Authentify, LifeMed ID partner on mobile patient ID authentication solution

Authentify, Inc. announced it has partnered with LifeMed ID, Inc. to provide “Better Together”, a combined mobile patient authentication solution with automated registration workflow for patient identity validation, accurate medical record matching, insurance verification and payment processing in healthcare. The “Better Together” solution adheres to NIST Electronic Authentication Guidelines for Level of Assurance three. Patients can download the combined Authentify and LifeMed ID mobile application and use it as their identity token at registration to verify their identity at any

Biometrics combined with big data will impact the healthcare industry

Biometric sensors embedded in smartphones combined with big data could potentially impact the entire healthcare industry in the future, said a biometric expert at SXSW, according to a report by Mashable. Dr. Leslie Saxon, founder of Body Computing at USC, discussed at a biometrics-themed panel how in the future, smartphones will collect biometric data for different applications, ranging from individual medical records to predicting a major disease outbreak. “Imagine if you’re checking your phone 150 times a day — which

Frost & Sullivan hosts webinar that addresses the future of biometrics

Frost & Sullivan will host a free webinar titled, “The Future of Biometrics” on March 17 at 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EST. The webinar will address the potential of the biometric market and its impact on current businesses. Individuals who attend the webinar will learn how biometrics can effectively increase convergence and growth in other markets. The webinar will cover a number of key topics, including the impact the biometric market will have on the retail, finance and healthcare

Rx DrugSAFE uses biometrics to help prevent prescription drug abuse

Security safes firm Rx DrugSAFE is using biometric fingerprint technology to securely store prescription medications in lock boxes to prevent unintentional overdoses, according to a report by Med City News. Rx DrugSAFE is currently developing a prototype that would use a fingerprint sensor to control who accesses the pain relievers, as well as their dosage, said Rx DrugSAFE principal Lorraine Yarde. Prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic in the United States, with 43,982 drug overdose deaths in the United

SNEDAI partners with Zetes for biometric ID card registration and production

The Ivory Coast’s SNEDAI, the national company for the issuing of administrative identification documents, has partnered with Zetes to collect biometric details and produce identification cards for the four million people covered by the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM), according to a report by Data News. The project is designed to ensure that the fund’s compensation system runs efficiently for members. For the next seven years, the company will be heavily focused on the production of cards for the CNAM.

Imprivata, Symantec provide fingerprint identification solution for e-prescriptions

Imprivata has partnered with Symantec to provide a complete fingerprint biometric and FICAM-certified credential service provider (CSP) solution for the electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). Symantec Norton Secure Login, which acts as the CSP, and Symantec Validation and ID Protection Services integrate with Imprivata Confirm ID to simplify the process of identity-proofing and authorizing prescribers to comply with DEA requirements for EPCS. “Our strategic partnership with Symantec provides customers with a complete, DEA-compliant solution for identity-proofing individual prescribers to

Market for healthcare biometrics to reach $5 billion by 2020

In a white paper issued this week, Biometrics Research Group, Inc., the parent company of, estimates that the entire global marketplace for biometric solutions in the healthcare market will reach approximately US$5 billion by 2020. The new report, entitled “Biometrics in Healthcare” examines how biometric technology is applied to the healthcare industry, mainly in the United States. The research expects that biometric use will reflect the growing demand for healthcare fraud prevention, along with the need to improve patient

Imprivata launches e-prescribing tool with fingerprint identification support

Imprivata launched Imprivata Confirm ID, a comprehensive product that enables health practitioners to electronically prescribe controlled substances. By simplifying the adoption of regulatory requirements for EPCS, Imprivata Confirm ID enables healthcare providers to address the workflow inefficiencies and risks of fraud that stem from paper-based prescriptions. The solution also integrates with electronic health records and provides multiple DEA-approved two-factor authentication options for prescription signing, giving providers a single, consistent e-prescribing experience for all medications. “The industry is looking for technologies

Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme issues nearly one million biometric ID cards

Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme issued over 979,002 of its Eastern region clients with new biometric ID cards, despite the large crowds at all of its registration centers at the end of January. NHIS management recently enforced strict measures, including operating a shift system in all 17 administrative offices in the region where specific dates are assigned to clients for card production with priority given to the elderly, pregnant women and children. At a media briefing, NHIS regional director Alhaji

i1 Biometrics releases sports mouthguard to track head injuries; signs deal with KU

i1 Biometrics announced this week that members of the Kansas football team will wear the Vector MouthGuard as the instrument of telemetry to measure the brain’s linear and rotational accelerations from impacts experienced in practices and games in 2015. “We’re continuously looking for the latest technology to better understand head impacts, as well as apply sports science to detect when a player has been concussed,” said Murphy Grant, Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Kansas. “We’re excited about