Fingerprint Cards gets pre-ramp production order for touch sensors

Fingerprint Cards has just received an initial pre-ramp purchase order, worth US$ 600k (SEK 4M) for its FPC 1020 touch sensor. According to the company, this new order is related to the production of a Tier 1 flagship smartphone. This current order is set for delivery in May 2014, and according to the company, it expects to ship more than three million units for this particular flagship device alone. “FPC is the leading global supplier of capacitive touch fingerprint sensors and

Safe Cities Asia: Public Safety, Welfare and Technology Integration for Secured Cities

Safe Cities Asia: Public Safety, Welfare and Technology Integration for Secured Cities 27 – 30 May, 2014 Max Atria @ Singapore Expo, Singapore Safe Cities Asia will examine how the integration of advanced technologies can improve public security and welfare. It is an initiative that will explore topics such as Urban Security, Intelligent Transport, Cyber Resilience, Disaster Managementand Emergency Response, C3i, Video Surveillanceand Analytics, Biometrics, Big Dataand Analytics, Social Mediaand Geospatial Intelligencefor secured cities. Safe Cities Asia will bring together

FPC gets bulk order for fingerprint area sensors from Asian distributor

Fingerprint Cards has announced an order worth $US 4.62 million (SEK 30M) from its distributor in China and Taiwan, Hardware & Software Technologies Co. This order is larger than one that came from the same distributor at this time last year. According to the company, the new order is for the FPC 1011F3 area sensor and delivery is scheduled to start already in March 2014. “This order confirms our leading position in the market for capacitive authentication devices for Chinese Banks,

The 2nd Guangzhou International Biometric Identification Technology Exhibition 2014

May 12-14, 2014 Guangzhou, China Greatly supported by domestic and overseas associations, Biometric China 2013 was successfully held in Poly World Trade Expo Center and gathered over 100 exhibitors coming from South Korea, Germany, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong, Guangdong Province and other countries and regions, showcasing a variety of cutting-edge and advanced products & technologies. Over 12,000 buyers from more than 30 countries and regions were received. This year, GIBITE 2014 will be held on May 12-14th, 2014 at the

Fingerprint Cards gets design win for smartphone to be launched by US provider

Fingerprint Cards has received another design win from another of its existing Asian OEM customers, but this time it’s for a new smartphone scheduled to be launched by a top US operator in the first quarter of 2014. “This design win is another milestone for our company. The first two market launches of our swipe sensor technology have been for operators in Japan and Korea,” Johan Carlström, CEO of FPC said. “This latest DW is for a smartphone being launched by

Fingerprint Cards nabs new Asian smartphone design win

Another day, another Fingerprint Cards design win. Fingerprint Cards has just landed a new design win from an existing Asian customer for an additional three smartphone models, scheduled to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2013. According to the company, this is a follow-up design win from one of its “most distinguished customers.” “This design win is a follow-up design win from one of the earlier DWs we have informed about. We see a strong recognition in our world-class product

Fingerprint Cards nabs new Android design win

Fingerprint Cards has just announced another design win from Asia. This time, it’s from a major Tier 2 smartphone manufacturer, for its swipe sensor technology. According to the company, the win is got an Android smartphone from a yet-unnamed brand which sold more than 10 million smartphones in 2012. The new device is set to be launched in the end of 2013. “China is now the world’s by far largest market for smartphones, with a forecasted sales volume of +440

Fingerprint Cards lands massive production order for swipe sensors

Rarely does a day go by that Fingerprint Cards doesn’t announce a massive production order, and the company has just announced its largest order so far — 3.1 million swipe sensors – for the Asian mobile market. The order is set to be delivered immediately and will be used for smartphones and tablets. “Earlier this week, we announced our first mobile phone launch ever, in Japan,” Johan Carlström, President and CEO of Fingerprint Cards AB said. “This new order from our partner

Biometrics Institute Asia-Pacific Conference 2013

Formerly known as The Biometrics Institute Australia Conference & Exhibition, Asia Pacific Conference 2013 will be held at new location Dockside, Sydney. The conference will provide an insight into the latest developments and best-practice examples of biometric technologies. Through extensive membership base made up of over 128 organisations, the Biometrics Institute offers great networking opportunities and provides access to the key players in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Join fellow Biometrics Institute members and other stakeholders at this industry

Biometric Security Forum Asia

The Biometric Security Forum Asia conference, exhibition and half-day training focused workshop will take place over one day and will feature high-level experts who will present and discuss key themes including: How to Achieve Streamlined Border Crossings while Staying Secure, Fingerprint and Iris Recognition Software, The Accuracy of Biometric Security, Airport Screening and Integration and Biometric Regulations. The one day conference will be followed by a half-day training workshop where participants will have the opportunity to learn about the latest