Kona I and Fingerprint Cards extend smartcard partnership

In an effort to bring new levels of security and convenience to consumers, Fingerprint Cards biometric technology will be integrated with the Kona I Co. Ltd. (Kona) range of electronic smartcards. Kona has launched 4 new biometric smartcard versions using Fingerprint Cards technology, integrating long-life batteries and patented energy harvesting solutions with display and LED indicators. Together with battery powered internet banking solutions such as, One Time Password (OTP) and Dynamic Card Verification Value (dCVV) smartcards, Kona’s Electronic card solutions

NEXT Biometrics, Innolux to mass produce flexible fingerprint sensors

NEXT Biometrics has launched operations of the world’s first volume production line to mass produce production-ready flexible fingerprint sensors with its production partner Innolux in Taiwan. With this latest development, NEXT Biometrics reaches the milestone capability it previously forecast to achieve during the first half of 2017. NEXT said the company has worked extensively with production partner Innolux through 2016 and 2017 to achieve the target. “We are not aware of any other fingerprint supplier able to mass produce flexible

Dongbu HiTek to provide fingerprint sensors to Chinese car manufacturer

South Korean foundry firm Dongbu HiTek will provide fingerprint recognition sensors to Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD, according to a report by Pulse. The move expands Dongbu HiTek’s line of biometric products to mobile devices, bringing it beyond home security solutions such as door locks. Dongbu HiTek recently advanced its processing technology to create fingerprint sensing chips that deliver improved recognition accuracy and reduced errors, which apply to devices like smartphones. With this latest move, Dongbu joins the ranks of

Samsung’s under-the-screen fingerprint sensor may cause brightness issues

Samsung may be experiencing problems related to the integration of optical fingerprint readers into mobile display panels in that they tend to cause brightness imbalance issues, according to an Android Headlines report citing an industry insider. The rumor comes a couple months after sources from Samsung and industry insiders acknowledged that Samsung’s facial recognition is not ready for mobile payments. The concept render provided by the source reveals that Samsung may have run into challenges in balancing the brightness of

BIO-key announces DDS as a major OEM customer in Japan

Japanese security solutions provider DDS Inc. has selected BIO-key’s SideSwipe fingerprint scanners to provide secure biometric authentication for its custom, Windows-based authentication solutions. DDS, which develops and delivers information security products to enterprise customers throughout Asia, has purchased an initial 30,000 devices for deployment in customer implementations. DDS is a system integrator for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Group, Japan’s largest telecom, governmental organization and corporate customer. “After researching options for an affordable, Windows-compatible fingerprint reader, BIO-key’s compact readers, which

New Microsoft keyboard features Fingerprint Cards sensor

Fingerprint Cards‘ touch sensor FPC1025 is featured in Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID, the first keyboard to include an invisible fingerprint sensor hidden in a normal looking key. “We’re really excited to see Microsoft launch this ground-breaking product and happy to see our industry-leading technology featured in it,” said Niklas Strid, Senior Vice President, Business Line PC and Embedded, at Fingerprint Cards. “We’re delighted to support such a large and influential industry player, it’s a testimonial of our products

BIO-key secures initial orders for its line of biometric locks

BIO-key International has secured initial orders for its TouchLock line of biometric locks, which were debuted at CES in January. Each TouchLock model allows for multiple users’ fingerprints to be registered, depending upon the use case. The original owner or enrollee becomes the lock’s administrator and is able to manage between 1 to 20 different user fingers. BIO-key’s lock line includes: a heavy-duty, water resistant padlock for outdoor use; a luggage lock that meets TSA travel lock standards; a compact

Fingerprint Cards announces new collaboration, deployments

Fingerprint Cards has announced a new collaboration with Biel Crystal. Biel Crystal is a Hong Kong-based module house with manufacturing facilities in ShenZhen and Huizhou. With more than 60,000 workers, the manufacturer supplies glass components for watch, mobile phone, tablet and notebook customers and, according to the company’s website, supports 90 percent of the world’s top mobile brands in some manner. “We are continuously developing our business on this rapidly moving market. Teaming up with the right, carefully selected partners

Apple granted patent for alternative Touch ID mechanism

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for its invention covering a redesigned Touch ID mechanism for next-generation Apple devices that will feature larger displays by eliminating the standard ‘home button’, according to a report by Patently Apple. Patent application #14/741,831 was originally filed in Q2 2015 and published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Apple writes in the patent, “Because the finger biometric sensor assembly #30 is smaller than prior art finger biometric

MeReal Biometrics smartcard features fingerprint tech from Precise and FPC

Hong Kong’s MeReal Biometrics introduced its latest V2 smartcard at the opening of Groupe Partouche’s Pleinair Casino in the South of France. The biometric smartcard features a smaller fingerprint sensor, enrolment in less than 10 seconds, NFC compatibility and identity matching via the sensor within one second during everyday use. The MeReal Biometrics smartcard will initially be used by employees to grant them access to private back-of-house and privileged areas, as well as provide record-keeping for time and attendance. The