EFF thwarts California plan to share DMV photos, use facial recognition

An Electronic Frontier Foundation email campaign that saw participation from more than 1,500 Californians successfully defeated a proposal that would have allowed state law enforcement to share images from the DMV and use facial recognition technology, according to a report by Electronic Frontier Foundation. As part of a larger plan, a committee within the California Department of Justice passed a motion to share a database of driver and mugshot images with a national law enforcement network and allow California state

Instant messaging app WeChat on iOS adds voice biometrics

Tencent Technology announced it has added a new voiceprint feature to the latest version of its WeChat instant messaging app, which allows users to log in to their account by reading a set of numbers out loud. Once enabled, the Voiceprint feature on WeChat for iOS 6.1.2 authenticates users at the log in screen by using a voice command. The updated WeChat application offers the option to verify Voiceprint as well as the ability to reset a previous Voiceprint. Tencent

Descartes Biometrics to demonstrate ear recognition software at CES on the Hill

Descartes Biometrics Inc. will be showcasing its new HELIX flagship ear image recognition technology for enterprises at the International CES on the Hill event in Washington DC on April 15. The HELIX ear recognition software identifies and authenticates an individual based on their unique ear shape. Using a cross-platform library, HELIX does not need any additional hardware and can be integrated with most camera-equipped portable devices, including body cameras, webcams and smartphones for security and surveillance applications. The biometric enterprise

Samsung developing Biosignal ID for smartwatch to process financial transactions

Samsung has been working on remedying issues with its fingerprint scanner for smartphones and tablets, along with developing a way to perform user authentication on its Gear smartwatch, according to a report by Patently Apple. The ability to perform user authentication on its smartwatch is especially crucial for Samsung considering it recently acquired LoopPay and is working on a way to enable its smartwatch to seamlessly conduct financial transactions in the future. Samsung filed a U.S. patent application back in

Dubai government to introduce automated passport control with facial and iris recognition

General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai is introducing new biometric-based services, including an automated passport kiosk, at this week’s Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition (DGAE) themed Local Government and Global Achievements, according to a report by Yahoo News. “This exhibition is a national event and part of the government initiative to achieve competitiveness on a global level and strengthening Dubai’s role among developed cities in the world,” said Major-General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director-General of the GDRFA-Dubai. The

Technical issues with fingerprint readers delay Nigeria’s presidential election

Some of Nigeria’s newly-introduced mobile fingerprint identification readers failed to allow citizens to cast their ballots during the country’s presidential election on Saturday, according to a report by BBC News. Many of the fingerprint identification readers that representatives from the Independent National Electoral Commission were using to validate voter ID cards, failed to work. President Goodluck Jonathan and at least three governors from his ruling party were among the voters who were unable to electronically validate their identities using the

Duke University instructor recommends DNA database to track unaccompanied alien children

Duke University instructor and genetics policy researcher Sara Katsanis is recommending a DNA database to keep track of unaccompanied alien children (UAC), according to a report by Forensic Magazine. The database would be used to document and catalogue immigrants to match UAC with potential family members, or in worst-case scenarios, identify their bodies and alert family members in their native country. In a recently published opinion-editorial piece, “Humanitarian Crisis at the Border Calls for an Unusual Tool: DNA Testing,” Katsanis

EyeVerify discusses biometrics, integration with AirWatch product suite

EyeVerify EVP for global sales and marketing, Chris Barnett, discussed Eyeprint ID’s integration with enterprise mobility management firm AirWatch’s complete product suite in an interview at AirWatch Connect at Mobile World Congress 2015, In a video posted on the AirWatch blog, Barnett talked about how AirWatch and EyeVerify’s partnership allowed for the integration, as well as Eyeprint ID’s previous integration with AirWatch SDK and AirWatch Chat. This integration eliminates the traditional password system for AirWatch users, and instead, replaces it

Integrated Biometrics receives capital raise from SCRA, joins Biometrics Institute

Integrated Biometrics announced that it has received a later-stage capital raise from SCRA’s Stage 2 affiliate. SCRA’s Stage 2 sponsors larger investments of $1 to 5 million in more mature South Carolina-based technology companies. The firm invests its capital together with outside, private co-investment on a deal-by-deal basis. “We are grateful for our relationship with SCRA and Stage 2,” Integrated Biometrics CEO Steve Thies. “This investment reaffirms our technology and provides Integrated Biometrics with capital to enable us to more

Hypatia Research Group publishes customer identity authentication guide

Hypatia Research Group published a new primary research study entitled “Customer Identity Authentication: A Practitioner’s Guide to Best Practices in Avoiding Identity Theft, Fraud & Risk”. The 40-page report details best practices in benchmarking, vendor evaluations and an analysis of how, why, and when companies invest in Customer Identity Authentication (CIA) software, what tangible benefits are possible, and which metrics can be used to measure an organization’s return on investment. The report is intended to provide companies with various insights