Top Biometrics News Stories, Week of April 19

Biometrics Week in Review: Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint hack, Fingerprint Cards order for touch sensors, CardLogix encoding engine for ID cards and badges, SmartMetric biometric ID card, Biometrics at ‘CES on the Hill’, Apple patent application about biometric spoofing, PayPal Samsung fingerprint integration, Quixter launches palm vein payment system, Kenyan government kicks off biometric database project and an editorial on biometric voter enrollment. Here’s a recap of most popular and noteworthy biometrics news stories that appeared on this past

EAB and Association of German Banks announce biometric banking workshop

The European Association for Biometrics and the Association of German Banks are hosting a workshop to discuss biometric banking applications and their practical use. According to the groups, participants in the workshop will discuss biometric systems to personalize banking transactions at the Association of German Banks in Berlin on May 21, 2014. International companies will present their current procedures and biometrics researchers will discuss future applications. “Especially in banking, the identity link is very important to ensure the legitimacy of banking transactions,”

Quixter launches biometric palm vein payment system

Quixter is a new Swedish startup that has deployed its new palm vein biometric payment system at Lund University. According to a report in TechCrunch, the new startup is the brainchild of Frederik Leiland, an engineering student at Lund University. In order to use the system, businesses need to have the Quixter hardware in place, and users need to have previously linked their bank accounts to the system. As is typical with palm vein scanning, verification is based on the unique vein

Top Biometrics News Stories, Week of April 12

Biometrics Week in Review: Cognitec boasts NIST test results, Eximbank deploys fingerprint authentication, AGNITiO’s mobile voice biometrics platform, banking apps with voice biometrics, Fujitsu ATMs with biometrics and NFC, PayPal Samsung fingerprint integration, Steve Thies interview, iris recognition white paper and an editorial on biometric voter enrollment. Here’s a recap of most popular and noteworthy biometrics news stories that appeared on this past week. Cognitec boasts NIST face recognition vendor test results – Cognitec announced that its facial recognition

PayPal debuts Samsung fingerprint integration

Starting today, PayPal customers in 25 countries with Samsung S5 smartphones can log in to the payment system using their fingerprint. Following PayPal and Samsung’s joint announcement in February, today’s news is the first sign of the new integration, which will ultimately see people using fingerprints to make payments through PayPal and other partner ecommerce sites.   In case you missed it, Samsung introduced its newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5 earlier this year and it features an embedded fingerprint swipe

Banking Apps to Feature Voice Biometrics, Audio Virtual Assistants

Two major banks will soon introduce the use of audio virtual assistants combined with voice biometrics in their mobile apps, says Nuance Communications. According to a report by Bank Innovation, USAA is currently using Nuance’s virtual assistant Nina while US Bank is testing a voice assistant for a select group of credit card customers. More banks are currently in talks to follow suit. The combination of a virtual assistant with voice biometrics is an innovative approach that could potentially change

Fujitsu Launches European ATMs with Biometrics and NFC

IT equipment and services provider Fujitsu announced on Thursday that it has launched a series of ATM`s for the European market that support its biometric verification technology. The new Series 100 ATMs support Fujitsu’s PalmSecure biometric verification technology along with contactless and NFC transactions. The new family of ATMs significantly improves end-user interaction and communication, features a wide range of innovative security measures, and is highly customizable to reflect each bank’s corporate branding using a ‘clip on cover’ system. As

Vietnam Eximbank deploys fingerprint authentication for POS, ATM transactions

TSYS has announced that its client in Vietnam, the Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Vietnam Eximbank – has begun to deploy fingerprint authentication for its over-the-counter or ATM transactions. According to the company, Vietnam Eximbank is one of the first banks in Vietnam to apply fingerprint authentication, and the banks is looking to make these types of transactions common across Vietnam by working with other banks in the country. Currently, Vietnam Eximbank uses TSYS’ PRIME single-platform payment processing solution

VeriFone Mobile Money and Teasy Mobile to widen mobile money services in Nigeria, add biometrics

VeriFone Mobile Money has been selected by Nigeria’s Teasy Mobile to widen mobile money services, and introduce mobile biometrics POS systems into the mix. According to the company, VeriFone Mobile Money is a joint venture between VeriFone and Mobilis Networks Limited to drive the adoption of mobile money and wallet solutions globally. Under the terms of the new engagement, VeriFone Mobile Money will deploy its retail enablement solution integrating the mobile wallet, banking, and telecommunication provider networks with the point-of-sale. Teasy will

Visiontek integrates DigitalPersona sensor into handheld biometric readers

DigitalPersona has just announced that Visiontek has integrated the company’s TCS1 Steelcoat sensor into handeld biometric readers. “Achieving the equally important goals of citizen convenience, fraud prevention and low program costs requires exceptional technology,” Ramesh Chunduru, director of sales and marketing for Visiontek said. “We chose the TCS1 Steelcoat sensor because it consistently captures quality fingerprints in a variety of demanding environmental conditions. It also offers the msot economical solution in terms of lifetime cost of ownership.” Visiontek is a