AMGtime unveils latest biometric time and attendance solution

AMGtime recently unveiled the Elionic biometric kiosk, an Android-based touch-screen tablet with fingerprint reader that works right out of the box, is Wi-Fi enabled and web ready and connects with AMGtime’s client-server or cloud service time and attendance system. According to a company statement, the Elionic’s screen is adaptable and customizable to each company’s configuration. Administrators can makes changes to the configurations of the Elionic with updates automatically installing on the device. Employees clock-in and out via fingerprint, proximity badge/ID

Biometrics data used to eliminate ghost workers from Abia government payroll

In an effort to eliminate ghost workers and centralize the government payroll, Abia, a state in south eastern Nigeria, recently undertook a biometric identity verification exercise with the government workforce to find exactly how many workers it has and how many are entitled to receive salaries. According to a report in Business Day, this represents about 80 percent of the entire Abia workforce. The Commissioner for Finance explained, “There was no harmonized central system of salary payment in the State.

Reform releases study urging UK government to adopt AI, facial recognition

Think tank organization Reform has released a new study urging the adoption of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition to automate all areas of the UK government, according to a report by Silicon. Titled “Work in progress. Towards a leaner, smarter public-sector workforce”, the study says the approach would help to significantly reduce government costs by eliminating “at least” 248,860 administrative roles by 2030. The study is released in advance of Reform’s annual conference on Thursday, at

Pakistan authorities to install biometric time and attendance system

Pakistan authorities will install biometric time and attendance systems to register attendance of employees at the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) and the Karachi Development Authority (KDA), according to a report in the Daily Times. The goal is to install the time and attendance devices by March in 24 departments and 38 different offices of the KMC and 26 offices of the KDA. The KDA Director added that these machines would be procured through open tender to maintain transparency in the

Bodet time and attendance terminal now tracks staff professional development status

Workforce management and access control specialists Bodet Ltd has introduced a high specification employee time and attendance system incorporating interactive reporting which supports continuing professional development (CPD) and promotes greater employee engagement. Bodet’s Kelio Visio X7 smart terminal allows employees to identify themselves using the built-in biometric fingerprint sensor or a proximity card. When staff sign-in, the terminal identifies them and time stamps the record which is then stored on the master database in real time. The seven-inch touch screen

Matrix bringing its enterprise grade biometric access control solution to INTERSEC Dubai 2017

Telecom and security solutions manufacturer Matrix is participating in INTERSEC Dubai 2017 later this month. Matrix will be showcasing its video surveillance and people mobility solutions at the event including its range of biometric access control and time and attendance solutions and its advance applications during INTERSEC. In addition, Matrix will launch COSEC DOOR FMX, a high-performance door controller with multispectral fingerprint sensor. The device allows a fingerprint scan of dry, wet, elderly or oily hands. The company will also

Bodet introduces cost effective option of its biometric time and attendance solution

Workforce management firm Bodet has introduced the Kelio Visio X4, a more cost effective option of the Kelio Visio X7 interactive time and attendance terminal. The Kelio Visio X4 terminal has the same design and provides core time and attendance functionality as well as a messaging service and web browsing capability. The terminal is available with a proximity card reader, a fingerprint sensor or both to uniquely identify employees as they clock in or out. The time stamp record is

Donseed biometric time and attendance tablets being used at London skyscraper development

Donseed mobile biometric time and attendance tablets are being used at the development of a 62-storey skyscraper in the City of London. Donseed is best known for its biometrics-based time and attendance solutions and access control solutions for the construction and engineering sectors. The building will become the tallest building in the capital’s financial district at 278 metres tall when completed near Liverpool Street Station and is being developed by AXA Investment Managers Real Assets.

7-Eleven implementing biometrics, CCTV to prevent wages fraud by Australian franchisees

Australia`s Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has signed a agreement with convenience store chain 7-Eleven to use biometric technology and CCTV supervision to prevent worker exploitation by franchisees, according to a report by The ABC. 7-Eleven will integrate and manage biometric time and attendance systems and CCTV at all stores to allow its head office to monitor worker hours and ensure workers are paid correctly. An FWO spokesperson said the proactive compliance deed committed the company to preventing wages fraud and

Bodet introduces employee feedback apps for its time and attendance terminal

Bodet Ltd have introduced software apps for businesses to carry out automated employee surveys and receive staff suggestions directly through Bodet’s Kelio Visio X7 time and attendance terminals. Bodet introduced the Kelio Visio X7 interactive time and attendance system in January of this year. The new staff survey and staff suggestion apps prompts employees to make suggestions as they clock in or out, without having to fill in forms. The engagement is ongoing as it also provides a communication trail