Explainer: Signature Recognition

Biometrics Research Group, Inc. defines signature recognition as a behavioural biometric that identifies an individual on the basis of their handwritten text. Writing is human physical expression but concurrently an acquired skill. Signature recognition requires an individual to supply a sample of text which serves as a base of measurement of their writing. The purpose of the signature recognition process is to identify the writer of a given sample, while the purpose of a signature verification process is to confirm

What’s your password user profile?

This is a guest post by Ryan Wilk, director of Customer Success, NuData Security. Imagine this scenario: Your friend’s birthday is coming up, and you’re about to hit the mall in search of a gift and then run some errands. Before you leave, you decide to check online for the gift you have in mind. Within just a few minutes, you’ve not only found it – you’ve found it at a great price. The website doesn’t have a guest checkout,

Cognitive biometrics firm BioCatch among FinTech companies to watch: report

Cognitive biometrics company BioCatch is among the 10 companies featured in American Banker and the Bank Administration Institute’s annual FinTech Forward special report which highlights the top 10 technology companies to watch. American Banker and BAI are information and education institutions in the financial services industry and have collaborated for more than a decade. FinTech Forward represents a new joint initiative to give bankers the information and perspective on technology they need to successfully plot the future. It also identifies