Toyota to showcase research vehicle with custom biometric software

Toyota will showcase the latest generation Driver Awareness Research Vehicle, DARV1.5, at this week’s Meeting of the Minds 2014 summit in Detroit, according to a report by Green Car Congress. The car is developed in partnership with Microsoft Research as part of Toyota’s continued research in driver distraction at Ann Arbor’s Collaborative Safety Research Center. First introduced last November at the Los Angeles Auto Show, DARV is designed to help decrease the number of distractions before the driver even starts

EyeLock incorporates Sticky Password in to iris-based identity authentication solution

Iris-based identity authentication solutions provider EyeLock announced it has partnered with Sticky Password, integrating its myris device with Sticky Password’s password management software to provide a combined solution that enables users to securely and easily log in to digital platforms. As an iris identity authenticator that plugs into a USB port, EyeLock myris device is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS devices as well as supports Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome browsers. Once the myris application is loaded,

Next Biometrics introduces smaller biometric security sensor

Next Biometrics has launched its new touch area sensor for mobile, tablet and notebook markets. The new touch area sensor is 30% smaller than Next Biometrics’ current offering, measuring at a size of 144 square mm compared to 201 square mm. Despite the smaller size, Next Biometrics notes that market trends are currently projecting that customers will move away from smallest sensors in 2015 and 2016. “It ́s about maximizing user convenience without sacrificing security,” said Next Biometrics CEO Tore

Top biometrics news stories, week ending September 28

Here’s a recap of most popular and noteworthy biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Biometrics Week in Review: facial recognition app Google Glass, Apple Pay merchant fees, BIO-key NEXT Biometrics partnership, Alibaba and FIDO Alliance, FBI’s NGI database, LA County biometric database, new fingerprint scanning process, Bionym’s $14M financing round, MasterCard biometrics pilot. FacialNetwork releases new demo of facial recognition app on Google Glass – FacialNetwork announced it has released the second demo video of its

Ford considers biometric authentication for future vehicles

Ford’s Global Technologies division has developed a system to bring advanced biometrics to future vehicles, according to a report by Patently Apple. Originally filed on March 19, 2013, Ford’s patent application #20140285216 was recently published. Compatible with Apple’s iOS, as well as other mobile systems, the biometric system would be applied to the steering wheel of future Ford vehicles as an authentication device that identifies the driver. The system, which works in association with Apple’s Touch ID technology, ensures that

Dartmouth researchers develop biometric bracelet to secure your PC

Researchers at Dartmouth College have developed a wearable bracelet that uses a combination of wrist movement data and other biometrics as an identity authentication method, according to a report by CBR Online. The average authentication method works solely when users log out from the computer terminal after using it. However, users frequently forget to log out, which creates a huge security risk, said researchers. The Zero-Effort Bilateral Recurring Authentication, or ZEBRA, bracelet is designed to resolve this potential breach of

Valencell opens new lab to test biometric wearables

Valencell announced it has opened a new sports performance lab at its Raleigh, North Carolina headquarters, designed to meet the demands of its existing and new licensee partners seeking to develop and validate biometric wearable products. Doubling in size, Valencell’s new lab features 800 square feet of indoor space with access to a running track, along with over 100 miles of greenways for outdoor exercises. The new facility is designed to measure, test and evaluate biometric data including metabolic performance,

TouchID fingerprint spoofing tactic can be used to gain access to iPhone 6

The same TouchID fingerprint spoofing tactic that allows fraudsters to gain access to Apple’s iPhone 5s can also be used with the new iPhone 6, according to a report by The Register. Marc Rogers, a researcher for mobile security firm Lookout, recently demonstrated a procedure in which you can lift a fingerprint from a shiny surface and recreate it using glue, just like the iPhone 5S. Although the Chaos Computer Club demonstrated this same spoofing technique against the iPhone 5s

Samsung to partner with PayPal to enable mobile payments with new smartwatch

Samsung is partnering with PayPal to offer mobile payment capabilities for the next version of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, according to a report by Tech Week Europe. The smartphone manufacturer will go head to head with Apple, who recently announced that its soon to be released Apple Watch would support Apple Pay, which enables customers to make quick purchases using their device. A “high-ranking” executive at Samsung recently told Business Korea that the third generation of the company’s wearable device

Biometric wearables developer Bionym closes $14M financing round

Bionym announced it has closed a US $14 million Series A round of funding led by Ignition Partners and Relay Ventures. Rounding out the group of investors are Export Development Canada, MasterCard, and’s corporate investment group, Salesforce Ventures. Bionym has developed the Nymi band, a wearable device that authenticates a person’s identity by analyzing their heartbeat, or unique electrocardiography. The wearable device can also used with applications that require passwords, PINs and keycards. “We see the Nymi as a