Using biometrics to marry trust and convenience in the banking world

This is a guest post by Howard Berg, Senior Vice President Gemalto, MD of Gemalto UK Ltd Last month, a new survey of UK consumers found a growing appetite for the use of biometric methods to access and authenticate online banking services. In particular, it found that consumers would prefer to use fingerprint recognition than the traditional methods of passwords or memorable questions, which have been undermined by ongoing data breaches and hacking scandals. The news is unsurprising given the

Visa testing behavioral biometrics for use in future social payments

Visa is testing and refining a range of behavioral biometric technologies including voice recognition and ambient authentication, in preparation for the next generation of social payments, according to a report by International Business Times. The credit card giant is looking to work with social payment platforms to create secure transactions that don’t require the level of intervention by the payer that they perhaps do today. “If your screen is always on and you are looking at it while you are

Samsung’s facial recognition not ready for mobile payment, insiders say

Sources from Samsung and industry insiders claim that Samsung’s facial recognition technology requires more than four years to be solely used to authenticate mobile payments, according to a report by The Investor. Samsung announced last month that the Galaxy S8 will feature facial recognition technology, in addition to iris and fingerprint, to deliver improved security for mobile banking and other sensitive applications. In addition, the technology is expected to be used for Apple’s iPhone 8 which will be released later

Aware releases cloud-based biometric identification solution

Aware has released Indigo|Onboard, the first in the company’s new Indigo line of cloud-based solutions that provide biometric search functionality either as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription or as a server-based software license. Indigo|Onboard improves the onboarding process with advanced identity management capabilities, enabling organizations to biometric search to quickly determine if a new customer or employee has an existing identity record in the system. As a result, organizations can detect attempts at identity fraud as well as prevent any duplicate

IDEX fingerprint sensor featured in Mastercard’s biometric card

IDEX revealed that its flexible off-chip fingerprint sensor is featured in the Mastercard next generation biometric card. Mastercard’s recently released biometric card combines chip technology with fingerprints to seamlessly and safely verify a cardholder’s identity for in-store purchases. The biometric card works similar to any other chip card whereby the cardholder inserts the card into a retailer’s terminal while placing their finger on the embedded sensor. The fingerprint is verified against the template and, if the biometrics match, the cardholder

Mastercard unveils biometric card, completed trials in South Africa

Mastercard has unveiled its biometric card, which combines chip technology with fingerprints to seamlessly and safely verify cardholder’s identity for in-store purchases. The credit card firm initially tested the technology in the South African market, having recently completed two separate trials with supermarket retailer Pick n Pay and Absa Bank. The company is also planning additional trials in Europe and Asia Pacific in the coming months, followed by a full roll out later this year “Consumers are increasingly experiencing the

Zwipe introducing its biometric smartcard at Seamless Asia

Zwipe is introducing its dual-interface payment card at Seamless Asia, currently being held in Singapore. The biometrics-based payments solution is the first of its kind to fully integrate EMV compatible contact and contactless transactions. The ISO and EMV compliant card operates without the need for a battery, allowing end-users to make limitless contactless transactions. All biometric information is securely encrypted only on the card meaning that the solution works without the need for a database. “We have been working diligently

Securefact, Socure partner on identity verification solution for Canadian banks

Securefact and Socure have partnered to provide Canadian banks and credit unions access to a range of identity verification solutions in an effort to digitally onboard and verify more customers faster. Securefact’s digital identification service SIDni, combined with Socure’s Social Biometrics Platform will provide Canadian financial institutions with advanced identity verification capabilities by applying machine learning techniques with biometrics and data intelligence from email, phone, IP, social media and the internet. “Our partnership with Socure further demonstrates our commitment to

Visa study finds millennials favor biometrics-secured payments

Visa has published a new study which reveals that millennials are interested in making biometric-secured payments using identifiers such as fingerprints and irises, according to a report by New Zealand Herald. The Visa New Zealand Millennial Survey found that 62 percent of millennials are interested in using biometrics for payments because “they see it as being secure and convenient and having the ‘cool factor’.” “Emerging payment technology like biometrics remove potential pain points for customers,” said Marty Kerr, New Zealand

Lloyds Bank to trial Microsoft biometric authentication for online banking

Microsoft has partnered with the Lloyds Banking Group to enable select Windows 10 users to log-in to their online banking accounts using their face via the Windows Hello feature, according to a report by TechRadar. Lloyds said it would start trialing the new feature some time in “the second half of the year,” with Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers being the first to test out the new security option. As an integral security feature of Windows 10,