Biometrics to replace passports at Australian airports

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection announced plans to implement a new biometric system at the country’s international airports by 2020, which will include replacing existing paper ID passports with face, iris and/or fingerprint recognition, according to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald. Budgeted to cost $94 million over five years, the Seamless Traveler system aims to make the airport process more efficient by enabling 90% of arrivals to automatically pass unmanned electronic stations at some time between

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumored to feature iris scanner, near bezel-less display

Leaked photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 reveal tempered glass screen protectors displaying nearly non-existent bezels, according to a report by BGR. The photos follow previous rumours of the smartphone’s dual-curved edge display. BGR reports that the panel design — where the top and bottom bezels are thin, and the visible absence of a physical home button — is similar to a smartphone seen in a leaked promo video for Samsung’s AMOLED display. This is consistent with previous expectations

Iris ID to exhibit iris authentication system at Intersec Dubai 2017

Iris ID will exhibit its IrisAccess identity authentication system at Intersec Dubai 2017 from January 22 to 24 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. According to the company release, IrisAccess is the world’s most deployed iris recognition system being used for border control, national identification, access control and time-and-attendance applications. Iris ID’s biometric solutions provide highly accurate, non-contact identification via an individual’s iris from up to 14 inches away, delivering security, convenience, privacy and productivity to millions of

CMITech to exhibit its iris recognition solution at Intersec Dubai 2017

CMITech Company will exhibit its EF-45 iris recognition terminal at Intersec Dubai 2017 from January 22 to 24 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The EF-45 will be showcased in partnership with ScreenCheck ME, CMITech’s distribution partner in the region. The integrated iris recognition terminal features an intuitive user experience, which displays the user’s face on a high resolution 5.0 inch touch screen display during positioning. The terminal’s face display positioning offers greater convenience over other positioning technologies,

EyeLock to exhibit iris authentication technology at Intersec Dubai 2017

EyeLock LLC will be exhibiting its suite of iris authentication technology at Intersec Dubai 2017, on January 22-24 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Dubai. Featuring EyeLock’s proprietary software, security, algorithms and optics, the iris authentication technology delivers secure, reliable and user-friendly capabilities, according to the company. EyeLock’s technology analyzes more than 240 unique iris characteristics to deliver dual-eye authentication, an unmatched security architecture and anti-spoofing technology. The company will exhibit the nano NXT, EyeLock Identity Suite

Liveness detection competition series focuses on iris authentication

The Liveness Detection-Iris Competition 2017 has been announced as part of the International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB 2017), which will be held October 1 to 4, 2017, in Denver, Colorado. The competition is part of the Liveness Detection Competition Series, and is presented by Clarkson University, Notre Dame University, West Virginia University, and the Warsaw University of Technology. The competition will consist of two sub-competitions, part one, which is focused on software-based or algorithmic tests, and part two, testing integrated

Bio-Metrica releases multi-factor biometric ID system

Bio-Metrica has released a modular, multi-factor biometric identification system (BIS), which securely enrolls and identifies individuals using various identification and authentication methods. The scalable and customizable BIS enables users to select a biometric technology, including fingerprint, face, iris, signature, vein, and others. BIS delivers a multi-biometric system over a range of devices, including stationery systems, laptops and handheld devices. Built on the company’s BII architecture, BIS can be deployed on local servers or as the cloud-based CloudBII to store collected information

Mercator Advisory Group publishes biometric authentication report

Mercator Advisory Group has published a new research report titled “Biometrics: A New Wrinkle Changes the Authentication Landscape”, which focuses on the fundamentals of biometrics for authenticating consumers’ identity. The 44-page report emphasizes the need for multimodal biometric authentication and outlines the various types of biometrics available from technology vendors. One key point made in the report is how biometrics technology has transitioned from being a primarily hardware-based solution to a more secure software-and cloud-based solution enabled by smartphones. With

Hamad International Airport installs biometric kiosks for Qatar travellers

Officials at Hamad International Airport announced they have implemented five new self-service machines that can scan the eyes and fingerprints of Qatar residents “in less than a minute”, according to a report by DOHA News. Available in both the arrivals and departures section, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) biometric kiosks will help all travelers who are having e-gate issues when entering or leaving Qatar. There will also be technicians on hand to assist travelers in registering their biometric data, airport

Tascent releases compact iris and face recognition system

Tascent has released Tascent InSight One, a compact iris and face recognition system designed for high throughput enrollment, identification, and authentication. InSight One can be integrated in a range of next generation applications in consumer travel and border management, access control, financial services, and identity programs. The system captures dual iris and face images in about 2 seconds, at a distance of 0.5 to 1.0m (20 to 40 inches) and easily accommodating users across a wide range of heights. The