Fingerprint firm IDEX names executives, announces reorganization and financial results

Fingerprint recognition solutions firm IDEX ASA made several announcements this week, including the appointments of two senior executives and completing a global reorganization of the company to strengthen its customer focus and ensure commercial execution of the product roadmap. IDEX named Art Stewart senior vice president of product management for the IDEX group. He has extensive biometric experience in fingerprint sensors, including more than 10 years with AuthenTec and two years at Synaptics. Additionally, IDEX appointed Lunji Qiu to general

VMware unveils AirWatch 8 with biometric integration

VMware recently unveiled AirWatch 8, the first major update to its enterprise mobility management platform since the company acquired AirWatch in January 2014, according to a report by Fierce Mobile IT. The AirWatch update includes hundreds of improvements to the system that simplify the mobile management process for IT and end users, as well as adds new features to enable the next generation of mobile enterprise apps. IT departments will benefit from unified endpoint management for almost all devices in

Sionic Mobile to integrate facial recognition by AuthenticID into consumer apps

Sionic Mobile announced it has partnered with AuthenticID to integrate its facial identity recognition system catfishAir into both upcoming versions of ION Rewards and Shop2Give consumer apps. According to Sionic Mobile’s and AuthenticID, both apps will protect consumers using facial recognition for identity authentication during account setup. As a result of the partnership, AuthenticID is incorporating its biometric facial recognition tool into Sionic Mobile’s ION Rewards and Shop2Give apps to verify the user’s identity. “Biometric facial recognition technology validates the

Nigerian bank adds fingerprint recognition login to mobile app

Nigerian financial institution Diamond Bank has added iOS Touch ID capabilities to its mobile app, allowing users to securely login to their accounts on their Apple devices by scanning their fingerprint. By introducing the fingerprint recognition feature, Diamond Bank mobile app users will no longer be required to remember their user ID and password to login for their business transactions. “We are pleased to announce the launch of the Touch ID feature on the Diamond Mobile App,” said Ayona Trimnell,

Indian police force deploys NEC facial recognition solutions

NEC India has partnered with Innovative Telecom & Softwares Pvt. Ltd. to provide the Surat City Police in Gujarat, India with NEC’s face recognition solution, according to a report by TelecomTiger. Surat City Police will deploy NEC’s NeoFace Watch for live CCTV surveillance and NeoFace Reveal for forensic criminal investigation as part of the region’s safe city initiative. “We have found NEC’s face recognition solution to be the most appropriate solution with respect to face detection and investigation, and it

Iris ID, IBM to provide iris recognition for NEXUS members at Canadian borders

Iris ID is partnering with IBM to provide iris recognition technology to the Canada Border Services Agency’s NEXUS program, allowing all enrolled travelers to clear customs by looking into a camera that uses the eye’s iris to verify their identity. The iris recognition technology from Iris ID will improve security and expedite border clearance processes between Canada and the U.S. More than one million pre-approved NEXUS members are expected to participate in the authentication process at eight international airports in

BluStor running Indiegogo campaign for its CyberGate solution

BluStor has launched an Indiegogo campaign to promote its CyberGate product. Finis Conner, the firm’s founder and CEO describes CyberGate as a personalized and secured biometric smart card. The card can easily and safely be tucked away in your wallet. Protected by biometrics, the card can both hold and safeguard all your passwords, identity documents, and credit cards. “Cyber security and protecting your personal information has never been more important as online attacks increase at an unprecedented rate,” stated Conner

MorphoTrak to hold webinar on funding opportunities for biometric tech purchases is pleased to announce that it will moderate a webinar entitled “How to Access Federal Funding for Biometric Technology” on Thursday, March 5 at 1 pm Eastern time. Last year, the U.S. government provided just over US$1 billion dollars for state and local governments to purchase biometric systems and devices, and robust funding levels are expected again this year. This webinar will assist your organization in determining how to acquire funding for AFIS and other biometric technologies. The webinar

BioCatch granted patent for behavioral biometric authorization of mobile device users

BioCatch announced it has been granted a patent for a “System, device, and method of detecting identity of a user of a mobile electronic device” through the application of behavioral biometric technology. BioCatch’s mobile authentication solution limits the chance of fraud and malware attacks when processing banking transactions and payments on mobile devices. The U.S. Patent 8,938,787 B2 protects the company’s authentication technology, which generates a cognitive biometric signature that accounts for a range of physiological factors including left/right handedness,

New face detection algorithm can spot even partially hidden faces

Yahoo! Labs and Stanford University are developing a fast and simple facial recognition system as part of a new research project, according to The Register. The researchers have developed what they call the Deep Dense Face Detector, which is designed for “minimal complexity” and is able to identify faces that are partially occluded or rotated. Sachin Sudhakar Farfade and Mohammad Saberian of Yahoo! and their colleague Li-Jia Li (Yahoo! and Stanford) have developed a new technique that takes advantage of