interface with behavioural biometrics, facial recognition and liveness detection. Designed to provide a seamless UX and improved mobile authentication experience, IDSquared requires users to type a word into the mobile device while looking at the screen. By doing so, uses reveal their face to the front-facing camera

SecuredTouch behavioral biometric technology available in IBM’s MobileFirst Foundation

IBM’s MobileFirst Foundation is now offering SecuredTouch’s behavioral biometric technology as a primary authentication option, according to a report by Financial IT. MobileFirst Foundation provides scalable, time-tested enterprise mobile middleware that can be deployed on premises or on the cloud. SecuredTouch technology provides a risk-based authentication by analyzing human-device interaction. By integrating SecuredTouch technology into MobileFirst Foundation, IBM customers can implement behavioral biometrics directly into their apps without taking any extra steps. Using more than 100 behavioral parameters including angle,