Amazon under fire for requesting Aadhaar numbers

Amazon customers in India attempting to track lost packages are being asked to provide their Aadhaar numbers as proof of identity by the company’s customer care representatives, which critics contend could lead to privacy issues, the Economic Times reports. Aadhaar numbers are meant and used for access to government programs and regulated services, such as telecom and financial services, but their use by private companies is contentious, and the degree of secrecy that individuals should treat Aadhaar numbers with is

Amazon boosts Rekognition facial image capacity and performance

Amazon has announced the addition of real-time face recognition across tens of millions of faces, and the capability of detecting up to 100 faces in “challenging crowded photos” to its Amazon Rekognition deep-learning image recognition platform ahead of its re:Invent conference, which takes place in Las Vegas next week. The new capabilities also include text detection and recognition, according to the announcement, and Amazon says face verification and identification will improve by up to 10 percent for customers currently using

Novetta whitepaper analyzes Amazon facial recognition service

Novetta has released a new whitepaper titled “Amazon Rekognition: Quick-Look Biometric Performance Assessment“, which analyzes the biometric performance of Amazon’s machine learning-based face recognition service. With its relatively low cost, ease of implementation, and use of deep learning, Amazon Rekognition has gained significant traction in government and commercial applications. The whitepaper Novetta provides several new insights into Amazon Rekognition performance. For instance, the machine learning-based facial recognition service is able to correctly identified about 90 percent of subjects against relatively small

Washington County Sheriff’s Office using Amazon facial recognition to ID suspects

In an Amazon guest blog post, Chris Adzima, a senior Information systems analyst for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, discussed how his team uses AWS for facial recognition as well as Amazon Rekognition as a crime-solving tool to identify persons of interest. In its initial testing of AWS and Amazon Rekognition, Washington County Sheriff’s Office uploaded 300,000 mugshots from as far back as 2001, which were stored on its jail management system (JMS), into Amazon S3. Following this upload, the

Pindrop voice authentication to be integrated with Amazon Connect

Pindrop will be integrating and making available its voice biometrics-based fraud detection capability with Amazon’s cloud-based contact center service, Amazon Connect. Using Pindrop’s self-service integration, Amazon Connect customers are provided with an additional security layer for their contact center. Pindrop scores calls according to risk associated with a range of factors including the audio characteristics, geo-location and phone number reputation. Within 30 seconds of the start of the call, the call center agent is notified with a pop-up window displaying

Apple to become a member of AI research group

Apple will reportedly join the Partnership on AI, a nonprofit artificial intelligence research organization with a membership that includes Inc., DeepMind, Alphabet Inc.’s Google, IBM, Facebook Inc., and Microsoft Corp, according to a Bloomberg article citing individuals familiar with the situation. An announcement of Apple’s admission into Partnership on AI could happen as early as this week, although representatives at Apple and the Partnership on AI have declined to comment. The organization launched in September with a handful of

Amazon files patent for voice recognition drone

Amazon has filed for a U.S. patent on voice-control “pocket drone” technology, which expands on the company’s efforts in voice recognition applications and virtual assistant by bringing it into the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market, according to a report by Voice commands for drones have been in development for years, with hobbyists modifying drones to take simple voice directional commands as early as 2010. Today, many of these basic systems can be purchased online and in stores. Earlier this

BIO-key fingerprint readers available on

Biometric software and hardware solution provider BIO-key International is expanding its enterprise sales outreach with the availability of its compact SideSwipe and EcoID USB fingerprint readers on The fingerprint readers are initially available in a three-pack configuration for $119.97 and are targeted to enterprise customers. The Amazon arrangement allows for volume fulfillment of BIO-key products, in a streamlined, cost effective manner. SideSwipe and EcoID are natively supported within the Microsoft Windows Hello biometric sign-in platform, as well as Microsoft

AI-based image recognition startup Orbeus quietly acquired by Amazon last fall

Earlier this week it was revealed that Amazon quietly acquired image recognition startup Orbeus last fall for an unknown amount, according to unnamed sources cited in a report by Bloomberg. Orbeus’ photo-recognition software, ReKognition, was based on neural networks artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company’s Phototime app automatically organized and identified the contents of images, which is similar to the capabilities offered by the AI-based app Photos, which Google later released. The Sunnyvale and Mountain View-based company previously raised just

ImageWare leverages AWS to deliver its biometric authentication solutions

ImageWare Systems (IWS) will be leveraging the global scale, reliability and security of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver its biometric authentication solutions. As a newly announced technology partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), IWS will now build on AWS to offer GoMobile Interactive as a SaaS solution across multiple geographic regions. Buillding on AWS allows IWS to leverage a variety of services including: the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a service that allows users to rent virtual