PatientSecure to provide Columbus Community Hospital with biometric solution to identify patients

This fall, Columbus Community Hospital will be introducing a biometric patient identification system developed by PatientSecure. The palm vein recognition solution will ensure correct medical records are used for each patient and speed up the registration process, according to a report by Using palm vein recognition to identify patients, the PatientSecure scanner’s infrared light scans the veins in an individual’s hand. These vein patterns are unique to each individual, never change over an entire lifespan, and are considered more

Venezuela government looking to biometrics to prevent food smuggling

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced that the government will soon introduce fingerprint scanners at supermarkets in an effort to ration individuals’ food purchases and prevent food smuggling, according to a report by The Guardian. The move is part of the country-wide initiative to combat chronic food shortages, which the government blames on smugglers who purchase cheap goods and resell them for up to four times their original price to countries across the border, specifically in Colombia. This is already the

Steria provides biometric solutions to the Norwegian Police

Steria announced it has signed a six-year contract with the Norwegian Police to deploy its biometrics solution, which will be fully and seamlessly integrated into the police force’s IT systems. Steria will provide the Norwegian Police with a whole new structure securing identity management, which will provide a more organized and effective way of handling identities. Developed in co-operation with European police forces, Steria’s flagship biometric solution SteriaAFIS meets the ever-changing requirements to support criminal police operations for identity management

Australian banks implement biometrics for mobile banking

Australian financial institution St George Bank announced it has implemented fingerprint login for its mobile banking service, according to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald. In addition, competing bank ANZ said it would soon be offering voice recognition login. St George’s TouchID functionality will be offered for the iPhone 5S with the expected September release of iOS8, as well on the Galaxy 5 later this year. According to CIO Dhiren Kulkarni, St George Bank will not store its customers’

NEC places first in NIST fingerprint matching benchmark test

NEC Corporation announced its fingerprint identification technology has placed first in matching accuracy in the Proprietary Fingerprint Template Test, a benchmark test organized by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that measures the performance of fingerprint matching software by using vendor proprietary fingerprint templates. The test evaluated various vendor technologies in one-to-one verification matching accuracy against 120,000-subject datasets comprising of a broad range of fingerprint data gathered for official uses. Ranking in first place, NEC successfully achieved

PCC, Yobe partner on voice biometric authentication solution that blocks background noise

PCC Technology Group, LLC and Yobe, Inc. announced they have formed Cenuity V-ID, a new joint venture to market what they say is the first voice authentication product that blocks out background noise. Yobe’s voice authentication (YVA) technology uses an artificial intelligence engine and an innovative digital voice processing approach to separate voice from background noise. “This joint venture marries the strength of Yobe’s intelligent audio technologies and PCCs 20 years of experience providing mission critical applications to create a

University of Georgia replacing biometric hand scanners, chooses PIN for access control

Administrators at the University of Georgia have implemented PIN entry to access all buildings on its Athens campus, replacing the previous hand geometry biometrics system, according to a report by CR80 News. Previously, students would place their hands over a biometric reader to gain access to dormitories, dining halls and exercise facilities. The new system requires students to use a combination of their student ID and a pin number to access campus areas. The university has been using hand geometry

AxxonSoft facial recognition solution protects jewelry at Singapore exhibition

AxxonSoft announced that its facial recognition solution was used to protect USD $200 million worth of jewelry at the Singapore International Jewelry Exhibition last month, following a theft incident at last year’s event. Face Intellect is a software solution designed for public gathering places, important infrastructure sites, and access. The technology recognizes faces captured on video, which can then be checked against previously recorded footage. Event security installed high-resolution cameras at the entrance to the exhibition hall to perform automatic

Researchers developing a fingerprint recognition solution to track infants’ vaccinations

A Michigan State University professor is working on a fingerprint recognition method to track the vaccination schedules of infants and toddlers, which will boost immunization coverage and ultimately save the lives of children in developing countries, according to a report by Michigan State University Today. In the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded study, Anil Jain and his team are hoping that the new tracking method it has developed will increase vaccination coverage of children in developing countries, where keeping track

Notre Dame researchers using iris recognition to improve accuracy of Somaliland election process

A biometrics expert at the University of Notre Dame is working with the Somaliland government to help the country use biometrics to improve the accuracy of its election process. Since declaring itself an independent state in 1991, Somaliland has been working towards becoming a unique, multiparty democracy in the Horn of Africa. University of Notre Dame biometrics professional Kevin Bowyer, along with his Ph.D. students Estefan Ortiz and Amanda Sgroi, have been working with the government to help realize this