Inner city bank leverages biometric technology to make banking more accessible

ATB Financial and Boyle Street Community Services have partnered to form community agency Four Directions Financial, which leverages biometric identification technology to make banking more accessible. The move marks the first time a company in Canada has deployed this approach for the underbanked. After more than a year of consultation with inner-city agencies, the companies formed Four Directions Financial to meet the unique financial needs of those individuals living in poverty. The company uses biometric technology to help provide them

FPC and Precise Biometrics tech deployed in contactless payment card

Fingerprint Cards‘ FPC1300-series sensor and Precise Biometrics’ algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in smartcards, Precise BioMatch Embedded, has been integrated in a dual interface payment card from AirPlus International. According to Fingerprint Cards, the FPC1300-series sensor excels in power consumption and is the only solution on the market today which can handle the contactless operation requirements. The dual interface payment card allows users to verify transactions both contact and contactless. The aim is to bring new innovation to corporate travelers,

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group want voice biometrics as method of authentication in its call centers

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) is seeking to use voice biometrics at call centers to authenticate customers across all services, according to a report by ZDNet. Earlier this month, the bank partnered with Nuance to introduce voice identification technology earlier this month with its Grow by ANZ app. The new app allows customers to make “pay anyone” payments of more than AU$1,000 (US$794.50) automatically, eliminating the need to visit a branch in person. In addition, voice ID

Trustonic enables Koscom SignKorea to provide multi-authentication services

Korean accredited certification authority Koscom SignKorea has selected Trustonic to enable secure multi-authentication services using PINs, biometrics, or passwords. SignKorea is developing a united authentication platform to streamline and secure online authentication for end users of services from security companies, banks and credit card issuers. As part of the project, Trustonic will secure SignKorea’s national public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates on devices. Trustonic’s application protection and secured platform solutions ensure that Koscom certificates are protected. The company’s Trusted Execution Environment

HSBC to deploy FacePhi technology for mobile banking authentication

This week FacePhi announced a new contract with HSBC. The Argentinian branch of HSBC will be the first of the HSBC Group to deploy FacePhi’s facial recognition technology which allows bank clients to get access to their banking accounts just taking a selfie. Earlier this year, Facephi announced that its Facephi face recognition solution had achieved FIDO certification by passing FIDO UAF interoperability testing for its UAF Authenticator implementation.

OT-Morpho’s U.S. innovation center explores biometric banking

OT-Morpho officially opened its first U.S. innovation center in Redwood City, California, which allows visitors to experience a biometric and digital journey encompassing banking, payments, IoT, telecom and retail processes for real-life technology integration. The new center will serve as a hands-on lab to demonstrate how service providers who have gone digital have implemented and executed biometric technologies. Visitors to the center will start their journey at “home” and then will eventually immersed in several daily life environments simulating innovative

Finger vein payment tech installed at campus convenience store in Britian

Sthaler’s Fingopay technology has been installed at a campus convenience store at Brunel University London. The biometrics payments company is backed by Hitachi and is partners of Worldpay. Fingopay works via an electronic biometric reader which builds a 3D map of the customer’s finger veins, generating a unique personal key. Following a simple registration process, the customer can then use their finger to make a payment. “Fingopay offers the convenience and retail sector the opportunity to gain richer data, and

Ideco to release identity-as-a-service and national user ID mobile app

South African biometrics firm Ideco will soon introduce its new Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) and national user ID (nuID) mobile app ecosystem for fraud-proof trusted identity verification, which it will confirm people’s identities using a digital certificate of authenticity, according to a report by fin24tech. The mobile application is designed to give users more control over protecting their identities. “The app enables the general public to take control of identity,” said Ideco CEO Marius Coetzee. “When your identity is needed for an

FacePhi to supply digital onboarding technology to Argentina’s Red Link

FacePhi, through its Argentinian partner, Compusistem, will provide Red Link with ID validation and facial recognition technology, known as ME, to use during the digital onboarding process. Red Link S.A. is a network of 47 financial entities that provide services to the Argentina’s main financial entities, credit card companies and clients in ATMs, home banking, mobile and secure solutions or tax collection sectors. FacePhi facial recognition software uses its own algorithms and has presence in 18 countries, such as Panama,

Mitek demonstrates facial recognition-based mobile lending solution

Mitek demonstrated its facial recognition-based mobile lending solution, Mobile Verify for Lending, Tuesday afternoon at the New York Hilton Midtown. The new, five step digital lending solution enables lenders to verify identity and bank account information in real time to facilitate quick loan decisions with a simple process for borrowers. When applying for a consumer loan from a desktop computer, the borrower must initially log into their online bank account and agree to have their account information shared with the