Biometric voter enrollment engenders rewards and risks

Ensuring quick and precise voter enrollment and identification is the cornerstone of any credible election. Biometric systems are increasingly being deployed in the developing world with the aim to ensure a fair and efficient electoral process. In rich countries, almost everyone has a reliable form of official identification, and biometric technology has traditionally been employed mainly for security and forensics. However, many developing countries suffer from an identity gap where millions of people lack official forms of identification, including birth

Biometric Industry Jobs: Synaptics, Inc.

At the BiometricUpdate Jobs Board, we have a new job listing from Synaptics, which is seeking a Software Security Engineer in San Jose, California. As a Software Security Engineer you will perform modeling & implementation of security protocols, make improvements in existing architecture, security risk analysis, code & design review, monitoring of the code quality from vulnerability perspective, creation of software specifications, research within mobile security area for threats, common vulnerabilities and new attack models, fuzzing and reliability testing of comments on biometrics job prospects

Rawlson King, a contributing editor at was recently quoted in an article that discussed biometrics as a career option. According to an item in Today’s Engineer, an IEEE publication, King states that the biometric industry is “one of those areas where there will be a tremendous demand for jobs, especially in the future.” As an emerging industry, the Biometrics Research Group Inc.,’s parent company, projects that the global biometrics market will experience fast growth, expanding to $15 billion

Apple vs Samsung – battle for the biometric smartphone market begins in earnest – Round 2014

Apple vs. Samsung.  Who will dominate the smartphone market for 2014? Will anyone else get a look in? The imminent arrival of the new iPhone 6S circulate the industry as speculation is rife that Apple will move forward their release date of their new smartphone to coincide with Samsung’s new Galaxy 5S which is set for an April release date. Speculation is that Apple could release the new iPhone any time between April and September, but as likely they will launches job board; offers March special recently launched a job board aimed at those hiring or seeking employment in the biometrics industry. Job seekers can find recent jobs posted by companies located in the U.S. Available jobs can be sorted by job title, company or location. There is also a custom search function available to search by keyword, location or proximity. Job postings are available for purchase regularly at $50 for 30 days, however for the month of March we are offering a special 50%

Obama’s new measures won’t limit government spying

Despite President Obama directing his administration to reform U.S. surveillance programs in order to make the intelligence community more transparent, spying will continue unabated. While his new guidance to the U.S. intelligence community declares that the United States must not collect intelligence “for the purpose of suppressing or burdening criticism or dissent, or for disadvantaging persons based on their ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion”, the continued widespread electronic collection of intelligence will go on. Obama’s administration is only

Operators should be alert to the forthcoming EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive

The European Parliament will vote on proposed amendments to the fourth Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directive over the next two months. The main topic of debate has been on whether beneficial ownership information for companies, trusts etc., will be collected in public registers that requires transparency across all EU Member States. The issue being that anonymous shell companies and trusts play a central role in laundering money, concealing the identity of corrupt individuals and irresponsible businesses involved in activities including the

$1,000 Genome will improve health, lower healthcare costs

Last year, the going cost to get one’s genome sequenced was about $10,000. Now it will be closer to one grand.  Illumina, a publicly traded biotech company that specializes in the gene-sequencing machine market, has succeeded in reducing genomic analysis costs by a factor of ten. Through continuous innovation, Illumina technology has broken down barriers in human genome sequencing by increasing data throughput by an astounding rate.  The result has been dramatic price reduction, ushering in the age of the

Why context is the key to make biometrics a force to be reckoned with

Widespread exposure of the new Apple iPhone and the new biometric feature has certainly caused a stir. Comment has been driven as to whether its biometric fingerprint scanner is ultimately secure or hackable. But haven’t they missed the point? The innovative means by which users have attempted to overcome the biometric check are certainly worth a read, for example Germany’s Chaos Computer Club  claimed to have found a method by which they take a fingerprint of the user, photographed from

U.S. right to review consumer facial recognition technology

The U.S. Government recently announced that it will review the privacy implications of facial recognition technology.  As originally reported, the National Telecommunication and Information Administration has announced that a new consultation process will begin in Feburary to examine the commercial use of the technology. The objective of the consultation, according to the Obama administration, is to develop a voluntary, enforceable code of conduct that specifies how the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights applies to facial recognition technology.  Concerns about the