Cirque du Soleil performers wear Hexoskin smart shirts to record biometrics

Hexoskin announced that 10 Cirque du Soleil performers are wearing its smart shirts to record their biometrics during the live Beatles Love show. Though Cirque du Soleil performers around the world normally wear Hexoskin smart shirts during training routines, this marks the first time that they will be wearing the smart shirts for the Beatles live show. Hexoskin said it will continue this trial for the next six weeks to analyze the artists’ performances and identify new ways on how

India to use Aadhaar to provide universal healthcare

The Indian government plans to use its national Aadhaar biometric database to deploy its newly proposed universal healthcare program. As part of the new national government’s manifesto, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised radical reforms in healthcare with the introduction of the “National Health Assurance Mission” (NHAM) scheme. The new program’s goal is to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to every Indian citizen. In order to achieve this goal, the Indian government intends to use Aadhaar as means of identification

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center deploys RightPatient patient identity management and data integrity platform

Department of Radiation Medicine & Applied Sciences at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center recently implemented a customized version of M2SYS Technology’s RightPatient patient identification solution to accurately identify patients as a safety precaution prior to receiving radiation treatment. RightPatient from M2SYS Technology is a patient identity management and data integrity platform that boosts patient safety by ensuring accurate care delivery in any setting. The RMAS department decided to select non-contact iris recognition of the many forms of biometrics that

Fingerprint scanner identifies subsurface skin characteristics to diagnose healthcare fraud in S. Africa

Fingerprint sensors that identify unique tissue properties of the finger are being rolled out in South Africa to combat identity theft to access health services. According to a report from eHealth News, South Africa’s National Department of Health has chosen to use biometrics to combat fraud practices, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. In particular, patients may pretend to be someone else to use their medical aid benefits, which could be fraudulently billed to medical aid organisations. The fingerprint

MedBox raises $2.5 million in financing

Medbox, a software and biometrics developer for medicine dispensing systems, has raised $2.5 million, according to an SEC filing. Based in Los Angeles, California, MedBox provides pharmacy dispensing technology for the legal cannabis industry. When new customers at a legal cannabis dispensary fill out an application and show their state-issued medical marijuana card to pharmacists, they also provide them with a fingerprint sample to verify their identity after each purchase. Using biometric technologies, the dispensing units regulate the amount of

Securiport provides biometric immigration control system to reduce spread of the Ebola virus

Securiport announced it is providing advanced biometric screening technologies to aid government and health organizations in reducing the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa. Additionally, the company is providing thorough contact tracing data analytics to help these organizations more effectively monitor and control the spread of the virus, diminish the health risks and reduce the economic impact. Securiport has implemented its immigration control systems, free of cost, to local governments in seven West African nations. This includes Sierra

Indiana hospital implements CrossChx biometric fingerprint identification system

Floyd Memorial Hospital in New Albany, Indiana recently implemented fingerprint scanners from CrossChx, which scans patients’ fingerprints to generate a code linking them to their medical information, according to a report by The Courier-Journal. Crosschx’s system is comprised of fingerprint scanners and their accompanying SafeChx software. It works with Floyd Memorial Hospital’s electronic health record system, enabling administration staff to efficiently register their patients and accurately verify their identities. SafeChx scans the patient’s finger and generates a unique identifier based

Lumidigm demos biometric sensors at bank security conference in Miami

Lumidigm has been demonstrating fingerprint technology at CELAES 2014, the FELABAN Conference on Bank Security in Miami this week. Lumidigm’s products, which have been deployed at five of the top six banks in Brazil, continue to be used throughout banks and financial institutions in the Latin American market to significantly improve consumer experience and boost the security of ATM transactions. The company’s products are also being used to protect the security and privacy of other transactions such as those related

Smartphones with biometric sensors may be required to be labelled as medical devices in South Korea

The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and US Food and Drug Administration has ruled that any device that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood and UV radiation levels, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, is required to be labeled as a medical device under the law, according to a report by Patently Apple. Scheduled to be released in October, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features an oxygen saturation sensor that measures the amount of oxygen in

Top biometrics news stories, week ending September 21

Here’s a recap of most popular and noteworthy biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Biometrics Week in Review: spoofing finger vein recognition, biometric passports for Haiti, biometric database of HIV patients, voice biometric banking app, FBI’s NGI database, Fujitsu deal with Biyo, MasterCard biometrics pilot, Alipay select Nok Nok, Suprema access control, VoiceTrust share exchange, new funding. Tabula Rasa video demonstrates spoofing in a commercial finger vein recognition device – The video shows how enrollment of