Honolulu PD facial recognition solution now accessible to police across Hawaii

MorphoTrak announced today that after only a year in operation, the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center in Honolulu is expanding access to its MorphoFace Investigate mugshot system to all counties in the state. The MorphoFace Investigate system provides fast and accurate facial searches, crosschecked against a database of more than 450,000 photos and videos of known identities. MorphoTrak’s system is able to link a crime to a suspect by matching facial images, as well as link different crimes by matching

Morpho adds AGNITiO voice ID solutions to criminal ID biometrics solutions

Morpho announced it is adding AGNITiO voice ID technology to its line of criminal identification biometric products to help global law enforcement agencies identify criminals and protect the lives of citizens. Using AGNITiO’s voice ID technology, criminal investigators are able to accurately and quickly identify suspects, verify backgrounds and confirm identities, even in situations where voice is the only available evidence. AGNITiO’s criminal ID solution combines the capabilities of BATVOX, ASIS and SIFT to provide a more efficient system to

Colorado bill would prevent drones from collecting biometrics without warrant

A proposed Colorado bill would require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before using a drone, as well as ban drones from using facial recognition or other biometric technology on individuals unspecified in the warrant, according to a blog post by the Tenth Amendment Center. Introduced by State Senators Linda Newell and Kevin Lundberg, Senate Bill 15-059, the proposed bill also states that law enforcement must destroy any biometric data collected on any individual not included in the warrant within

NEC releases mobile fingerprint collection device

NEC Corporation of America announced it has released the NeoScan 45 mobile fingerprint collection device that is designed for public safety applications in the field. NEC’s NeoScan 45 offers top speed and accuracy for mobile fingerprint roll and plain capture, including simultaneous two-finger capture. The device is equipped with a large (1.6” x 1.5”) scanning platen for high quality images and greater accuracy, complying with National Institute of Standards and Technology standards. NeoScan 45 is a fingerprint acquisition profile level

VAMPIRE tactical forensic device features fingerprint scanner by Integrated Biometrics

Integrated Biometrics announced that its mobile ID fingerprint sensor Sherlock has been integrated into Booz Allen Hamilton’s VAMPIRE tactical forensic device to conduct real-time forensic collection and analysis in field. Integrated Biometrics’ Sherlock is able to perform fast, accurate, live fingerprint identification, and works with Allen Hamilton’s VAMPIRE latent print system to rapidly achieve matching analysis. “The major issue we address with products such as Sherlock is the growing need to take certified fingerprint technology into the field, not just

Telos ID’s fingerprint solutions comply with FBI’s image quality specifications

Telos ID announced that its fingerprint capture and enrollment software and devices have been certified as being compliant with the FBI’s criminal justice information services division. Telos ID’s MobileAssure Fingerprint Web Capture and MobileAssure Universal Enrollment software have both comply with the FBI division’s integrated automated fingerprint identification system image quality specifications Appendix F. MobileAssure Capture software is designed for identity capture including biographic and biometric collection and submission, for the purpose of identity verification, enrollment and credentialing. “Telos ID

NEC to provide biometric identification solution to LA County Sheriff’s department

NEC has signed a multi-year service agreement with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to provide them with its flagship multimodal biometrics identification solution. Under the agreement terms, NEC will provide the LASD with its multimodal biometrics identification solution Integra ID 5 for their current and future identification needs. Integra ID 5 service oriented architecture includes built-in support for various biometrics modalities including fingerprint, palmprint, face, iris, voice and DNA. The service offerings also include NEC’s fingerprint and NeoFace facial recognition

Pakistan police plan to install biometric system to guard arsenal

Police in Balochistan, Pakistan are planning on installing a biometrics system at its arsenal depot to more effectively monitor the issuance of arms and ammunition, said Capital City Police Officer Quetta, Abdul Razaq Cheema, according to a report by the Daily Times. Cheema said the police department is planning on installing the biometric system to protect the arms and ammunition from being sold to arm dealers, as well as to ensure that the weapons are away from dangerous parties. Though

NEC multimodal biometric solution selected by two California counties

NEC Corporation of America announced that it is providing its multimodal biometrics identification solution (MBIS) Integra-ID 5 to the Cal-ID units of San Bernardino and Riverside counties in California, to upgrade their existing identification, biometrics and forensics capabilities. The Integra-ID 5 updates SB/RV’s current AFIS functionality with an advanced biometric solution that integrates a range of authentication options, including fingerprint, palm-print and facial recognition. The implementation of the NEC solution adheres to the FBI’s Electronic Biometric Transmission Standard version 10,

South Australian Police to invest $1.5 million in facial recognition mobile app

The South Australian Police will invest $1.5 million on facial recognition technology that will enable officers to scan images of suspected offenders against their existing databases, either from a mobile device or desktop computer, according to a report by IT News for Australian Business. The investment is part of an initiative in the South Australian government’s 2014 state budget that allocates $1.5 million over four years for the police to implement a complete facial recognition system across the state. The