Global Net Solutions launches IoT tracking badge with fingerprint verification

Global Net Solutions has announced the launch of its new IoT-based security credential S-Badge, which protects high security environments like hospitals, and government buildings with three factors including fingerprint verification. The S-Badge includes a photo ID, and leverages a multi-sensor Bluetooth low-energy beacon, multiple data sensors, and high frequency RFID technology, according to the announcement. It authenticates users based on their location and an individually programmed NFC chip, in addition to biometrics. It also utilizes AI and machine learning to

Suprema sets up Middle East operations

Suprema continues to expand its global operations with the establishment of Suprema Middle East FZCO. The new operations are located in the Dubai Airport Free Zone. Mohamed El Shenawy has been appointed to lead the regional sales team and focus on the new business development as well as supporting existing business partners in the region. “Suprema Middle East FZCO is committed to help our strategic partners and customers in the Middle East,” explains said SY Lee, Director of Global Business

Shuttle introduces multi-modal biometric devices for physical access control

Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. has introduced its BR06 Series of intelligent, all-in-one biometric scanning devices, which feature faster recognition speeds, a larger user database capacity, and lower power consumption. The BR06, BR06V2, and BR06S have different OS, CPU, and internet access options, and can also be used for physical access control. The BR06 Series is designed for use by small and medium-sized businesses, banks, colleges and universities, industrial settings, or VIP access. The devices can be customized for facial recognition,

Nissan’s SUV concept uses a fingerprint reader to unlock doors

Nissan has debuted its six-passenger, three-row Xmotion (pronounced “cross motion”) SUV concept at the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS 2018) in Detroit. The vehicle uses a fingerprint reader instead of a key fob to unlock the doors. The interior design incorporates advanced graphic user interfaces and autonomous driving technologies. The displays and infotainment system can be controlled by gestures and eye movements. The infotainment system is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple’s Car Play setups. The interior

EyeLock to showcase iris authentication technology at CES

EyeLock will showcase outdoor and indoor access control solutions and release its new embedded iris authentication solution “Harrington” at CES this week. Harrington, which was recently integrated into ViaTouch’s Auto-Retail Vending Solution, is a self-contained, standalone iris enrollment and authentication system. It offers a variety of system interface topologies available to the end-user with three different image sensor lensing options that allow nominal working distances up to 60cm with imager module thickness between 3.0mm and 5.7mm. Dual iris enrollment and

Qualcomm awarded DoD contract for IT system access protection pilot

The Department of Defense has awarded Qualcomm’s Cyber Security Solutions (QCSS) division a contract to establish a pilot program for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to enable DoD users to access key IT systems using actionless authentication, the company has announced. The authentication is performed with Qualcomm’s hardware-anchored device attestation and continuous multi-factor authentication capabilities on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform, integrated with DISA’s Purebred and Public Key Infrastructure systems. The pilot is part of a DoD project to

Goode Intelligence predicts biometrics will power keyless vehicle entry, more secure payments in 2018

The global biometrics market may experience a brief “plateau” or “dip” in 2018 as “the industry pauses to catch its breath” after four years of strong growth, according to Goode Intelligence. The market research firm’s 2018 Biometric Industry Predictions include more mobile device OEMs following Apple with 3D facial recognition systems, while further innovation in mobile device fingerprint integration to allow larger touchscreens with no physical home button could involve ultrasound or optical fingerprint sensors. Goode says that 2018 could

BIO-key to demo biometric lock and fingerprint reader lines at CES

BIO-key will be demonstrating its line of TouchLock products and compact fingerprint readers at CES next week in Las Vegas. In addition to its current line of biometric and Bluetooth enabled padlocks and bicycle locks, the company will introduce the TouchLock Pro, a biometric and Bluetooth enabled heavy-duty padlock and the TouchLock Bike, a heavy duty, flexible cable lock for bikers on the go. BIO-key will also be demonstrating its compact fingerprint reader line featuring a variety of formats that

Protec Secure Card to distribute SmartMetric biometric security cards in U.S.

New Jersey-based Protec Secure Card has been appointed the national distributor for SmartMetric’s biometric security cards within the USA. PSC is a Visa, MasterCard and Discover certified credit card manufacturer that specializes in advanced high-quality credit card production for card issuing banks in the United States and Central and Latin America. The SmartMetric biometric card uses a person’s fingerprint to activate the card in a secure on card scan and match. It is self-powered with a rechargeable battery and scans

ZKAccess multifactor biometrics authentication solution safeguards MSU research lab

Michigan State University (MSU) has selected the ZKAccess ProBio-ID multibiometric reader to control door access to the research lab. According to a Security Sales & Integration report, the reader features a fingerprint sensor and a facial recognition camera for hands-free door access. MSU is a public research institution with an enrollment that exceeds 50,000 students and ranks among the top 100 higher education research facilities in the world. MSU’s Computer Science and Engineering Department features lab facilities that include expensive