Fingerprinting to be Mandatory for Expat Women in Saudi Arabia

The General Directorate of Passports has introduced a new rule that makes fingerprinting a mandatory practice for the issuance of new residence permit and final exit for all expatriate women, according to a report by the Saudi Gazette. Before the new system, providing biometric data was only mandatory for expatriate women seeking to obtain a work permit, and simply an option for all other women (as of March 31, 2012). Saudi Arabian director general of passports Major General Suleiman Al-Yahya

Queensland Corrective Services to deploy Argus Global biometric kiosk

The Queensland Corrective Services is set to deploy Argus Global‘s Biometric Offender Reporting Information System (BORIS) across all of its community monitoring offices and selected Police stations. According to the company, the automated self-service touch screen kiosk — which is based on the company’s smart kiosk solution — is set to be interfaced with the Department’s primary offender information management system. The BORIS system digitizes manual reporting procedures and allows parolees to present themselves without the attendance of an officer.

Nuance launches Nuance Forensics for law enforcement investigations

Nuance Communications has just announced the release of Nuance Forensics, a voice biometrics solution that assists law enforcement officials and forensic experts with criminal investigations, as well as with the prosecution and defense of suspects. According to the company, the new tool uses Nuance’s patented voice biometrics technology to assist in confirming or denying the identity of individuals based on audio files that are used during investigations. Unlike less precise identification techniques, such as a lineup, wherein suspects are identified

Sri Lankan government launches AFIS

The Sri Lankan government has just launched its Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which is intended to aid law enforcement agencies in the country. Reported at, the AFIS has been developed solely by the Sri Lankan Information Technology engineers. “[The] main objective of inventing such a programme is to form good governance and a peaceful living environment in the country,” Secretary to the Ministry of Defense and Urban Development Gatabaya Rajapaksa said. “International communities must look into such social

NEC Australia deploys mobile fingerprint solution for South Australian Police

NEC Australia has announced the development and deployment of a mobile fingerprint solution for the South Australia Police. This is the first time any Australian police force has implemented an identity management technology used on smartphone mobile devices. With the new tool, SAPOL officers can biometrically verify the identity of people in the field. Previously, this was only possible at police stations. In particular, the new handheld solution connects to Android devices via Bluetooth and comes with a custom-built NEC app

Morpho and Datacard Group team up on travel documents for INTERPOL

Datacard Group and Morpho have just announced a new partnership to support the INTERPOL Travel Document Initiative. According to Datacard Group, Morpho will provide the ID management and document production solution used by INTERPOL in the issuance of electronic travel documents to its officials. Datacard Group will supply its 3D laser engraving technology. “Datacard Group is very pleased to be working with Morpho in support of this initiative,” Jim Runcie, regional vice president, EMEA for Datacard Group said. “INTERPOL is committed to

CBM Archives launches biometric kiosk

CBM Archives has just launched a new line of customizable biometric kiosks fitted with a fingerprint scanner, camera and an optional palm scanner. “The CBM Biometric Kiosk can be used by police and sheriff departments or other central booking facilities to fingerprint offenders or to offer applicant processing to the public,” Darrell Whitely, project manager of CBM Biometric Kiosks said.  “Jails can use the device to provide inmate identity verification or even visitor checks.  Probations offices can benefit from additional efficiency

Biometrics and Homeland Security – Research Report

Rawlson King, lead analyst for Biometrics Research Group, Inc. takes an in-depth look at the spending and programs that the U.S. Government is engaged in surrounding homeland security initiatives. Read the report here. (new window)

SpeechPro gets Nepalese police deployment

SpeechPro has announced that the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Nepalese Police is now using its Forensic Audio Workstation for its forensic and voice identification needs. According to the company, specialists from Nepal were trained by the SpeechPro training unit on the new system. Reported previously, SpeechPro and Voxeo Corporation inked a partnership earlier this year to deliver SpeechPro’s VoiceKey Intelligent Voice Authentication solution to customers using Voxeo Interactive Voice Response services. Voicekey is a speaker recognition platform which uses a