India’s IT & communications ministry to take over Aadhaar biometric identification project

India’s ministry of information technology and communications will take over the country’s national citizen identification project, Aadhaar, according to a report by Business Standard. Under the Unique Identification Authority of India, the planning commission in the previous government was previously in charge of Aadhaar. However, leadership for the project must now shift as a result of the commission’s recent revamp. “Since Aadhaar has many links with technology and is expected to play a bigger role in the government’s plan of

US military developing identity verification system based on behavioral biometrics

The US military is developing a new “cognitive” identity verification system at West Point that could ultimately replace passwords, fingerprints and iris recognition systems for web users, according to a report by Sky News. The system uses “cognitive fingerprints” instead of physical characteristics such as palms, face, DNA or iris recognition and is described in a contract document seen by Sky News. The biometric API centers around behavioural-based biometrics in which algorithms are used to confirm identity based on the

Competition invites researchers to develop biometric identification solutions via eye movements

In an effort to advance the research field of eye movement biometrics, the BioEye 2015 competition gives scientists and researchers the opportunity to use a common database of eye movements recorded using high quality standards. The competition’s participants are asked to develop their solutions for the purpose of biometric identification via the eye movements. Organizers have provided datasets on the BioEye 2015 competition website which contain eye movement recordings that were captured using different visual stimuli and with different time

Honolulu PD facial recognition solution now accessible to police across Hawaii

MorphoTrak announced today that after only a year in operation, the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center in Honolulu is expanding access to its MorphoFace Investigate mugshot system to all counties in the state. The MorphoFace Investigate system provides fast and accurate facial searches, crosschecked against a database of more than 450,000 photos and videos of known identities. MorphoTrak’s system is able to link a crime to a suspect by matching facial images, as well as link different crimes by matching

Mobile biometrics revenue projected to reach $33.3 billion by 2020: Acuity

Acuity Market Intelligence has released new research that reveals biometrics in mobile payments, banking, and many other mobile services and applications are positioned to drive the globalization of mCommerce, with global mobile biometric market revenues reaching $33.3 billion annually by 2020. The report, entitled “The Global Biometrics and Mobility Report: The Convergence of Commerce and Privacy”, projects that the mobile biometric marketplace will grow become more complex, broadly based, and larger than previous forecasts indicate. In the report, Acuity divides

Republicans cancel vote on border biometric testing bill

Rep. Chris Collins introduced a proposal that could weaken a proposed $10 billion border security bill that demands the full implementation of a biometric entry/exit system for the United States, according to a report by The Buffalo News. The proposal arrived just as the House leadership delayed consideration of the bill in the midst of a backlash from conservatives who feel the measure needs to be more stringent. The future of the proposed Secure Our Borders First Act is up

Iris ID wins security awards for iris recognition access control and identification solutions

Iris ID Systems announced that it has won two awards at the Government Security News’ 2014 Homeland Security Awards. Iris ID received awards for the best biometric identification solution provider in the category of physical security products and solutions for its IrisAccess and iData series of iris recognition access control and identification hardware and software products. “Iris ID has proven itself to be a standout leader in IRIS-based ID authentication, with products that provide high integrity mass enrollment applications, physical

UNHCR pilots biometric registration program at refugee camp in Malawi

UN refugee agency UNHCR recently released its mid-year trend report, which among other things highlights the agency’s work in registering the biometric details of refugees in person at camps to compile information on refugee movements, according to a report by SciDev.Net. UNHCR began piloting a biometric registration system at the Dzaleka refugee camp in Mali in early 2014 in which it has been collecting fingerprints, iris scans and photographs of refugees. Tarek Abou Chabake, a senior statistician at UNHCR, said

Biometric time and attendance solution concerns Air Canada workers

A new on-the-job tracking system at the airports in Montreal, Toronto and Halifax that require Air Canada baggage handlers to scan their fingerprints to clock in and out of work has been met with a considerable backlash, according to a report by CJAD 800 AM. An Air Canada spokeswoman told La Presse the biometric time attendance system is widely used throughout the industry, adding that the airline introduced the technology to boost security and replace obsolete equipment. Some employees have

Massachusetts schools conducting employee fingerprinting to comply with 2012 law

Teachers and other school personnel who were hired at schools in Taunton, Massachusetts prior to January 2013 have about a year and a half to submit their fingerprints to a national criminal database in adherence with a law approved by former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, according to a report by the Taunton Daily Gazette. The 2012 law, which was recently discussed at a monthly, roundtable meeting of the Superintendents’ Advisory Council, requires public, private and parochial school personnel to submit