Australian law enforcement agencies want shared facial recognition database

Australian law enforcement agencies have come together to support a new plan to build a national facial recognition database that will compares faces against images on passports, visas and driver’s licences as an anti-organized crime tool, according to a report by IT News. Attorneys-General and police ministers from the Commonwealth, states and territories agreed Friday to a plan on a plan to fight cross-border criminal networks. The 2015-18 strategic plan will prioritize data sharing capabilities and the war against cybercrime,

U.S. Special Operations Command testing rapid DNA readers

The U.S. Special Operations Command said it is testing two rapid DNA readers – IntegenX’s RapidHIT 200 and NetBIO’s DNAscan — in forward locations, according to a report by Defense One. Priced at $250,000, the DNA readers compare the submitted DNA sample against a database that matches DNA to identities of individuals. The machines weigh 60 pounds and are about the size of a copier, but require less manpower than an entire DNA lab. The machines are able to calculate

Israel rolls out biometric passport kiosks at Ben-Gurion Airport

Israel rolled out 17 biometric passport kiosks in the Passport Control section of Ben-Gurion airport, in addition to the four stations that were already in place as part of a pilot program, according to a report by Israel National News. The biometric passport kiosks expedites the long waiting periods at Passport Control by enabling Israelis and tourists to authorize their identity via a facial recognition system. There are a few stations that are specifically optimized for children, the disabled, and

UNHCR, Accenture provide global biometric identity management system to help refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is working with Accenture to deliver a biometric technology system for registering and verifying the identities of displaced individuals around the world, providing refugees with the help they need. After a competitive tendering process, Accenture secured the three-year contract in which UNHCR will deploy Accenture’s biometric identity management system (BIMS) across UNHCR global operations. Accenture’s system is able to capture and store fingerprints, iris data and facial images of individuals, providing these

Biometrics for the blind, banking and border control hit big this week

Here’s a recap of most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Voice and face In this week’s voice and face recognition news, payments start-up SayPay Technologies, Inc. partnered with VoiceVault, Inc. to integrate SayPay’s single, seamless solution for bill payments, online checkout, and website sign-in into VoiceVault’s ViGo voice authentication product. Continuing with voice biometrics news, Sensory Inc. released TrulyNatural, a client-based large vocabulary speech recognition platform that offers high accuracy, along with a more

TeraDact to protect data collected by PlateSmart’s LPR solution

License plate recognition (LPR) analytic solutions firm PlateSmart announced that they will integrate TeraDact’s patented Information Identification and Presentation (IIaP) capabilities, including the TeraDactor redaction engine, in to its “software only” license plate recognition (LPR) solutions for mobile and fixed security applications. Through the integration and a number of innovations to its software-only technology, PlateSmart is building the industry’s first completely auditable database search engine for Federal and state security agencies’ use. PlateSmart’s LPR solutions feature facial recognition, third-party database

UK government seeks stronger legislation on use of foreign criminals’ biometric data

The UK government is aiming to expand the types of cases in which law enforcement can request access to biometric and DNA data of suspected criminals from other countries. Previously reported, UK Biometrics Commissioner Alastair R. MacGregor publicly released his first annual report in mid December in which he warned of the thousands of foreign criminals convicted of offences outside England and Wales have had their DNA profiles and fingerprint details deleted from British police databases. In a response to

Northrop Grumman wins £28.8M contract to provide forensic and biometric capability in the UK

Global security firm Northrop Grumman Corporation has been awarded a £28.8 million (USD $45.3 million) contract by the United Kingdom Home Office to provide service and systems operations and maintenance to the Forensic and Biometric Interim Capability (FABrIC). Under the two-year FABrIC contract, Northrop Grumman will maintain and improve the IDENT1 central national biometric database software. The identity management and crime scene forensic systems use fingerprints to forensically verify or resolve identities in the UK for law enforcement, which has

FBI program manager discusses success of $1.1B NGI biometrics program

In a recent interview with Federal News Radio, Jim Preaskorn, the program manager for the FBI’s Next Generation Identification System, discussed how the agency effectively delivered on the $1.1 billion biometrics program, according to a report by Federal News Radio. In 1999, the FBI implemented the NGI 10-year contract to replace its previous 15-year-old Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) with an advanced biometrics system, adding several new capabilities for federal and local law enforcement officials to more effectively identify

CBP to include biometric data in border crossing database

The Department of Homeland Security announced that the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will update personal information categories in the Border Crossing Information (BCI) System of Records to include the capture of various biometric data including digital fingerprints, photographs and iris scans at the border, according to a report by HS Today. The update, which was detailed in a notice posted in the Federal Register, is part of DHS’ “ongoing effort to better reflect the categories of records in its