Dell’s latest flagship laptop features Goodix fingerprint solution

Dell’s latest flagship laptop XPS 13 features a Goodix fingerprint authentication solution. The XPS 13 is the smallest 13-inch laptop on the market that features a virtually borderless InfinityEdge display and has won a CES 2018 Best of Innovation Award. The cover fingerprint solution from Goodix carried by the new Dell XPS 13 laptop features compact module design, high-precision recognition and 360 degree readability, combined with Goodix’s self-learning software algorithm for enhanced security and rapid unlock. Certified by Windows Hello,

IDEX preparing for volume shipments of biometric cards in Q2

IDEX is rapidly progressing toward commercialization of its contact-based biometric payment cards, with volume shipments expected following the completion of the certification process which is anticipated in Q2 2018, the company announced. As the certification process takes place, IDEX has been making commercial launch preparations with its previously announced partners and carrying out commercial trials with other end customers. Biometric cards are gaining momentum from innovation in the space, IDEX says, including its self-enrol solution, matcher algorithm and 13×13 sensor.

FPC sensor used in biometric payment card pilot for Bank of Cyprus

Fingerprint Cards is providing touch sensors from its FPC1300-series for the recently announced Bank of Cyprus biometric payment card pilot. The pilot, being lead by Gemalto, is the first of multiple upcoming pilots in 2018 for the world’s largest card manufacturer and also includes Zwipe as a partner. The card being trialed by Bank of Cyprus is a fingerprint activated payment card which utilizes Zwipe’s energy harvesting capacity and biometric engine to enable contactless and contact transactions. It is powered

Sony begins selling phones with fingerprint sensors in the U.S.

Sony is launching three new mid-range phones at this week’s CES 2018. The Xperia XA2, XA2 Ultra and L2 have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that is enabled right out of the box in the United States. All three phones will come to the U.S. as single-SIM models in February, but pricing hasn’t been announced just yet. According to Android Central, we can expect Sony’s upcoming flagships for 2018 to also have fingerprint sensors.

Zwipe partners with Gemalto on fingerprint activated payment card pilot

Zwipe revealed today that they have partnered with Gemalto to pilot a battery-less dual-interface fingerprint activated payment card with Bank of Cyprus. Gemalto, the world’s largest card manufacturer, has confirmed multiple upcoming pilots in 2018, with the first of these being with Bank of Cyprus. The card being trialed by Bank of Cyprus is a fingerprint activated payment card which utilizes Zwipe’s energy harvesting capacity and biometric engine to enable contactless and contact transactions. It is powered by the payment

Gemalto to supply Bank of Cyprus with biometric payment cards

The Bank of Cyprus has selected Gemalto to supply EMV biometric dual interface payment cards for both chip and contactless payments. The fingerprint sensor card is powered by the payment terminal and does not require an embedded battery. The biometric personalization and card activation process is designed to avoid transmission of biometric data over the air to ensure that users’ data privacy is protected. The fingerprint template captured during the enrollment process is stored only on the card. “Gemalto’s biometric

FDLE certifies Fulcrum Biometrics FbF LiveScan software

Fulcrum Biometrics‘ FbF LiveScan software has been certified as an approved product by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), offering an economical alternative to Florida-based organizations that do background checks. According to Ken Nosker, president of Fulcrum Biometrics, the certification demonstrates “our commitment to providing state-of-the-art live scan solutions for criminal booking and applicant background checking across the United States and beyond.” FbF LiveScan is a live scan software application that is integrated with the Green Bit Dactyscan84c. The

Samsung patents rollable display device with fingerprint sensor

Samsung has patented a tablet-like rollable display device with an integrated fingerprint sensor, LetsGoDigital reports. The OLED display can be rolled up into a small tube, which houses the fingerprint sensor. Rollable displays date back to an e-reader prototyped by Philips in 2005, and LG demonstrated an 18-inch, 1mm thick, flexible OLED display TV at CES 2016. Samsung followed shortly after with a rollable OLED display only 0.3mm thick and 5 grams. Samsung’s new U.S. patent, 15/621,431, describes the fingerprint

BIO-key to demo biometric lock and fingerprint reader lines at CES

BIO-key will be demonstrating its line of TouchLock products and compact fingerprint readers at CES next week in Las Vegas. In addition to its current line of biometric and Bluetooth enabled padlocks and bicycle locks, the company will introduce the TouchLock Pro, a biometric and Bluetooth enabled heavy-duty padlock and the TouchLock Bike, a heavy duty, flexible cable lock for bikers on the go. BIO-key will also be demonstrating its compact fingerprint reader line featuring a variety of formats that

IDEX hosting investor presentation at CES

IDEX will be hosting an investor presentation at CES on January 10th. Members of the executive management team will present IDEX’s business strategy and highlight the company’s leadership position and market opportunities in the biometric cards market. The company also plans to demonstrate its latest fingerprint sensor solutions. The presentation will be held by IDEX’s CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia, CFO Henrik Knudtzon, CTO Fred Benkley and Chief Products Officer Stan Swearingen. Management will also be hosting individual meetings with members