Finnair pilots facial recognition at Helsinki Airport

Finnish airport operator, Finavia, and Finnair are testing facial recognition at Helsinki Airport this month to gather information on the applicability of the technology to the airport environment, the systems and processes used by the airline and the impact it has on the customer experience. The airline has invited a group of 1,000 frequent flyers to take part in the pilot project. According to Sari Nevanlinna, head of Ground Experience and Ancillary at Finnair, “Face recognition technology could offer possibilities

Facial recognition kiosks installed at Ottawa International Airport

Passengers arriving on international flights to Canada’s Ottawa International Airport will have the option of using a self-serve facial recognition-based kiosk to expedite the arrival process, according to a report by the CBC. It was reported earlier this month that several Canadian airports would be implementing facial recognition technology in spring as part of Canada Border Services Agency’s new traveller screening program. The primary inspection kiosks verify a traveler’s identity by capturing a photo and comparing it to their passport

Biometrics-enabled e-boarding trial completed at Bengaluru airport

An e-boarding pilot, powered by Safran Identity & Security’s MorphoWave touchless biometric technology deployed in a fully operational environment, has been successfully completed at Southern India’s busiest airport, Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru (BLR). The process throughput was developed and designed together with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), the operator of the BLR Airport, in accordance with the Indian Aviation Security Policies. It is based on real-time biometric authentication of passengers using their Aadhaar ID. Passengers are able to complete

Schiphol Airport panel to test new biometrics technology

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol announced it will be piloting a range of biometric technologies which will allow frequent travelers to pass the Schengen security check without having to display their Privium Card. Currently, Privium frequent travelers can cross the border through a combined use of their Privium card and iris scan. However, Schiphol will soon be initiating a pilot involving new technological advances that will allow Privium travelers to open the Privium security gate with a simple wave of their hand

Morpho to provide automated passenger control gates for French airport

Morpho (Safran) announced it has signed an agreement to provide the Marseille Provence airport (AMP) with a new-generation of PARAFE 2 automated passenger control gates, making it Morpho’s first delivery of its latest APC solution to a French airport. The system currently uses fingerprint recognition technology, but will also feature facial recognition capability once it is authorized by French legislation. Over the past six years, Morpho has delivered 41 first-generation automated gates to French airports, including four in Marseille. The

Czech government approves facial recognition system deployment at Prague airport

The Czech government has approved the acquisition of a new security system that features facial recognition technology to be deployed at Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport as a security measure, according to a report in the Prague Daily Monitor. The $7.8 million project, which will be covered by three Czech government’s interior ministry, security information service and finance ministry, will provide the airport with a new facial recognition system that automatically detects travellers’ faces. The government decided to implement the new

Hotels near Delhi airport ordered by police to install facial recognition software

Hotels located near India’s Delhi airport have been instructed by local police to install facial recognition software as part of its initiative to increase security measures, according to a report by The Economic Times. The facial recognition technology has already led to significant delays and expensive costs for hoteliers at Aerocity. Lemon Tree Hotels, a mid-market hotel operator, has already installed NEC’s facial recognition software in its Aerocity property. “We have put in place NEC Face Recognition Solution,” said Rahul

YVR upgrades automated airport kiosks with Cross Match biometrics

The Vancouver Airport Authority has announced an upgrade to its BorderXpress kiosks, with new biometric technology from Cross March that enables international travelers with Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) approval to use BorderXpress. “Our goal is, and has always been, to lead the transformation of the travel experience,” Craig Richmond, President & CEO of the Vancouver Airport Authority said. “By expanding our Automated PAssPort Control capabilities to include travelers from visa-waiver countries, we are continuing to help airports modernize for improved

GCR Launches Biometric System with Business Automation

IT products and services consulting firm GCR announced on Wednesday it has introduced a credentialing system that couples the power of biometrics with business automation and other aspects. Dubbed AirportIQ Secure Credentials, the new system offers continuous validation of background, identity verification of aviation workers and binding of biometric and biographic information to the individual. The system, which GCR says is actively being marketed to other airports, manages the entry and maintenance of identity information, prints badges, interfaces with access

Usability should be key consideration in biometric border systems

Usability and functionality should be a primary concern for designers and manufacturers of biometric systems. Though such systems typically are deployed for security applications, they should still provide an exemplary service experience that quickly meets the basic needs of the user, without fuss or bother. Most would attest that the air travel experience is anything but an exemplary one. Travelers in the high-security, post-911 era have to run a high-paced gantlet of airline flight check-in, along with baggage drop-off, security