Top Biometrics News Stories, Week of April 12

Biometrics Week in Review: Cognitec boasts NIST test results, Eximbank deploys fingerprint authentication, AGNITiO’s mobile voice biometrics platform, banking apps with voice biometrics, Fujitsu ATMs with biometrics and NFC, PayPal Samsung fingerprint integration, Steve Thies interview, iris recognition white paper and an editorial on biometric voter enrollment. Here’s a recap of most popular and noteworthy biometrics news stories that appeared on this past week. Cognitec boasts NIST face recognition vendor test results – Cognitec announced that its facial recognition

Biometric voter enrollment engenders rewards and risks

Ensuring quick and precise voter enrollment and identification is the cornerstone of any credible election. Biometric systems are increasingly being deployed in the developing world with the aim to ensure a fair and efficient electoral process. In rich countries, almost everyone has a reliable form of official identification, and biometric technology has traditionally been employed mainly for security and forensics. However, many developing countries suffer from an identity gap where millions of people lack official forms of identification, including birth

Explainer: Mobile Biometrics

Mobile biometrics refers to the deployment of biometric authentication methods on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Use cases for mobile biometrics include securing sensitive data on personal or corporate mobile devices such as enterprise or financial information, providing physical access to corporate facilities and providing mobile identity management tools to national security and law enforcement agencies. Over the past few years, mobile devices have become a key computing platform, transforming how people access business and personal information. Access


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Fingerprinting to be Mandatory for Expat Women in Saudi Arabia

The General Directorate of Passports has introduced a new rule that makes fingerprinting a mandatory practice for the issuance of new residence permit and final exit for all expatriate women, according to a report by the Saudi Gazette. Before the new system, providing biometric data was only mandatory for expatriate women seeking to obtain a work permit, and simply an option for all other women (as of March 31, 2012). Saudi Arabian director general of passports Major General Suleiman Al-Yahya

GCR Launches Biometric System with Business Automation

IT products and services consulting firm GCR announced on Wednesday it has introduced a credentialing system that couples the power of biometrics with business automation and other aspects. Dubbed AirportIQ Secure Credentials, the new system offers continuous validation of background, identity verification of aviation workers and binding of biometric and biographic information to the individual. The system, which GCR says is actively being marketed to other airports, manages the entry and maintenance of identity information, prints badges, interfaces with access

Fujitsu Launches European ATMs with Biometrics and NFC

IT equipment and services provider Fujitsu announced on Thursday that it has launched a series of ATM`s for the European market that support its biometric verification technology. The new Series 100 ATMs support Fujitsu’s PalmSecure biometric verification technology along with contactless and NFC transactions. The new family of ATMs significantly improves end-user interaction and communication, features a wide range of innovative security measures, and is highly customizable to reflect each bank’s corporate branding using a ‘clip on cover’ system. As

Stanford Researchers Develop Video Game Controller with Biometric Sensors

A Stanford University research team has modified an Xbox 360 control pad to measure a player’s heart rate, rate of breath, deepness of breath, and movement to calculate how excited a player is by the game. Creator Gregory Kovacs, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford, told Stanford News that he replaced the back of the controller with his own customized device which features metal sensor pads, a light-operated sensor and an accelerometer. Using biometric sensors, the modded controller takes

Secure Identity & Biometrics Association Announce Board of Directors

The Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA), a non-profit group launched in February to promote the value of secure identity technologies and biometric solutions, announced on Tuesday it has named its board members. According to the press release, the new SIBA board “represents proven expertise in identity management and biometric solutions, high technology government relations and commercialization, and the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities.” “I am so pleased with the diverse and highly relevant experience on the SIBA board,”

Electoral Commission of Ghana Upgrades Biometric Verification Machines

The Electoral Commission of Ghana says it has successfully upgraded the Biometric Verification Machines used in the 2012 general elections to prevent them from shutting down unexpectedly. EC director of training Augustine Okrah recently spoke about the upgrade of the machines at the Regional Consultative Forum on the Public Elections Regulations (C.I.75), explaining that “once the machine says verified, one can in no way vote at a different polling station”. He assured attendees that after the upgrade, the machines were