Lawsuit alleges Apple Pay violates patents related to biometrics

Device security company Universal Secure Registry (USR) filed a lawsuit in a Delaware Federal District Court Sunday against Apple and Visa, alleging patent violation by Apple Pay. Kenneth P. Weiss, CEO of USR, holds 13 patents relating to authentication systems using a smartphone, biometrics, and secure one-time token generation for financial transactions, according to the lawsuit. USR alleges its technology protected by those patents is at the core of Apple Pay. The suit also alleges that Weiss had extensive meetings

BoA supports ATM withdrawals using Apple Pay

According to a report in 9 to 5 Mac, Bank of America is outfitting some of its ATMs with Apple Pay support and the ability to withdraw cash using it. Bank of America is highlighting the new feature heavily on supported ATMs, making users aware that they are able to withdraw cash from the bank machine using their smartphone. This feature only works with Bank of America cards and Bank of America is rolling this feature out slowly so even

Apple to extend Apple Pay to the web this fall

Apple is extending its biometrics-enabled payments service to the web this fall, enabling consumers that use the company’s Safari browser to authorize purchases by touching the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor, just as they do in physical stores, according to a report by Finextra. Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president, made the announcement Monday in a presentation at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The new feature will pit Apple against online payments competitor PayPal while helping online retailers to

Apple Pay launches in Canada

Apple’s mobile payment service, Apple Pay, is now available in Canada, however, it is limited initially to American Express cards. Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice-president for Apple Pay, said the company is starting with American Express in Canada because it’s both the card issuer and the payment-network operator, so co-ordination is easier. With Visa and MasterCard, individual banks issue the cards, and each bank has its own way of verifying a customer’s identity. In related news, Apple Pay is expanding in

Apple Pay users warned about storing other people’s fingerprints on their iPhone

A number of banks in the UK have warned their customers that if they store other people’s fingerprints on their iPhones, they will be treated as though they have not keep their personal biometrics details secured, according to a report by The Telegraph. Many banks have stated in their terms and agreements section that they reserve the right to deny a refund for any disputed transactions or refuse to help customers in the event of a fraud claim. The warning

Juniper Research projects nearly 5 billion biometric transactions by 2019

Juniper Research has published a new report that finds that the increased use of touchless payment services using fingerprint readers will push the number of biometric authenticated transactions to nearly 5 billion by 2019, driven by Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. The report, entitled “Mobile Identity, Authentication & Tokenisation 2015-2020“, states that the there will be almost 130 million biometric authenticated transactions this year alone, primarily in the United States, United Kingdom and South Korea. According to the report’s author,

Apple Pay officially launches in UK with initial 250,000 supporting retailers

Apple announced earlier this morning it has officially launched its contactless payment service, Apple Pay, following an accidental tweet by an HSBC customer support representative that revealed its impending launch, according to a report by Techcrunch. Apple announced last month it is expanding Apple Pay to the UK in July with an initial 250,000 participating retailers, but did not specify the exact date The majority of the 250,000 physical locations that will accept Apple Pay have a £20 ($31) limit

Popular trends in biometrics: a recap of the week’s top reports

Here’s a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Facial recognition Facial recognition commanded the headlines this week, with some of the top stories involving this biometric technology. First, a UK police force used facial recognition technology to identify some 90,000 attendees at a music festival and cross-checking them against a database of wanted criminals across Europe, then in a follow up report, defended its use of the facial recognition technology. The

Apple Pay expanding to UK with initial 250,000 retailers onboard

Nearly a year after it launched in the U.S., Apple Pay is finally expanding to the United Kingdom next month with an initial 250,000 participating retailers, according to a report by SF Gate. Meanwhile, the payment service is poised to become available in more than 1 million U.S. locations by next month. According to a report by, bank support for Apple Pay will arrive in in two phases. The first phase will take place in July and will include

Keybank adds Apple Pay to digital banking services

Buffalo-based banking institution KeyBank N.A. is enabling customers to use the Apple Pay payment system, according to a report by Biz Journals. All KeyBank customers who have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can use Apple Pay to make secure mobile payments at more than 700,000 businesses across the country. Apple Pay, which launched last October, enables users to complete credit and debit card transactions using the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Western New York’s M&T Bank and First