Hand vein authentication bolsters Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

This is a guest post by Fatima Alali and Paul Sheldon Foote, Professors of Accounting at California State University, Fullerton. Notorious frauds such as Societe Generale and UBS highlight the importance of internal controls. In spite of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX or SOA), external auditors continue to disclose large numbers of material weaknesses in internal control systems of many public companies. In some cases, external public accounting firms have reported these material weaknesses for the same companies for

Jamaica to use biometric authentication to verify identity of pensioners

The Accountant General’s Department (AGD) of Jamaica is implementing biometrics as a way of identifying pensioners, according to a report by the Jamaica Information Service. Accountant General Carlene Murdock said the use of biometric authentication will significantly reduce processing time because the “pensioners’ information will be recorded in a quicker fashion”. “What this will mean … is that the old order of the life certificates as we know it will change,” Murdock, said. “No longer will a certificate be mailed

Aadhaar can’t be made compulsory for government welfare programs

The Supreme Court of India said that the government cannot make it compulsory to have an Aadhaar card to receive benefits from government welfare schemes, according to a report by Firstpost. The government, however, cannot be stopped from using Aadhaar in other programs like opening of bank accounts, said the Supreme Court. The decision comes a week after Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the governing agency in charge of Aadhaar, made it mandatory for all devices using Aadhaar authentication

Nigeria to make biometric ID mandatory for port users, using biometrics for 2018 census

Nigeria’s minister of transportation has approved a unified biometric identity card for operatives and workers to access any seaport facility in the country in an effort to improve security, according to a report by Business Day. Isichei Osamgbi, head of corporate communications of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), said in a statement that “it is now compulsory that every port user including workers can only have access into ports on the presentation of the issued unified biometric ID.”

Digital bank EON selects Daon’s IdentityX platform for biometric authentication

Daon revealed today that Union Bank of the Philippines’ digital banking platform EON selected its IdentityX platform to improve security and the customer experience. IdentityX enables EON customers to log in to the EON mobile app using biometrics. “We chose to partner with Daon after extensive research in this space because they demonstrated a deep knowledge of biometrics,” explained Paolo Baltao, EON’s head advocate. “Daon is a global leader in large-scale authentication deployments with many live production systems in the

Facial recognition kiosks installed at Ottawa International Airport

Passengers arriving on international flights to Canada’s Ottawa International Airport will have the option of using a self-serve facial recognition-based kiosk to expedite the arrival process, according to a report by the CBC. It was reported earlier this month that several Canadian airports would be implementing facial recognition technology in spring as part of Canada Border Services Agency’s new traveller screening program. The primary inspection kiosks verify a traveler’s identity by capturing a photo and comparing it to their passport

SITA working group to define roadmap for secure end-to-end passenger experience

SITA has formed the Secure Journeys Working Group, a new initiative aimed at addressing growing airport security threats in the United States. The group will provide policy guidance to the Transportation Security Administration, the Customs and Border Protection Agency, and other relevant government organizations related to travel safety. Secure Journeys is an expansion of SITA’s Border Automation User Group which was formed in 2015 to facilitate implementation of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Automated Passport Control program. “Because

Rockwell Collins integrates facial recognition into bag drop system

Rockwell Collins has integrated facial recognition into its self-bag drop solution, expanding its biometric identity offerings. “Rockwell Collins solution extends the ability of passengers to use biometric registration not only during check-in but now using self-service bag drop units,” said Tony Chapman, senior director of Rockwell Collins’ product management and strategic programs. “Our solution replaces a time consuming, manual process with a more secure, seamless one, speeding up the passenger’s journey through the airport.” The facial recognition solution captures the

Alibaba to establish independent R&D teams to ramp up technologies

Alibaba plans to establish independent research and development teams to ramp up core technologies that support its goal of serving two billion people in the future. The company unveiled the plan last week at its inaugural tech summit, “New Technology, New Future”, held at its Hangzhou, China headquarters. “Alibaba’s success in commerce has outshone its light of technology over the past 18 years,” said Jeff Zhang, chief technology officer at Alibaba Group. Over the past several years, Alibaba has rolled

Touchtech Payments to expand biometric payments service throughout Europe

Irish startup Touchtech Payments, which offers a solution that uses biometrics to authenticate online payments, is preparing to expand in Germany, France and Kuwait, according to a report by Irish Examiner. Touchtech has developed biometric payment technology that uses smartphones to authenticate users through a range of factors including fingerprinting and facial recognition. Launching its first product in 2015, Touchtech became the first Irish firm to offer a MasterCard and Visa certified payment fingerprint authentication system. The company currently has