Careem to integrate Digital Barriers’ facial recognition technology into its smartphone app

Digital Barriers has secured a recurring revenue software contract for its facial recognition technology with Careem, a ride-sharing provider operating in more than fifty cities in the Middle East and North Africa. Careem will integrate the facial recognition software into its driver smartphone application ensuring that the actual driver of the vehicle can be matched in the background in real-time to the authorized and accredited driver. Careem will also use the Digital Barriers’ facial recognition platform to secure the driver

Oracle research reveals biometrics will play key role in hospitality industry

Oracle revealed the findings of two research initiatives aimed at identifying consumer attitudes to new technologies and how their implementation will affect consumer behavior in the future, which showed that biometrics will play a significant role in the hospitality industry. Insights from both the Oracle Hotel 2025 and Oracle Restaurant 2025 reports highlight that consumers are most willing to engage brands with new technology as long as they feel that they are in control of their experience. The research findings

Washington state House approves bill to protect consumers’ biometric data

The Washington state House has approved a bill by Rep. Jeff Morris to protect consumers’ biometric data. The House of Representatives recently voted 81-17 to pass the consumer protection bill that would forbid businesses from obtaining or selling biometric information from individuals without their consent. The bill now goes to the state Senate where a similar bill died last year. Morris said laws on biometrics are needed now to head off future problems. “It’s important to get these rules in

MorphoTrust, Confirm to provide ID solutions to commercial and consumer marketplace

MorphoTrust USA and Confirm Inc. have expanded on their existing relationship to provide scalable identity solutions to the commercial and consumer marketplace at an accelerated pace. The move comes a year after MorphoTrust and Confirm partnered to release enterprise-class mobile SDKs and APIs for developers requiring advanced user verification and mobile facial recognition. Under this latest partnership, MorphoTrust has named Confirm as a go-to-market partner in the commercial ID and identity authentication sector whereby Confirm will integrate certain MorphoTrust biometric

Four states propose legislation regulating collection, retention and use of biometric data

The state governments of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Washington, and Alaska have all proposed bills that would regulate the collection, retention and use of biometric data, according to a report by The National Law Review. If the bills are passed, they could significantly impact the way that organizations capture, obtain, store, or use biometric information. Many of these new legislative proposals have been modelled after Illinois’ BIPA, which requires companies to inform and receive written consent from the subject about the

Automotive industry increasingly adopting biometric technologies

A new report by Venture Beat points to the increasing use of biometric technologies in connected cars to increase security through driver identification and authentication, as well as provide a more convenient experience. In fact, a recent report found that the biometric vehicle access systems global market will increase from its current $442.7 million to reach $854.8 million by 2021. At last month’s CES show, several firms demonstrated integrated biometrics technology for vehicle authentication including: Continental’s fingerprint and facial recognition

FPF, NADA release consumer privacy guide

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) have released a new consumer guide that explains the guidelines governing the way personal data is collected and used by the latest generation of vehicles. Today’s vehicles come with a wide array of equipment and features that rely on the collection and use of data about you and your vehicle to support safety, efficient performance, convenience, and entertainment. The guide explains the kinds of information that may

Nearly half of UK firms to deploy biometric authentication within five years: survey

SecureAuth has published a new survey which reveals that many organizations are adopting a new approach to authentication, with 83 percent of IT decision makers in the UK predicting that their organizations will be passwordless in five years’ time. The survey results show that organizations are increasingly moving to replace passwords as well as simple two-factor authentication (2FA) with stronger methods to prevent the misuse of stolen credentials. In five years’ time, 17 percent of organizations still intend to deploy

Biometric vehicle access systems market to reach $854.8M by 2021

Markets and Markets has published new research that finds that the biometric vehicle access systems global market, which is currently valued at about $442.7 million, is projected to nearly double by 2021. The report forecasts that by 2021, the global market will undergo a 14.06% CAGR to reach $854.8 million. Examining the production volumes and demand trends of the global market, the report is based on interviews from experts and suppliers on the future trends of the biometric vehicle access

Frost & Sullivan forecasts biometric wearables to transform driving experience by 2025

Frost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility has released a new report entitled ‘Biometrics in the Global Automotive Industry, 2016–2025‘, which forecasts that ongoing advancements in biometrics will significantly transform the driving experience, health wellness and well-being (HWW), and security of vehicles by 2025. According to the report, one in three new passenger vehicles will eventually feature fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, gesture recognition, heartbeat monitoring, brain wave monitoring, stress detection, fatigue monitoring, eyelid monitoring, facial monitoring, and pulse detection —