Integrated Biometrics: A conversation with CEO Steve Thies

Integrated Biometrics is a biometric sensor provider, which boasts super-thin sensors and high resolution images. The company’s sensors use a patented technology, which relies on a thin film to capture images and is flexible in terms of integrations, as the sensors themselves have such a small physical footprint. had a chance to chat with CEO Steve Thies about the technology, the company and the future. “[Our sensors capture fingerprints] from a real image of the finger,” Thies said. “Once

Poetry, Politics and Parenthood: A conversation with SIBA founder Janice Kephart

This is the second part of’s conversation with Janice Kephart. Read part 1 here. Janice Kephart is the outspoken leader and founder of the Secure Identity and Biometrics Association – SIBA for short. had a chance to sit down with Kephart to talk about the association, her work and her life outside of the security and identity sphere. She’s been around the block in the security community and has authored significant portions of the 9/11 Commission’s staff monograph,

Fujitsu: A conversation with Derek Northrope, Head of Biometrics

Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology is a palm vein based “strong authentication” solution that utilizes industry-leading vascular pattern biometric technology. The technology offers a highly reliable, contactless, biometric authentication solution that is non-intrusive and easy to use. PalmSecure technology has been deployed worldwide in a wide range of vertical markets, including security, finance, healthcare, commercial enterprises and educational facilities. Additional applications include physical access control, logical access control, retail point-of-sale systems, ATMs, kiosks, time and attendance management systems, visitor ID management and

SIBA: A Q&A with founder Janice Kephart

This Q&A was written and submitted by Janice Kephart and forms the first part of’s discussion with the outspoken founder of SIBA and advocate for the broad application of biometric technologies. Read part 2 here. The Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA) recently launched and aims to provide proactive education, policy refinement and solutions to the complexities of balancing identity, security and protection with national security, public safety, economic strength, privacy and innovation. The group was founded by Janice Kephart,

VoiceTrust: An interview with CEO Tariq Habib

Tariq Habib is a busy guy. As CEO of VoiceTrust, he’s often travelling to promote VoiceTrust and spends a lot of time engaging with customers, listening to their feedback, and looking for new avenues of innovation for voice biometrics and for the technology VoiceTrust has spent years building. Originally established as a German company 10 years ago, VoiceTrust was acquired as a part of an investment portfolio in 2008. Habib has been at the helm since 2010 and is thrilled

SpeechPro: A conversation with Alexey Khitrov, President

Voice biometrics is a rapidly-growing biometric modality. Thanks, in large part, to the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices with microphones, but also to changing attitudes towards security and authentication. Alexey Khitrov, the president of SpeechPro, the American subsidiary of the Speech Technology Center, tells me that this industry has long been “the market of tomorrow,” but it’s now becoming the market of today. “We’re seeing an unprecedented rate of adoption. We’re moving from early-adopters into a much bigger and

BIO-key International: A conversation with CEO Mike DePasquale

Fresh off the heels of new funding, and recent expansions, BIO-key International is looking to make a mark in the mobile fingerprint authentication space with its new platform, FreeChoiceID. Mike DePasquale, the company’s current CEO, has been at the helm since 2003, and is responsible for the company’s strategic decision-making and day-to-day operations. had a chance to chat with DePasquale to talk about the company, authentication as well as the future for biometrics. BIO-key has its fingers in many different pots,

Trends in biometric technology for 2014

Everyone is in agreement that the global market for biometrics will see massive growth in 2014, but opinion varies on where that growth will occur most. Mobile was big in 2013, as were other consumer and healthcare applications, but what will 2014 be like for the industry? According to new research from BCC Research, the global biometric technologies market is expected to reach $8.7 billion in 2013 and will increase to nearly $11.2 billion next year. In addition, BCC projects

Top consumer biometric gadgets for 2013

It’s this time of year that the term “gadget” gets thrown around quite a bit. “Gifts for the gadget-lover on your list,” “the year’s best gadgets,” “joy for gadget-hungry consumers” and “last-minute gadget gift ideas” are just a few of the lines I’ve heard on TV in the last couple of hours. Snuggies, coffee makers, clock radios – these are shelf-filler at best. Let’s be honest, biometric devices are the ultimate “gadgets.” They’re just starting to make their mark on

Q&A with Simon Meyer, Operations Director at Human Recognition Systems

According to recent reports, the global market for electronic access control is set to grow significantly – to $16.3 billion by 2017 at a CAGR of 7%, to be exact. Biometrics play a major role in this space and new systems are being deployed daily. Human Recognition Systems is a big player in this space, with particular success in the United Kingdom. I had a chance to talk with Simon Meyer, Operations Director at HRS about the company, its work