UK should sign EU-wide agreements to share biometrics and vehicle information says Home Office

After years of debate, the UK government now says that there is a “clear and compelling case” to sign the European Union wide agreements, or Prüm convention, for the rapid and efficient sharing of DNA, fingerprint and vehicle information, according to a report by Police Professional. This will give UK police access to a much larger collection of biometric and biographic data, hopefully closing more unsolved crimes and improving international searching. Under the convention, UK law enforcement would have access

Identity theft cases in Mexico increase six times in four years

According to some reports, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world and in Mexico the number of cases has increased six times in less than four years. Adolfo Loera, CEO of Biometría Aplicada, a biometrics and identity management company in Mexico, is working on creating a solution to manage the biographic and biometrics data of Mexico’s commercial banks’ clients to prevent fraud, identity theft and to stop the financing of illegal activities. The use of biometric data

Delhi fair price stores to be linked to biometrics system by May 2016

Delhi’s fair price shops, which distribute major commodities such as staple food grains, will be linked to India’s national biometric system by early next year, according to a report by NDTV. The government’s move to link the fair price shops with the biometric system is designed to prevent potential corruption and irregularities in the Public Distribution System (PDS) “The process of installing biometric system in fair price shops has started,” Food and Supplies Minister Imran Hussain said in response to

United States and Malaysia to share biometric database of crime and terrorism suspects

The Malaysian and American governments have signed an agreement to share a database containing the biometric records of about 1.2 million people suspected of terrorism and other serious crimes, according to a report by Channel News Asia. The agreement, signed between US Ambassador Joseph Yun and Secretary-General of Malaysia’s Home Ministry Alwi Ibrahim, are a part of an overall effort to prevent terrorist acts following last week’s attacks in Paris. The list of suspects will be used by security officials

Nigeria aims to enroll 80 million people in biometric database by 2016

The CEO of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) said that Nigeria aims to enroll over 80 million Nigerians in its national biometric database by 2016, according to a report by This Day Live. Chris Onyemenam, who will be leaving his post as CEO this week after eight years, also said that the national identity verification service will be available for Nigerians for a small fee. “The card is being issued to everybody but when you are using it, you

Cambodia testing biometric voter registration system

Cambodia’s National Election Committee announced that its testing of a new biometric voter registration system is “running smoothly”, having already registered more than 14,000 people across 24 provinces in a week and a half, according to a report by The Phnom Penh Post. The move comes a month after Cambodia’s National Election Committee (NEC) announced it will begin piloting biometric voter registration in each of the provinces on November 1 in advance of the country’s national registration next year, The

Concerns about foreign biometrics records requests if UK joins EU crime database: report

The Home Office has released a report that warns UK police run the risk of being inundated with a “high volume” of DNA and fingerprint requests from European Union countries if Britain joins a new EU crime database later this year, according to a report by The Telegraph. The report finds that in addition to the UK police, prosecutors and the National Crime Agency (NCA) being hit with DNA and biometric requests, there could also be a greater risk of

FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) program wins Excellence.Gov award

The FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) program has been awarded for Excellence in Intergovernmental Collaboration by the The American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) at the 15th Annual Excellence.Gov Awards. The event honors the best of government information technology (IT) programs demonstrating proven strategies and solutions. A total of 30 finalists from 21 federal, state and local government agencies were featured this week at a reception in Washington, D.C.. The FBI rolled out the Next Generation Identification (NGI) program

DOJ grant helps Pennsylvania state police purchase new fingerprint solution, improve criminal records system

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) will purchase multiple Live Scan Plus fingerprint capture devices to improve the criminal records system used in state police stations, according to a report by WESA. The technology will be purchased using a portion of the funds from a $814,000 grant the PCCD received from the U.S. Department of Justice to improve the criminal record-taking technology. More than 1,500 felons in the state failed to have their criminal history entered into a state

More opposition to Australia’s facial recognition scheme

In a meeting held with police, justice and law ministers, the attorney general of the Australian Capital Territory Simon Corbell stated that the country’s new facial recognition database would grant police “unprecedented and extraordinary” access to sensitive information without the proper privacy guidelines regulating its use, according to a report by The Guardian. The move comes a few months after the government announced that next year it will roll out the new facial recognition matching system that uses a hub-and-spoke