Pindrop research explores how aging can impact accuracy of voice authentication

With the growing adoption of voice biometrics for identification and authentication purposes, researchers are investigating into what the contributing factors of users’ voices changing over time. Pindrop has released new research revealing that voices change significantly with age, even in the short term, which makes the process of voice biometrics-based authentication more difficult to achieve. One of the greatest challenges of authenticating an aging voice is that every individual’s voice ages uniquely and at a different rate, which means there

Technavio report forecasts global automotive biometric market 2017-2021

Technavio published a new report titled “Global Biometric Market in the Automotive Sector, 2017-2021”, which forecasts that the market will grow steadily during the next four years and see a CAGR increase of more than 19 percent by 2021. The report states that one of the main growth drivers of the market is the vulnerability in existing keyless entry systems in which criminals use hacking devices to break into vehicles. To combat this, automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, and

Wells Fargo working on voice-based payment capabilities

Wells Fargo & Co. is developing a voice biometrics-based payments offering for consumers that will reportedly expand beyond the basic day-to-day functionality offered by current virtual financial assistants, according to a report by DigiDay. “These digital assistants like Siri or Alexa — these things are just starting,” Steve Ellis, head of Wells Fargo’s innovation group, said. “There’s a really big future here for how our customers interact with us. We are starting to do proofs of concept with information exchange

Santander adds voice authentication to mobile banking app

In an effort to provide a friction-free user experience, Santander banking clients will soon be able to access their bank accounts and authorize payments using just their voice. According to a Sky News report, Santander’s recent update to its iPhone SmartBank app makes it the first UK high street bank to employ voice biometrics technology to allow customers to carry out actions on their account, not just as a login tool. The new technology is currently being piloted on the

innerCore adds Sensory face and voice recognition integration capabilities

Sensory Inc. has partnered with innerCore to help more banks, enterprises and financial institutions around the world to enhance the security of data sensitive mobile apps. As part of its line of end-to-end secure user authentication platforms, innerCore is now enabling customers to integrate Sensory’s TrulySecure face and voice biometric authentication into their apps to facilitate a more secure and convenient experience. “TrulySecure is a perfect example of how an elegant fusion of face and voice biometric recognition can be

BNP Paribas Wealth Management adds Daon-based biometric authentication product

Financial institution BNP Paribas Wealth Management has introduced a new service which enables customers to log into their accounts and perform transactions using biometric authentication, according to a report by Banking Technology. Using biometric authentication technology supplied by Daon, myBioPass enables customers to log into their accounts and perform various transactions. Clients can log into myWealth and Web Banking on their tablet by taking a “selfie” and using their smartphone as a key. In addition, clients can validate transactions through

Bio-Metrica releases multi-factor biometric ID system

Bio-Metrica has released a modular, multi-factor biometric identification system (BIS), which securely enrolls and identifies individuals using various identification and authentication methods. The scalable and customizable BIS enables users to select a biometric technology, including fingerprint, face, iris, signature, vein, and others. BIS delivers a multi-biometric system over a range of devices, including stationery systems, laptops and handheld devices. Built on the company’s BII architecture, BIS can be deployed on local servers or as the cloud-based CloudBII to store collected information

Mercator Advisory Group publishes biometric authentication report

Mercator Advisory Group has published a new research report titled “Biometrics: A New Wrinkle Changes the Authentication Landscape”, which focuses on the fundamentals of biometrics for authenticating consumers’ identity. The 44-page report emphasizes the need for multimodal biometric authentication and outlines the various types of biometrics available from technology vendors. One key point made in the report is how biometrics technology has transitioned from being a primarily hardware-based solution to a more secure software-and cloud-based solution enabled by smartphones. With

Technavio publishes reports on military biometrics, mobile biometrics, voice recognition

Technavio has published three separate research reports, starting with the ‘Global Military Biometrics Market 2016-2020’ report. The report, which analyzed the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global military biometrics market for 2016-2020, forecasts that the global market will grow at a CAGR of 7.5% during the 2016-2020 period. The 63-page report divided the market into the geographical segments of the Americas, APAC and EMEA, based on the revenue generated from the sales of biometric systems in the

Israeli biometric startup Transmit Security raises $40M in self-financing

Israeli biometric authentication startup Transmit Security has raised $40 million in a self-funded round of financing, according to a report by Globes. Transmit Security, which is based in Boston and Tel Aviv, has unveiled a platform that it says will disrupt the authentication software market by enabling organizations to implement any identity verification method, on any device, across all their customer/partner facing channels. The company’s founders, CEO Mickey Boodaei and president Rakesh K. Loonkar, previously established online banking security pioneer