Europe, North America to dominate 2015 biometrics market: Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan has published its latest report entitled “2015 Global Outlook of the Biometrics Industry“, which predicts that Europe and North America will dominate the 2015 biometrics market. The 70-page report forecasts that the larger regions of the biometrics market will generate 74% of global revenue due to government adoption. The global biometrics market at large is expected to undergo a significant growth in both public and commercial applications as a result of the uptake of multiple technologies available,

Medical center deploys RightPatient biometric patient identification system

RightPatient announced that Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) has implemented its biometric patient identity management, data integrity, and health security platform using iris recognition. Terrebonne will be using the RightPatient identity management system throughout the hospital in an effort to boost patient safety standards, prevent the duplication of medical records, and curb medical identity theft. The hospital thoroughly assessed multiple biometric patient identification solutions, including their backend search capabilities and the hygiene risks of contact versus non-contact biometric hardware, before

Olea introduces continuous heart pattern authentication solution

Olea Sensor Networks, a provider of intelligent sensors and analytic software for mobile and cloud-based service solutions, unveiled its HeartSignature, authentication technology which is able to accurately and continuously identify individuals based on their unique heart pattern. Unlike many other biometric systems currently on the market, Olea’s HeartSignature enables continuous authentication. This enables an additional, enhanced layer of security by eliminating any interruptions and “time-outs”, along with the need for passwords. HeartSignature identifies the individual’s unique heart pattern without interruption

Fingerprint biometrics and facial recognition most popular this week

Here’s a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Fingerprints Once again, fingerprint recognition were among this week’s most popular stories, starting with Integrated Biometrics announcement that Bethcom selected its Columbo FBI certified FAP 30 sensor to incorporate into its new Phalcon physical access control product. Samsung revealed that filed a U.S. patent application for a new non-touch method for fingerprint recognition on mobile devices. BioSSL partnered with the Danish smart card

RightPatient, HealthCast provide combined biometric patient identification and SSO solution to healthcare firms

RightPatient and HealthCast, Inc. are partnering to provide a combined biometric patient identification and patient safety platform with single sign-on (SSO) solution to healthcare providers. The combined solution will enable healthcare providers to simplify and secure access to personal health information (PHI), automate workflows, eliminate duplicate medical records, prevent fraud, and increase operational efficiency. Additionally, the solution enables healthcare firms to meet the rising demand for patient and clinician safety and security solutions that can help to improve the care

Biometrics for the blind, banking and border control hit big this week

Here’s a recap of most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Voice and face In this week’s voice and face recognition news, payments start-up SayPay Technologies, Inc. partnered with VoiceVault, Inc. to integrate SayPay’s single, seamless solution for bill payments, online checkout, and website sign-in into VoiceVault’s ViGo voice authentication product. Continuing with voice biometrics news, Sensory Inc. released TrulyNatural, a client-based large vocabulary speech recognition platform that offers high accuracy, along with a more

Students develop cane with facial recognition capabilities to guide blind

ICT students at Birmingham City University have developed a new smart cane that uses facial recognition technology to enable the visually impaired to automatically identify their friends and family up to 10 meters away, according to a report by The ‘XploR’ mobility cane, developed by Steve Adigbo, Waheed Rafiq and Richard Howlett, also features GPS functionality to help navigate users. “My grandfather is blind and I know how useful this device could be for him,” said Adigbo. “The smart

Analysts positive on biometrics industry future

Tractica has published a new report entitled “Biometrics Market Forecasts” that estimates that the global biometrics market will see a total, cumulative revenue of $67.8 billion over the next 10-year period. In the report, Tractica divides biometrics use cases into two separate threads: consumer-facing use cases, which are typically high-volume at a low price, and enterprise-facing use cases (including government and defense), which are normally much smaller volumes but use more expensive devices. Tractica forecasts that the global biometrics market

Simprints develops small fingerprint scanner for healthcare in the developing world

Four British postgraduate students have successfully built a pocket-sized fingerprint scanner designed to help individuals in the developing world get improved access to healthcare, according to a report by the Business Insider. Simprints, which is funded by the Gates Foundation, has developed a fingerprint scanner that provides health workers with an easy way to access medical records of patients in the developing world. After realizing that most fingerprint scanners were designed for westernized applications, such as commercial and criminal justice

AMC Health to demonstrate biometrics monitored remote care solutions at ATA 2015

Patient management solutions firm AMC Health will demonstrate its biometric-enabled monitored care technologies at the upcoming ATA 2015 Conference, held this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center. AMC Health will discuss how its programs, solutions and services enhance monitored care to improve overall healthcare delivery, as well as deliver a joint presentation with Geisinger Health Plan on May 5th from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. The session, “Using IVR and Telemonitoring to Lower Hospital Admissions, Readmissions and Costs for