UIDAI terminates 24 fraudulent apps and websites offering Aadhaar services

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the government agency in charge of Aadhaar, has shut down 24 fake apps and websites offering Aadhaar-based services by illegally charging users, according to a report by BGR. UIDAI terminated 12 websites and 12 mobile apps available on the Google Play Store, while another 26 illegal websites and apps have also been flagged for deletion. These apps and websites were reportedly charging for services which are otherwise free to the public, such as

Gemalto to provide digital ID solution for the Swedish tax agency

Gemalto has been awarded a multi-year contract with Swedish tax agency Skatteverketto in which it will provide its eGov authentication platform for online services, premium polycarbonate eID cards and a comprehensive enrollment and issuance solution. The electronic ID card, which provides official proof of identity and access to several government services, can be issued to all Swedish and non-Swedish residents. In the future, Gemalto will develop a secure digital identity that will enable users to also access online services of

Kyrgyzstan to replace ID cards with biometric passports

This week, the Kyrgyzstan State Registration Service (SRS) Chairman Tayirbek Sarpashev told a parliamentary committee that the SRS has plans to replace citizen ID cards with biometric passports by year-end, according to a report by the 24 News Agency. According to Sarpashev, an agreement has been reached that will see Japan donating a significant number of machines to read biometric passports to Kyrgyzstan by March 2017. Back in 2015, Japan committed to donating about $6 million worth of biometric technology

Greece to issue new biometric ID cards

According to a report in the Greek Reporter, Greece will be issuing new biometric ID cards in compliance with an agreement on security and terrorism that it signed with the United States. In addititon to new ID cards, the agreement also details the exchange of intelligence between the two countries. The Citizens’ Protection Ministry has announced a planned evaluation of the agreement next month.

New E-Verify proposal would see addition of biometric data

Senator Chuck Grassley has introduced an E-Verify bill designed to expand the employment verification program nationwide. The bill, if enacted, would make all employers in the United States participate in E-Verify, with respect to all employees, whether recruited or referred and would enhance the enrollment process through the addition of biometric data such as facial photographs. E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. The program compares

NXP details top three global trends in biometric passports

NXP Semiconductors has identified its top three trends in electronic passports (ePassports or biometric passports) as increasing functionality, stronger security, and the ePassport complemented by ‘virtual mobile identity’. Seven hundred thirty million out of 900 million passports issued are ePassports, with 120 countries claiming that they are currently issuing ePassports, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). NXP explains how ePassport functionality is continuously evolving, with ICAO initially introducing BAC (Basic Access Control), then EAC (Extended Access Control), and

Indian government may allow citizens to use Aadhaar ID for income tax return

The Indian government is considering introducing a new option that would allow individuals who do not have a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card to use an Aadhaar card, according to Economic Times. The Ratan Watal panel report on promoting digital payments recommended that the government follow the practices of developed countries, such as the United States, in order to increase its tax base. “The committee studied that in countries like the USA, the tax return can be filed with social

Trump’s executive order on immigration addresses biometric entry-exit tracking system

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday which includes a series of initiatives to address immigration, including a proposal to establish a national biometric ID program for non-citizens entering and leaving the U.S., according to a report by Payments Source. According to a draft executive order leaked to civil rights advocates and obtained by The Washington Post, one of the measures of the executive order calls for an “Expedited Completion of Biometric Entry-Exit Tracking System”. Section 8 of the

UNHCR, EU working with Chad on biometrics registration program for refugees

UNHCR and the European Union is working in Chad to help children of refugees fleeing war to receive ID cards. The UN agency, in conjunction with the EU, is helping Chad implement a biometric registration and nationality verification program to support returnees and prevent statelessness. Implemented by local Chadian authorities in collaboration with UNHCR and its partners, the program is slated to expand throughout southern Chad, where 11,000 people need official documentation. So far, more than 6,000 returnees have been

India airports piloting Aadhaar-based entry authentication

Taking the lead from a successful pilot phase at a Hyderabad, India airport where security officials processed travellers using Aadhaar-based airport entry authentication technology, Mumbai and Bengaluru airports are also planning to implement similar pilot projects next year, according to a report by The Hindu. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad launched a pilot project in 2015 in which travellers had the option of entering their Aadhaar number at a kiosk located at one of the entry gates. The