Interpol calls on APAC authorities to make greater use of biometrics to identify terrorists

Interpol has called on Asia Pacific authorities to more effectively use biometrics in an effort to identify members of dangerous terrorist organizations such as ISIS, according to a report by Computerworld. In a presentation delivered at the Biometrics Institute Asia Pacific conference in Sydney, Interpol operational police support directorate director Michael O’Connell said Interpol has seen an “increase in the number of Asian foreign fighters” from Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore “joining the conflict in Syria and

Give biometrics a broader role in electronic authentication guidelines: IBIA

The International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA) submitted comments to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) urging NIST to consider expanding biometrics’ role in a future update to its electronic authentication guidance publication. Last month, NIST issued a call for comments on NIST Special Publication 800-63-2 Electronic Authentication Guideline which was last updated in August 2013. The comments addressed NIST’s question, “What requirements, processes, standards, or technologies are currently excluded from 800-63-2 that should be considered for future

Mitek acquires face recognition firm IDchecker for up to $10.6M

Mitek announced it is acquiring Dutch cloud-based identity document verification and facial recognition tools provider IDchecker for up to $10.6 million. The company will pay $5.85 million in cash, $2.75 million in stock, and up to $2 million in additional stock payments through September 2016 if they successfully reach certain targets. IDchecker’s Strong ID solution “authenticates 3,500 different types of passports, driver licenses and identity cards from nearly every country in the world,” as well as compliments Mitek’s Photo Verify

RightPatient, HealthCast provide combined biometric patient identification and SSO solution to healthcare firms

RightPatient and HealthCast, Inc. are partnering to provide a combined biometric patient identification and patient safety platform with single sign-on (SSO) solution to healthcare providers. The combined solution will enable healthcare providers to simplify and secure access to personal health information (PHI), automate workflows, eliminate duplicate medical records, prevent fraud, and increase operational efficiency. Additionally, the solution enables healthcare firms to meet the rising demand for patient and clinician safety and security solutions that can help to improve the care

IriTech launches enterprise version of its biometric time and attendance software

IriTech has launched the enterprise version for its IriTracker Time and Attendance software, which is designed for medium and large size companies for both the time and attendance suppliers and end users. The version includes many new features and a new database management system (My SQL) to support for large scale database, uses back-end matching software and can handle virtually unlimited database. Each company is only required to purchase one license of IriTrack Time & Attendance Enterprise to run on

Synaptics to benefit from increasing adoption of biometrics: report

A new research report helmed by Cowen analyst Robert Stone stated that Synaptics is positioned to benefit from the increasing adoption of biometric user authentication systems, according to a report by Stone’s report stated his outperform rating on Synaptics stock and raised his price target to 115 from 105. Synaptics stock saw a record high of 97.57 last Friday and has increased by 38% this year. According to Cowen’s midyear 2015 information technology spending survey, 90% of respondents said

Next Biometrics receives order for 160,000 fingerprint sensors

Next Biometrics Group ASA announced it has received an order for 160,000 fingerprint sensors to a customer that asked to remain confidential. The fingerprint sensors will be delivered in September and October of this year, said Next Biometrics. “During the past five weeks, Next Biometrics has received fingerprint sensor orders from different market segments amounting to $1.4 million USD, or 10 million Norwegian Krone (NOK),” said Next Biometrics CEO Tore Etholm-Idsoe. Next Biometrics did not specify the exact applications being

Fingerprint Cards names acting CEO Jörgen Lantto permanent CEO

Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) announced that Johan Carlström has stepped down as CEO in order to focus on business development within the company. Additionally, FPC’s board of directors has named Jörgen Lantto the permanent CEO of the company. Lantto was initially recruited by FPC as chief technology officer in December 2012. Since September 2014, he has served as acting CEO of the company, guaranteeing continuity and the continued strong development of FPC. Under the leadership of Carlström – who was

Scottish Police admit to using facial recognition software, maintaining image database

Police Scotland has admitted to using face recognition technology to identify individuals captured on CCTV cameras and from other sources, as well as retaining these images in a database, according to a report by Computing. In a statement in response to a freedom of information (FoI) request, Police Scotland said it has used the technology 440 times, in addition to maintaining a database of 334,000 photographs of individuals taken into custody. The police force has defended its use of facial

China’s Central Bank puts restrictions on using biometrics for identity verification

China’s Central Bank has implemented a new policy that will prevent banks from verifying the identities of new customers using biometric data unless they meet a set of criteria, according to a report by Caxin. Banks will be required to establish a technological standard for biometric identification as well as update their financial regulations accordingly in order to adopt biometric authorization practices, Fan Shuangwen, deputy director of the central bank’s payment department, recently said at a forum. “The regulator has