Applied Recognition face recognition solution to aid in preventing digital coin theft

Blockchain Acuity has integrated Applied Recognition’s FaceLocate technology into its custom and existing blockchain solutions. The service, ‘Access Acuity’, offers users secure access to their digital currencies with face recognition. “Holders of Bitcoin and other digital currencies greatly underestimate the risk of theft,” explains Don Waugh, Co-CEO of Applied Recognition. “The increased value of digital currencies has attracted sophisticated criminals that not only crack passwords but who also hijack mobile phone based methods of authentication.” “Cryptocurrency token issuers and exchanges

Applied Recognition offering trials of its face recognition system for Windows

Applied Recognition Inc. is accelerating commercial availability of Ver-ID for Windows in response to recently reported data security breaches by offering trial versions of the facial recognition solution. Ver-ID for Windows prevents unauthorized access to corporate systems by replacing vulnerable passwords — which are responsible for half of data breaches — with strong biometric authentication. Using face recognition technology, the system continuously video records login attempts to further deter attackers. Applied Recognition is encouraging the data security community, device access

Applied Recognition face verification service now complies with PCMLTFA standards

Applied Recognition, Inc revealed that its Ver-ID Credentials service now meets or exceeds the identity verification requirements of the Canadian Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) when implemented within FINTRAC’s Dual Process Method. Ver-ID Credentials enables online identity verification by using the company’s patented Face Locate technology to ensure that an in-session “selfie” matches the applicant’s government-issued photo ID. The service is equipped with several built-in security benefits including controls to limit the potential for use

Applied Recognition achieves new benchmark for face recognition accuracy

Applied Recognition, Inc. has achieved the 0.2 percent threshold for Cross-Over Error Rate (CER) in testing against the FERET dataset maintained by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for facial recognition systems evaluation. The CER is observed when a technology is configured in a manner that its ‘false positive rate’ is equivalent to its ‘false rejection rate’, providing an accurate measure of face recognition technologies’ efficacy. “This latest advance in accuracy will further broaden the number of

Lenovo deploys emotion detection technology in virtual training solution

Applied Recognition’s emotion detection and analysis solution, Ver-ED, is powering the Emotions Insight feature in Lenovo’s new virtual training solution, AirClass, a comprehensive virtual training platform. Emotion Insights estimates engagement by measuring eye state, level of attendee focus, as well as whether the attendee has a positive or negative disposition based on a spectrum of common emotions. The data is anonymously captured and aggregated across attendees to enable an instructor to assess the effectiveness of both their delivery and their

Applied Recognition issued US patent for face detection and recognition technology

Applied Recognition has been awarded a patent for face detection and recognition technology that applies to advertising, entertainment and social networks, enabling companies to create personalized marketing messages. Patent #9,639,740 covers an exclusive technology for detecting and using faces in images for personalized advertising, personalized computer game faces, missing-person searches, and immersive animations and movies. Originally filed on November 12, 2013 and published on May 2, 2017, the patent is a continuation-in-part of U.S. patent application #811,240 entitled “Method, System,

SIT selects Applied Recognition’s face authentication technology for financial services

Strategic Information Technology (SIT) has selected Applied Recognition’s Ver-ID face recognition solution to add further biometric authentication and security capabilities to the company’s Portfolio Plus suite of products for the financial services industry. Ver-ID Authentication is built on Applied Recognition’s FaceLocate, a face recognition algorithm the company developed by training over a decade on hundreds of thousands of faces. As a result, FaceLocate can achieve up to 99.99 percent accuracy, mapping facial features to generate a unique faceprint for each

Applied Recognition enables Ver-ID face and ID credential authentication for mobile apps

Developers using Cordova or Adobe’s PhoneGap can now add Applied Recognition‘s Ver-ID face and photo ID credential authentication to iOS and Android mobile applications by adding just a few lines of code. Ver-ID face authentication adds biometric security and convenience to any mobile application by: replacing or complementing traditional username/password logins by adding face authentication as a primary and/or secondary access control mechanism; adding 2FA to increase security for website access by using face authentication on a mobile app in

Applied Recognition releases biometric authentication solution for digital documentation

Applied Recognition Inc. is now offering Ver-ID Transactions in general availability, enabling face authentication and credential matching on digitally signed documents. The solution combines face authentication with credential matching to achieve a higher level of security in digital documentation, which can help increase the adoption and growth of new online services across a range of markets. Applied Recognition’s face recognition algorithm, FaceLocate, is at the foundation of Ver-ID Transactions. Trained for over a decade on hundreds of thousands of faces,

Smart mirror prototype uses Applied Recognition’s facial recognition technology

Applied Recognition and PS Solutions have jointly developed a prototype smart mirror that can provide personalized information to individuals using Applied Recognition’s facial recognition authentication technology combined with future machine learning. The “Information Mirror” displays information relevant to the individual such as the weather forecast, news, etcetera based on information which has been pre-set, and can be used as a bathroom mirror. By using Applied Recognition’s facial recognition authentication technology, Ver-ID Authentication, the individual reflected in the mirror can be