Welcome to the biometrics age!

This is a guest post by Steve Cook, Director of Business Development at Facebanx. The biometrics age is upon us. A future sci-fi world of disappearing passwords, the internet of things and the unique human characteristics of our body parts to verify who we are is now actually a reality! No more so than in authenticating mobile payments. According to a recent study produced by Goode Intelligence, over $5.6 trillion dollars of payments will be secured with biometric technology by

Biometrics needed to win the war against financial fraud

This is a guest post by Michael Boukadakis, the founder and CEO of Enacomm This year, October brings something scarier for ill-prepared merchants than anything Halloween has to offer: the EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) payments liability shift. As of October 1, 2015, all retailers across America will be forced to take the financial fall when card criminals successfully launch attacks that could have been thwarted. Doing its part in the fight against fraud, the financial industry is making a

Fighting organized online fraud

This is a guest post by Ryan Wilk, director of customer success at NuData Security The Office of Personnel Management and IRS data breaches this year have become all-too-common headlines. However, when it comes to government breaches, the effects can be particularly devastating due to the quantity and type of data involved as well as the sheer number of people affected. In the case of the IRS, over 220,000 taxpayers had their accounts accessed and fraudulent returns filed while hackers

Can biometrics make the jump from real-life to online?

This is a guest post by Ryan Wilk, director of customer success at NuData Security Biometrics is the next step in security across all disciplines, but there’s a clear line between biometric methods used to secure physical spaces and persons, and biometric methods that can used for online security. Fingerprint and iris scanners work well in office buildings, government complexes, and large airports because they are hard-wired, monitored and nearly impossible to spoof. These are common checkpoints people have to

Data breach aftermath: recent online fraud trends to watch for

This is a guest post by Ryan Wilk, director of customer success at NuData Security Unlike previous ecommerce industry breaches, recent attacks are growing in size and targeting more valuable PII, which may include information such as Social Security numbers and bank account information, among other data. A data breach has a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the breached organization. Businesses must protect themselves from fraudsters who know more about their customers than they do. They must not only

Voice biometrics: finding the most suitable method for your business

This is a guest post by Graziela Barros, Product Manager for face and voice biometrics solutions at CPqD, in Brazil. The use of voice biometrics to identify people is already a reality in the world: today, approximately 40 million people use this resource for commercial applications. Over the last two years, voice biometrics has outgrown the walls of academic innovation to become a real-world application, considered by companies all over the world as a powerful fraud prevention tool and more

Mobile identity and unlocking the DNA of trust

This is a guest post by Rocky Scopelliti, Global Industry Executive, Telstra Global Industries. For years the concept and use of biometric identification, such as retina fingerprint and voiceprint identification, was only seen in movies. However today, these capabilities are fast becoming realities and what our technology and security savvy consumers are calling out for from their day-to-day service providers. Gen X and Y, the pioneers of the modern digital era, are presenting today’s financial institutions with a new breed

BORDERPOL International Security meeting set for September 11 in Washington DC; Top officials from around the world participating

This is a guest post by Janice Kephart, founder of the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA). To bring together the best and the brightest dedicated to helping curtail terrorist travel, and assess its threats, the international nonprofit BORDERPOL is holding it first North America Directorate International Security Meeting “Curtailing Terrorist Travel” September 9-11 in Washington D.C. The conference will move substantively through threats and solutions in visa adjudication, travel document security, international law, air and land ports of inspection,

All forms of biometric authentication are not created equal

This is a guest post by Enacomm CMO David Anderson. Fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and voice biometrics are moving beyond the experimentation phase to broader implementation at financial institutions across the globe — but there’s one form of authentication that stands out from the crowd. The graduation to next-generation identity verification has been made possible by the proliferation of smartphones with high-quality microphones and cameras that make the process easy. Thanks to advancements in technology, biometric authentication can be completed

Assuring lessons learned from the Office of Personnel Management identity and fingerprint cyber theft

This is a guest post by Janice Kephart, founder of the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA). The U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) tapered transparency on the cyber theft of 22.1 million personal records and 1.1 million fingerprints from a combination of electronic live-scans and digital hardcopy fingerprints for use by the Federal Bureau of Investigation has caused perhaps the worst form of identity theft for dedicated US government employees, and may, in some cases, put safety at risk