Apple granted patent for biometric sensing device that includes discrete ultrasonic transducers

Apple Inc. has been granted a series of 45 U.S. patents covering biometric sensing devices, specifically a biometric sensing device that includes discrete ultrasonic transducers that could allow Touch ID to be embedded under the iPhone display, according to a report by Patently Apple. The upcoming iPhone 8, which is set to be released in September, may be the first device to adopt such a method. The move comes a few months after Apple received a patent that covers a

Ping An Technology developing AI face recognition technology with record results

Ping An Technology Co. Ltd. is reporting key breakthroughs in the development of its artificial intelligence face recognition technology. The company recently achieved a high score in the latest tests conducted by the University of Massachusetts’ facial recognition technology benchmark Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW), scoring a face recognition ratio of 0.9960+/-0.0031. The record results are slightly higher than that of other face recognition developers, which have published test results confirming an accuracy rate of approximately 99.5 percent, and

Researchers develop authentication method based on lip motion

Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University have developed a “lip motion password”, which depends on the motions of an individual’s lips to generate a password, according to a report by Techradar. The technology, which was granted a US patent in 2015, takes into account the person’s lip shape, texture, movement and sound to determine a people’s identity. “The same password spoken by two persons is different and a learning system can distinguish them,” Cheung Yiu-ming, who led the research, said.

WVU biometrics program granted $1.5M in cloud technology from MorphoTrak

MorphoTrak, a subsidiary of Safran Identity and Security, will donate $1.5 million in access to MorphoCloud to West Virginia University (WVU) to support the university’s biometrics and forensics research and education programs. The current version of MorphoCloud includes services for fingerprint, palmprint and facial recognition search and verification with iris recognition and video analytics coming in the near future. As part of the donation, MorphoTrak will provide technology training and support to WVU to operate the multi-biometric identification capability of

EAB lobbies EU Parliament to enhance biometric testing

The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) sent a letter to the European Parliament last month requesting legislation to enable easier access to data required for testing biometrics products and systems. The Management Board and Advisory Council of the EAB stated that it believed an “overly restrictive and non-harmonized legal infrastructure hinders the testing of biometric systems and products for large scale settings, even when applying appropriate safeguards.” The letter notes that “due to the lack of proper provisions the owners

Biometrics and the bottom line

This is a guest post by George Brostoff, CEO and Co-Founder, Sensible Vision “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” — Steve Jobs Today, business executives are increasingly focused on innovative approaches to cybersecurity and privacy, authentication and managing access to data. And they understand that robust solutions in these areas can facilitate business growth, create market advantages and build brand loyalty. An obvious front-runner in the race to address these issues would

Osram Opto introduces new infrared LED for iris scanners

Osram Opto Semiconductors introduced a new infrared LED (IRED) for iris scanners at last week’s Mobile World Congress that, according to the company, illuminates the eyes so evenly that the software identifying the iris pattern hardly needs to correct artifacts. The direction of emission of the new SFH 4787S is slightly angled rather than vertical, simplifying the design process by eliminating the usual mechanical aids. Osram Opto Semiconductors introduced its first generation of this technology for smartphones and mobile devices

EU-funded projects developing facial recognition avatar border guards, handheld scanners

European Dynamics is developing a facial recognition-based border control system that begins screening travelers before they even leave their home, according to a report by Robohub. Anastasia Garbi, head of R&D at European Dynamics, said the technology allows travelers to use their personal computer, without expert or specialized scanners. Travelers take photos of their passport, visa and proof of funds and upload them to a website. They can then use their webcam to answer a series of questions from the

Apple patents touchscreen technology that reads fingerprints

Apple has patented display technology capable of analyzing a user’s fingerprint without a dedicated sensor, a feature rumored to be incorporated in the upcoming iPhone 8 model, according to a report by Apple Insider. U.S. Patent No. 9,570,002 for an “Interactive display panel with IR diodes” describes a touch display that uses micro-LED sensing technology instead of active matrix hardware, which is used on the majority of mobile devices. Apple acquired micro-LED displays and associated technology last April from LuxVue,

EU training network to focus on early stage research in mobile biometrics

AMBER (enhAnced Mobile BiomEtRics), a new EU-funded Training Network, has detailed its plans to address current issues related to biometric solutions on mobile devices in new projects. The network will comprise 10 integrated Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher (ESR) projects across five EU universities, along with the support of seven industrial partners. In a statement, AMBER said the network’s aim is to “collate Europe-wide complementary academic and industrial expertise and to train and equip the next generation of researchers to