SpeechPro adds speaker separation capabilities to CallMiner products

SpeechPro announced that it has added speaker separation capabilities to CallMiner’s speech analytics product suite, which will provide SpeechPro’s proprietary speaker separation technology as an additional option on the Eureka platform. “We see a lot of our customers stuck with legacy recording equipment and contact center infrastructure that offers no speaker separated audio,” said Erik Strand, VP of product at CallMiner. “Analyzing non-separated audio is possible but requires significant additional effort and doesn’t allow for speaker-based searches and categorization. SpeechPro’s

Hypatia Research Group publishes customer identity authentication guide

Hypatia Research Group published a new primary research study entitled “Customer Identity Authentication: A Practitioner’s Guide to Best Practices in Avoiding Identity Theft, Fraud & Risk”. The 40-page report details best practices in benchmarking, vendor evaluations and an analysis of how, why, and when companies invest in Customer Identity Authentication (CIA) software, what tangible benefits are possible, and which metrics can be used to measure an organization’s return on investment. The report is intended to provide companies with various insights

Mattel to release Barbie doll with voice recognition capabilities

Toy manufacturer Mattel recently unveiled at a recent New York toy fair its new “Hello Barbie” doll, which uses voice recognition software to learn a child’s voice over time to effectively have conversations with the child, according to a report by the Washington Post. The Barbie records the child’s voice using an embedded microphone, which is activated by a button, and “listens” to the voice. Meanwhile, the doll sends the audio recordings via wi-fi to a server where the voice

Frost & Sullivan hosts webinar that addresses the future of biometrics

Frost & Sullivan will host a free webinar titled, “The Future of Biometrics” on March 17 at 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EST. The webinar will address the potential of the biometric market and its impact on current businesses. Individuals who attend the webinar will learn how biometrics can effectively increase convergence and growth in other markets. The webinar will cover a number of key topics, including the impact the biometric market will have on the retail, finance and healthcare

Volkswagen concept car customizes route based on biometrics

Volkswagen unveiled its Sport Coupé Concept GTE at the Geneva International Motor Show that uses the driver’s biometric data to customize routes, according to a report by PC Mag. The concept sports car gathers biometric data from the driver’s body to find a route that will be least likely to induce road rage. “Based on the driver’s biometric data, the Sport Coupé Concept GTE determines, via a smartwatch or armband for measuring the driver’s vital functions, whether to select a

Intercede service enables developers to load apps on TEE-embedded Android devices

Intercede announced it launched MyTAM, a full hosted cloud service that enables app developers to load apps, such as biometric solutions, directly onto the trusted execution environment (TEE) in Android devices. The Trustonic TEE, which is embedded in many Android devices, helps prevent hackers from accessing sensitive user data stored on smartphones. Mobile devices supporting biometric authentication (fingerprint, facial recognition and voice) can currently store the user data inside the TEE, which has led to many governments to consider other

NEC introduces integrated POS solution with biometric-enabled solutions

NEC Corporation of America introduced Stanchion 3.0, its new integrated point of sale solution that integrates hardware, software and services. NEC showcased the POS solution, along with other biometric-enabled retail solutions at last week’s National Retail Federation conference in New York. Stanchion 3.0 provides store managers and staff with greater access to data, improved communications and increased productivity within their store environments. The solution is both scalable and customizable to help retail employees collect real-time data and streamline the processes

Global biometrics market projected to reach $24.6 billion by 2020

The global biometrics technology market is expected to reach US$24.59 billion by 2020, according to a new study published by Grand View Research, Inc. According to the research firm, increasing demand in consumer electronics to enhance customer experience is expected to drive the biometrics technology market over the next six years. Biometrics technology will be used by several verticals in the private, public and commercial sectors to overcome security threats, which is primarily expected to fuel market demand over the

4.8 billion biometric devices predicted by 2020

Acuity Market Intelligence forecasts that intensifying demand for smartphones, tablets, and wearable mobile devices that incorporate biometrics will drive a global market of 2.5 billion users with nearly 4.8 billion biometric devices by 2020. Maxine Most, Principal and lead analyst at Acuity Market Intelligence notes: “The market for biometrically enabled mobile devices will surge over the next five years. Apple’s launch into biometrics and payments will be followed by similar efforts by Samsung and others, and within three years, biometrics will

OASIS seeks comment on biometric device specification

The members of the biometrics technical committee at OASIS have produced an updated committee specification draft and submitted the specification for 15-day public review. OASIS, known as the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, is a global consortium that works on the development, convergence, and adoption of e-business and Web service standards. OASIS’s specification entitled “WS-Biometric Devices Version 1.0″ is a second draft that was released for public review on November 12. WS-Biometric Devices, or WS-BD, is a command and