Denver and Nebraska police using Morpho fingerprint identification devices

The Denver police department will be equipped with Morpho’s MorphoIDent handheld fingerprint devices to help officers identify suspects who lie about their identity, according to a report by CBS Denver. The City of Denver announced the $260,000 purchase of the fingerprint identification technology as part of its 2016 budget. The MorphoIDent device works as an extension of traditional biometric access control systems, enabling real-time identification based on Morpho’s biometric technology. The optical scanner is fully FBI PIV-IQS certified and offers

Croma Security Solutions releases biometric vein recognition solution for businesses

Croma Security Solutions PLC announced it released Fastvein Time & Attendance, an attendance and people clocking solution with biometric vein recognition for businesses. The company developed FastVein in partnership with Hitachi, which provides the finger vein authentication technology, to create a comprehensive identity recognition and access control software solution. The time and attendance product offers a range of benefits, including the ability to control labor costs, eliminate fraud and manual entry mistakes, and generate extensive data reporting, along with the

ZKAccess releases fingerprint door lock with Bluetooth technology

ZKAccess announced it released its ML10-B biometric fingerprint door lock with built-in Bluetooth technology. The ML10-B fingerprint door lock operates in the same manner as the ZKAccess’ existing ML10 model, but with the added benefit of built-in Bluetooth technology to ensure remote control capability. ZKAccess’ new mobile application, ZKBioBT, can also be used with the ML10-B fingerprint door lock, providing greater convenience and flexibility for customers. Before ZKAccess released the app, the ML10 fingerprint door lock required the fingerprints of

Nok Nok Labs app SDK adds support for iOS 9 and Android Marshmallow

Nok Nok Labs announced that it is adding support for both iOS 9 and Android Marshmallow platforms this month for its FIDO certified Nok Nok App SDK. The move comes a few months after Nok Nok Labs announced it would integrate its biometric authentication solution with the Google Android M Developer Preview. As a result of the new integration, mobile product managers and developers responsible for deploying consumer facing applications can now take advantage of a faster application development process

3M demonstrated border identification products at recent BORDERPOL meeting

3M demonstrated its newest, mobile credential applications at the BORDERPOL North America meeting held last month in Washington, D.C. BORDERPOL bills itself as the only international nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and engage governments and international organizations worldwide to actively promote the facilitation of safe and secure legitimate international travel of people across air, land and sea borders while curtailing terrorists and organized crime, including human and sex trafficking. The tenets of BORDERPOL’s mission are grounded in the

Biometrics needed to win the war against financial fraud

This is a guest post by Michael Boukadakis, the founder and CEO of Enacomm This year, October brings something scarier for ill-prepared merchants than anything Halloween has to offer: the EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) payments liability shift. As of October 1, 2015, all retailers across America will be forced to take the financial fall when card criminals successfully launch attacks that could have been thwarted. Doing its part in the fight against fraud, the financial industry is making a

Court refuses to stop security checks for Canadian government employees

The Federal Court of Canada has refused to stop the implementation of the Canadian government’s new security screening system. The screening process for all of Canada’s public servants includes fingerprinting employees, along with mandatory credit checks and sweeping Internet profiling. In March, Canada’s Treasury Board Secretariat, which is responsible for the federal civil service, confirmed that the government’s new standard on security screening for all employees would change. Government departments have until October 2017 to implement the new security standard,

UK Home Office considers increasing regulations for facial recognition use

The UK’s Home Office is considering increasing the regulations for retention of face recognition records, following criticisms from privacy adovacates that claim police are illegally uploading photographs on a national database, according to a report by In March, the UK’s Science and Technology Committee released a report in which MPs condemned the practice — particularly the act of retaining photos of people who were never charged — which a high court judgement ruled was unlawful. The Committee found that

VOXX Electronics and EyeLock release iris identity authentication solution

VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC) and EyeLock announced they have introduced Enterprise myris, a USB-enabled iris identity authentication solution for companies to authenticate and manage their employees’ digital identities. The move comes a few weeks after VOXX International Corporation announced that it successfully acquired a controlling stake of EyeLock for approximately $20.2 million. Enterprise myris is the first USB-powered iris authentication product specifically designed for enterprises. The solution enables the use of best practices for password protocols while diminishing any vulnerabilities

Net-X Solutions fingerprint compression software for Android receives FBI certification

Net-X Solutions announced that its WSQ fingerprint compression software for Android has received FBI certification. The Wavelet Scalar Quantization (WSQ) Gray-scale Fingerprint Image Compression Specification Version 3.1 is one of the leading solutions for the exchange of 8-bit, 500ppi fingerprint images within the criminal justice community. The FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) collects, encodes, stores, and retrieves digitized fingerprint images. Any fingerprints submitted to the FBI must adhere to the agency’s strict standards. The successful completion of the