AuthenticID licenses portfolio of payment authentication patents

AuthenticID has licensed a key portfolio of multimodal, payment authentication patent license from Collective Dynamics for the exclusive use with its identity validation payments platform. Collective Dynamics said the latest ‘Biometric + PIN on Glass’ patent that emphasizes a ‘device as an authenticator model’ brings the total number of the company’s patents licensed under the agreement to five issued and allowed patents. Together, the patents address key, payment-processing industry emerging trends, vulnerabilities and use cases and specifically target the flaws

AuthenticID, MyECheck to provide automated forensic document authentication

AuthenticID announced it has partnered with electronic check solutions firm MyECheck, Inc. to provide Automated Forensic Document Authentication (AFDA). MyECheck offers a fast, secure and cost-effective payment method for small business and enterprise class providers to sell goods and services to consumers. Using a proprietary method of creating and clearing fully electronic checks on behalf of its customers, MyECheck provides them with full protection and funds availability under the rules of the Check Clearing Act for the 21st Century. Under

Sionic Mobile to integrate facial recognition by AuthenticID into consumer apps

Sionic Mobile announced it has partnered with AuthenticID to integrate its facial identity recognition system catfishAir into both upcoming versions of ION Rewards and Shop2Give consumer apps. According to Sionic Mobile’s and AuthenticID, both apps will protect consumers using facial recognition for identity authentication during account setup. As a result of the partnership, AuthenticID is incorporating its biometric facial recognition tool into Sionic Mobile’s ION Rewards and Shop2Give apps to verify the user’s identity. “Biometric facial recognition technology validates the