Vision-Box facial recognition technology piloted at Charles de Gaulle airport

Vision-Box facial recognition software is being tested at Charles de Gaulle airport, according to a report by Bloomberg Technology. The Vision-Box solution will check passport images with people’s faces from EU countries. “If trials go well and the French state signs off on use of the software, the number of people using biometrics to speed passage could climb to as much as 20 percent of the average 180,000 people passing through daily,” said Franck Goldnadel, chief airport operations officer. Charles

DHS scrambling to provide facial recognition to airports: report

Two weeks after President Trump signed the controversial immigration and refugee executive order that also called for the expedited completion of a national biometric ID program, the Department of Homeland Security is scrambling to provide airports across the nation with facial recognition software, according to an agency official cited in a report by The Christian Science Monitor. The facial recognition technology will check the identities of all non-citizens leaving the country to confirm they have not overstayed visas, are not

Schiphol selects Vision-Box technology for facial recognition pilot

Vision-Box has signed a framework agreement with Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to implement an end-to-end biometrics-based passenger journey founded on completely redesigned, document-less, self-service passenger-centric touch-points. The program will transform conventional physical and psychological barriers into a standardized, yet streamlined, seamless passenger-walkthrough experience. Miguel Leitmann, CEO at Vision-Box, stated that “We are proud to announce this real premiere in the aviation industry at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Our commitment is to present a completely modernized passenger experience, based on a shared vision

KLM, Schiphol airport pilot facial recognition-based boarding system

KLM and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol have begun a voluntary biometrics-based boarding program that identifies passengers using facial recognition rather than a boarding pass and passport. The pilot project takes place at a selected gate at the airport for pre-registered passengers. Schiphol and KLM are using this three-month trial to evaluate the speed, reliability and user-friendliness of the facial recognition system, as well as the boarding process and passenger experience. The goal is to make the boarding process as easy and

Italy’s fastest-growing airport introduces SITA ABC gates to expedite immigration

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport has introduced SITA’s self-serve automated border control gates to speed up the immigration process for passengers from the European Union who hold a biometric passport. Last year Bologna Airport was the fastest-growing airport among Italy’s 15 busiest, processing more than seven million passengers. Deploying ABC gates will make the immigration process on arrival more efficient and will allow the airport to accommodate more passengers during peak periods. The SITA iBorders BorderAutomation ABCGates use facial recognition technology

TSA recruits 11 more airlines for PreCheck expedited security screening program

The Transportation Security Administration announced that 11 new participating domestic and foreign airlines have joined the PreCheck program, which brings the total number of participating airlines to 30, according to a report by USA Today. The newly joined international airlines include Emirates, Avianca, Sunwing Airlines, Aruba Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Spirit Airlines, Boutique Air, Southern Airways Express, Key Lime Air, Miami Air International and Xtra Airways. TSA Precheck is an expedited security screening program for American citizens that eliminates the need

Hong Kong airports to introduce facial recognition at departure gates

The Hong Kong government announced last week that it will introduce a facial biometrics-enabled electronic channel service at airport departure gates, according to a report by Today. Foreign visitors will be prompted to place their e-passport on the reader before entering the e-channel. They will then be required to look into a camera while the system compares the newly captured image with the photo stored in the chip of their e-passport. The visitor’s identity is successfully verified when the two

CLEAR announces major expansion to 22 airports nationwide

Biometric identity platform CLEAR announced a major expansion today, making its lanes available in 22 airports nationwide covering the majority of flights in the U.S. CLEAR lanes opened today at LaGuardia Airport following their debut at JFK International Airport in New York last month. CLEAR is expected to launch at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport later this month and will be expanding to Los Angeles International Airport and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in the first quarter of 2017. CLEAR is certified

Hamad International Airport installs biometric kiosks for Qatar travellers

Officials at Hamad International Airport announced they have implemented five new self-service machines that can scan the eyes and fingerprints of Qatar residents “in less than a minute”, according to a report by DOHA News. Available in both the arrivals and departures section, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) biometric kiosks will help all travelers who are having e-gate issues when entering or leaving Qatar. There will also be technicians on hand to assist travelers in registering their biometric data, airport

JFK Airport to implement facial recognition technology

Investment in anti-terror measures such as facial recognition and video tracking technology at John F. Kennedy International Airport is part of a $10 billion plan to revamp the airport, according to a report by the New York Post. Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled the plan Wednesday, which also calls for major improvements to highways, interconnected terminals, and an increase in flights. “JFK is ranked 59th out of the top 100 international airports. We used to be number one,” Cuomo said during