Behavioral biometrics helps spot the bad apples before they spoil the game

This is a guest post by Ryan Wilk, vice president of customer success at NuData Security. The online gaming industry is heating up. According to, it brought in more than $41 billion worldwide this year. Technology, both on the desktop and on mobile devices, has been the driving force behind the phenomenal growth. Unfortunately, while it’s easier to play than ever before, the new technology also lets more organized cyber criminals defraud poker sites and their good players. Fraudsters

Bank crossroads ahead: build or buy mobile payment applications

This is a guest post by Rajesh Sharma, VP Mobile Banking & Payment Apps at INSIDE Secure. Commerce has evolved over the 10,000 plus year history of society. The Internet age introduced online banking 20 years ago and now 80 percent of bank consumers in the developed world are using it. In addition, in the span of just the past four years or so, mobile banking has grown to 52 percent of smartphone owners. And now, mobile payment applications (apps)

Multi-finger authentication: The next phase in smartphone identity recognition

This is a guest post by Francis Mather, Director of Computer Vision at Hoyos Labs. In today’s increasingly digital and mobile age, most of us are attached to our smartphones. We use them throughout the day to check bank accounts, social media sites and email, as well as shop. The majority of these activities require entering a username and password. For many of us, it’s a hassle to remember the myriad of usernames and passwords for these sites, so we

Biometrics Research Group, Inc releases report on mobile biometrics market

This week Biometrics Research Group, Inc. released a Special Report that examines the growing drivers for mobile biometrics authentication and standardization. The firm’s Special Reports are sponsored by leading firms within the biometrics sector. The Mobile Biometrics Market Analysis report is sponsored by Cognitec, VoicePIN and AppliedRecognition. Biometrics Research Group, Inc. is headquartered in Toronto with a team of writers, researchers, editors, producers and research analysts delivering independent coverage about the global biometrics industry six days a week. The firm

Detecting and preventing mobile wallet fraud

This is a guest post by Ryan Wilk, director of customer success at NuData Security. Forrester Research predicts that mobile payments will total $90 billion in the U.S. by 2017, a huge increase over the $12.8 billion consumers spent in 2012. This significant growth speaks to the increasing adoption of this payment method. There are two types to choose from. One type works through contactless technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) built into mobile phones. The payment goes through

How biometrics are keeping KBA alive

This is a guest post by Michael Hagen, corporate ID strategist and managing director of IDchecker, a Mitek Company. Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) alone is out of touch with the reality of the online and mobile world. Five to 10 years ago, KBA was a good solution because fraudsters couldn’t find the answers to your selected security questions, but the Internet and social media have evolved much faster than KBA’s current solution offerings. To combat the vulnerability of KBA, one must

Chinese hackers compiling a “facebook” of breached data

This is a guest post by Ryan Wilk, director of customer success at NuData Security. Data breaches have consequences. Breaches of government agencies have serious and far-reaching consequences. For instance, a recent news piece reported that China is compiling a sort of hackers’ Facebook of U.S. government employees based on data stolen from multiple breaches. The extensive breach of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management saw the leak of over 20 million current and former employees’ most personal data, containing

Facial recognition, video forensics bolster human expertise

This is a guest post by Robert Sprecher, Program Director for Face Recognition and Video Analytics for MorphoTrak. Thanks to rapid advances in facial recognition and video forensics, criminals and terrorists are finding that technology is increasing the likelihood of their rapid apprehension. Video forensics, which is the review of video evidence, and especially the emerging science of facial recognition are undergoing accelerated development in application and effectiveness. Although both technologies have been available in some form for decades, their

Welcome to the biometrics age!

This is a guest post by Steve Cook, Director of Business Development at Facebanx. The biometrics age is upon us. A future sci-fi world of disappearing passwords, the internet of things and the unique human characteristics of our body parts to verify who we are is now actually a reality! No more so than in authenticating mobile payments. According to a recent study produced by Goode Intelligence, over $5.6 trillion dollars of payments will be secured with biometric technology by

Biometrics needed to win the war against financial fraud

This is a guest post by Michael Boukadakis, the founder and CEO of Enacomm This year, October brings something scarier for ill-prepared merchants than anything Halloween has to offer: the EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) payments liability shift. As of October 1, 2015, all retailers across America will be forced to take the financial fall when card criminals successfully launch attacks that could have been thwarted. Doing its part in the fight against fraud, the financial industry is making a