Apple Watch’s sensors fail to work properly on tattooed users

Some users of Apple Watch have reported on YouTube and Reddit that the device does not work properly if you have a wrist tattoo, as the ink seems to interfere with the smartwatch’s infrared sensors that enable wrist detection, according to a report by Business Insider. The Apple Watch’s sensors are designed to automatically detect whether the smartwatch is on a person’s wrist, as well as access heartbeat-tracking capabilities and Apple Pay. As a result, an individual’s wrist tattoos may

ZKAccess brings biometrics to your front door

Biometric and RFID security solution firm ZKAccess announced it released its ML10 biometric fingerprint door lock, which features embedded fingerprint recognition technology. Acting as a plug ‘n play replacement to the traditional ‘lock and key’ door knob, each ML10 door lock can store and recognize up to 40 users. After an initial registration process where authorized individuals submit their fingerprints, users can simply touch the fingerprint sensor to open the door, eliminating the need for a key or code. ML10

Smartphone solutions drive consumer and enterprise biometrics to $3.1b: ABI Research

ABI Research forecasts that global revenues in 2015 for biometrics in the consumer and enterprise will reach $3.1 billion, driven by smartphone solutions. While existing smartphone hardware provides a stable position for some authentication modalities, new advances in the biometrics field will continue to drive further smartphone hardware upgrades. Additionally, pioneering algorithm design and cloud computing services continue to innovate user authentication. “Biometry is moving rapidly into the security ecosystem and its adoption by CE devices will jumpstart this phenomenon,”

Nymi to test biometric wristband at UK-based Halifax bank

Following its first successful trial with Royal Bank, Canadian biometric technology firm Nymi is set to undergo trials at the UK’s Halifax bank, according to a report by WT Vox. Currently in its proof-of-concept phase, Halifax’s system monitors a user’s heartbeat via an electrocardiogram (ECG). Users are required to wear the Nymi band on one wrist, and touch the wristband’s top sensor using their other hand. The wristband pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth, as well as uses a companion

1DataWorld, Macate Group launch smartphones with biometric authentication

1DataWorld, Inc. has partnered with Macate Group Corporation to launch a new Cyberphone line of mobile phones embedded with biometric authentication to ensure maximum security. Available starting in June, the first model of Cyberphones to be offered will be 1DW LF1, a premium Android device integrated with a fingerprint reader and dual SIM cards. The Cyberphone is designed to protect personal data stored on mobile devices, ensuring that no third party will ever be able to compromise the user’s sensitive

Synaptics introduces slim slide fingerprint sensor

Synaptics Inc. announced an all new implementation of fingerprint ID technology for mobile devices with the addition of the VFS6170 slide sensor, which is a part of the company’s line of Natural ID products. Synaptics VFS6170 is a slim biometric slide sensor for the side of a smartphone or tablet that enables single handed authentication, and further widens the company’s portfolio of fingerprint ID technologies for OEMs to integrate an ultra-slim slide sensor on the side of a device. The

GOTrust Technology, DDS provide FIDO-based biometric identification for Android smartphones

GOTrust Technology Inc. announced it has partnered with DDS Inc. to deliver strong authentication and hardware based security for all Android smartphones using a combination of microSD based security modules and biometric identification methods. Using ‘FIDO UAF 1.0‘ standards for universal strong authentication, the implementation will allow users to conduct business with any online service provider that offers FIDO authentication using a single and secure method of identification. GOTrust Technology’s and DDS’ FIDO partnership also includes new Android smartphones with

Mobile biometrics devices and software revenue to hit $3.5b by 2024: Tractica

Tractica has published a new report titled “Biometrics for Mobile Devices”, which forecasts the worldwide mobile biometrics market will grow from $249 million in 2015 to reach $3.5 billion by 2024. The report analyzes the market trends and technology issues relating to biometrics for mobile devices, as well as provides 10-year forecasts for mobile biometric hardware and software during the period from 2015 through 2024. In the report, Tractica principal analyst Bob Lockhart forecasts that the cumulative revenue for the

High demand for fingerprint scanners suggests more devices may integrate biometric security

Next Biometrics Group has seen unprecedented demand for small-format fingerprint readers as of last month, which suggests that fingerprint-recognition capabilities may be integrated into a range of consumer products by the end of 2015, according to a report by CSO Australia. Next Biometrics recently confirmed that last month, six different manufacturing clients have ordered large quantities of its fingerprint sensors and related SDK to use within their development processes. Although the company did not disclose the names of the companies,

Arcsoft adds facial recognition feature to home surveillance system

Arcsoft announced at CES 2015 it has added a facial recognition feature to its Simplicam home and office wi-fi surveillance system, according to a report by The Verge. The feature, which is currently in beta, is offered as a free update to anyone who previously purchased Arcsoft’s Simplicam camera and subscribe to its paid monthly recording service. The system can store up to 10 people’s faces, notifying users which individuals have entered their home or office. The new feature learns