BioID releases PhotoVerify API for automated identity proofing

BioID has released a PhotoVerify API as part of the BioID Web Service (BWS) which enables online providers to verify the legal identities of their customers and users without the need for registration in person or via live video session. The company says it is an ideal solution for applications where legal identity must be known, such as online banking registration, electronic document signing, online renewal of identity documents, or taking part in online exams The new API compares two

BioID ramps up data privacy and protection commitment

BioID has partnered with Microsoft Cloud Germany and Deutsche Telekom to host its highly in demand BioID Web Service (BWS) in the data center of T-Systems to further improve data security and privacy. T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, serves as the data trustee in ensuring that all data is stored exclusively in data centers based in Germany, with T-Systems facilitating all access to customer data and any related infrastructure. Providing service via such a data center is a necessity

BioID’s face recognition integrated in any2any’s mobile cloud platform

BioID and any2any have partnered to deliver convenient on-boarding and check-in processes for use cases such as physical and virtual access, secure payment, navigation and collaboration, enabling companies to migrate to secure and authenticated working environments. Under the partnership, BioID’s face recognition will be used to provide the user experience when using any2any’s “experience platform.” BioID’s cloud-based authentication software features advanced liveness detection, offering multimodal face, eye and voice recognition with the highest levels of data privacy, reliability and security. “To

BioID introduces eye recognition solution in public beta release

Cloud biometrics developer BioID introduced its new biometric eye (periocular) recognition solution in a public beta release. In addition to the cloud-based face and voice authentication options currently available as part of its BioID Web Service (BWS), the new eye recognition solution gives developers an additional choice when integrating biometric authentication with their applications. According to a company statement, eye recognition will enable new use cases that were not possible with face recognition and can deliver greater performance in certain

BioID releases source code for its Android and iOS facial recognition app

Cloud biometrics developer BioID has released the Android version of its face recognition authenticator and announced the availability of the source code for both the Android and iOS versions of the app. The mobile app source code allows developers to quickly integrate biometric authentication directly into their apps on the two platforms. Since authentication requires both possession of the registered mobile device and the user’s physical presence verified through face recognition, mobile developers can offer their end users multifactor authentication

Worldcore selects BioID’s facial recognition technology for user authentication

Worldcore has selected BioID’s facial recognition technology for user authentication, giving clients of the global payment platform a choice of two biometric access options. The first option is FaceKey, which can easily be enabled in the settings section of any verified Worldcore account, enabling password replacement with three selfies. The second option is the previously available voice authentication called VoiceKey. BioID is a cloud biometrics company with advanced solutions for both public and private clouds. “Delivering a simple, intuitive experience

BioID combines face recognition app with A-Trust mobile ID solution

Face recognition software developer BioID is partnering with qualified trust service provider A-Trust in light of the newly implemented EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS). The goal of the eIDAS is to simplify electronic transactions across the EU between citizens, government authorities and companies. Corresponding solutions, such as A-Trust’s Handy-Signatur mobile identification solution, streamlines the digital identification experience for companies and administration EU-wide by making it more independent and more

BioID releases facial recognition login app for iOS

BioID Gmbh announced it has released the BioID facial recognition app for iOS products, which enables developers and companies to integrate biometric authentication capabilities into their mobile platforms. By adding just a few lines of code, companies can provide a secure and convenient login and transaction authorization method in which end users can authorize themselves by taking a selfie. Face recognition provides strong multifactor security with a seamless user experience, while the patented liveness detection feature ensures that attackers are

Branddocs to integrate BioID facial recognition into their e-signing solution

Branddocs has partnered with BioID to integrate BioID`s mobile multimodal biometric authentication solution into their eIDAS cloud solutions platform. “Digital signing relies heavily on trust. When dealing with contracts and other electronic transactions, it is critical to be able to count on the identity of the sender and signer,” said Saioa Echebarria, CEO of Branddocs. “Using BioID’s intuitive face recognition with liveness detection we can offer our customers strong, fraud-resistant identity proofing that is as natural and reliable as signing

VoiceTrust partners with BioID to deliver multi-modal biometric authentication solutions

VoiceTrust, announced it has formed a strategic partnership with BioID to provide a full suite of biometric solutions to VoiceTrust customers around the globe. The agreement gives VoiceTrust exclusive rights to resell BioID‘s biometric modalities through integration into VoiceTrust’s agnostic authentication platform. In addition to voice, the partnership will expand VoiceTrust’s suite of products to include facial and periocular with liveness detection and iris to transform VoiceTrust into a truly multi-modal biometric authentication provider. “With this strategic alliance, we are