Goode Intelligence predicts biometrics will power keyless vehicle entry, more secure payments in 2018

The global biometrics market may experience a brief “plateau” or “dip” in 2018 as “the industry pauses to catch its breath” after four years of strong growth, according to Goode Intelligence. The market research firm’s 2018 Biometric Industry Predictions include more mobile device OEMs following Apple with 3D facial recognition systems, while further innovation in mobile device fingerprint integration to allow larger touchscreens with no physical home button could involve ultrasound or optical fingerprint sensors. Goode says that 2018 could

Gemalto to supply Bank of Cyprus with biometric payment cards

The Bank of Cyprus has selected Gemalto to supply EMV biometric dual interface payment cards for both chip and contactless payments. The fingerprint sensor card is powered by the payment terminal and does not require an embedded battery. The biometric personalization and card activation process is designed to avoid transmission of biometric data over the air to ensure that users’ data privacy is protected. The fingerprint template captured during the enrollment process is stored only on the card. “Gemalto’s biometric

Protec Secure Card to distribute SmartMetric biometric security cards in U.S.

New Jersey-based Protec Secure Card has been appointed the national distributor for SmartMetric’s biometric security cards within the USA. PSC is a Visa, MasterCard and Discover certified credit card manufacturer that specializes in advanced high-quality credit card production for card issuing banks in the United States and Central and Latin America. The SmartMetric biometric card uses a person’s fingerprint to activate the card in a secure on card scan and match. It is self-powered with a rechargeable battery and scans

Mastercard’s Bob Reany on trends in biometric payments authentication

The payments industry is in the midst of a shift toward strong forms of authentication. Mastercard’s decision to retire the signature for in-store purchases in the US and Canada in 2018 represents one part of this shift, as do a series of recent announcements related to the company’s use of new identity technologies including biometrics for mobile devices and credit cards. The proliferation of effective tools for authentication on newer mobile devices, and the use of on-device matching are two

Russian authorities seek access to biometric data as law enforcement surveillance increases

A draft bill to require Russia’s state telecom to provide the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB) with bank customers’ biometric data without their consent is being considered by the State Duma, The Moscow Times reports. The proposal coincides with the expansion of a municipal surveillance program powered by facial recognition in Moscow. Rostelecom is operating a project by Russia’s Communications Ministry and Central Bank to remotely verify bank account applications with personal biometrics, including facial images and voice

Nigerian government biometrics programs yielding results, biometric ATMs coming

Senior Nigerian government officials praised the efforts of the National Immigration Service (NIS) in implementing the country’s biometric visa at a year-end awards ceremony, The Nation reports. Ministry of Interior Permanent Secretary Abubakar Magaji said Nigeria’s biometric visa program is the only one of its kind in Africa. “It started this year, but we have already launched it. I know the biometric visa is going to block many people that we don’t want to come to Nigeria,” Lt.-Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau

Humaniq launches biometrics-powered fintech app in five African countries

Humaniq has announced the launch of its Android App to enable users in Africa to access to next-generation financial services with facial recognition. The application is designed for people currently excluded from financial services, and includes a mobile wallet with its own HMQ cryptocurrency and a messenger with end-to-end encryption. In addition to facial recognition, it also leverages behavioural biometrics. “Humaniq is a project with a strong social message,” says Kirill Goryunov, CPO, Humaniq. “The ecosystem we have created and

Visa survey shows consumers are ready for biometrics

Consumers are ready to give up passwords for biometrics, according to survey results from Visa which show 86 percent are interested in using biometrics for identity verification or to make payments. More than 65 percent of the 1,000 Americans surveyed by AYTM Market Research are already familiar with biometrics. Interestingly, while 70 percent say biometrics are easier than passwords or PINs, and 61 percent consider them faster, only 46 percent say they are more secure. “For financial institutions, the time

Biometrics the preferred second factor for strong customer authentication for mobile commerce

Biometric authentication will continue to be adopted for mobile commerce due to its combination of better security and improved user convenience as merchants apply multifactor-based strong customer authentication (SCA) in response to fraud risks and compliance requirements from card networks and regulators, according to a report from Mobey Forum. “Authentication in M-Commerce: Balancing Risk and Experience” describes a challenging environment for mobile commerce retailers, as customer habits, fraud threats, and compliance requirements evolve. It predicts that U.S. Account Takeover Losses

Zwipe publishes report on biometric authentication solutions for payments

Zwipe has released a report on biometric authentication solutions for payments. The report is based upon market research features interviews with 15 leading international experts from academia, financial institutions and solution providers. Zwipe is a Norwegian-based biometric technology firm that is focused on developing and commercializing secure, fast and easy-to-use biometric authentication solutions in three key areas: payments, access control and identification. Zwipe’s report, targeted at industry players, aims to highlight developments in payment biometrics, specifically focused on trends driving