Why usability matters

This is a guest post by Joey Pritikin, VP Sales and Marketing at Tascent. Showing your ID at the airport is one thing. But using your eye as your passport? It might feel like a big step. Nevertheless, iris scanning and other forms of biometrics will soon be common sights at airports around the world. Airports all over the world are installing biometrics to streamline the traveler journey, from airplane entry gates to baggage pickup. The Australian government plans to

TMR report forecasts growth in facial recognition market to meet security needs

Transparency Market Research has published a new report titled “Facial Recognition Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025,” which details the growing number of applications of facial recognition technology in visual surveillance systems and to corroborate other biometric systems in meeting a range of security needs. The report states how the rapidly emerging real-life applications of facial recognition technology in various areas related to public security is constantly driving growth of the facial recognition

NEXT Biometrics gets high-volume order for A2 chip, aims to ship to notebook clients in Q4

NEXT Biometrics has received a high-volume order for its second generation ASIC, the A2, a custom built chip that will reduce its production costs by more than $2.50 per module. Additionally, NEXT said it expects to begin shipping in volumes to key customers in the notebook segment during the fourth quarter of 2017. The company first unveiled its A2 ASIC line of chips in late March, when a first order was placed for production ramp-up. NEXT has revealed that after

Precise Biometrics divests mobile smartcard business to IDENTOS

Precise Biometrics has concluded an agreement with IDENTOS regarding the takeover of the company’s mobile smartcard solutions business area, which includes the business operation involving smartcard readers under the Tactivo brand. As a result, Precise Biometrics will further increase its focus on the fingerprint technology business area and free up resources for the development and sales of fingerprint technology. IDENTOS will take over all operations within the business area as of January 1, 2018, which includes the development of new

Strategic partnership will bring enhanced biometrics and mobility to federal government

DMI and NEC Corporation of America have announced a strategic partnership to couple NEC’s biometric and advanced recognition technology with DMI’s mobile technologies and platforms to address public safety, national security and federal civilian technology priorities within the U.S. government. According to a company statement, combining NEC core identity management technologies with DMI’s mobile platforms will provide the government: real-time, secure, mobile access to fingerprint, iris and facial recognition technologies for first responders, law enforcement and military teams who are

Neurotechnology makes a number of updates to the MegaMatcher product line

Neurotechnology has announced the availability of MegaMatcher 10, the latest update to the MegaMatcher multi-biometric product line. MegaMatcher 10 provides a number of significant updates across the MegaMatcher line, which includes: MegaMatcher SDK, a multi-biometric SDK for large scale systems; MegaMatcher Accelerator biometric matching engine, and; the MegaMatcher ABIS turnkey solution. Each biometric modality can be used alone or in any combination to provide to meet the needs of small and large-scale biometric identification projects. “This version provides increased accuracy

NTechLab facial recognition solution finds applications in retail, public safety

FindFace is finding applications in public safety, law enforcement and fraud prevention, according to a report by PYMNTS.com. Developed by Russian machine learning and artificial intelligence company NTechLab two years ago, the technology initially began as a tool for identifying people on Russian social media from pictures of faces taken with a smartphone camera. To address privacy concerns regarding the use of biometrics, NTechLab CEO Mikhail Ivanov said that society needs to maintain an ongoing dialogue about when and where

First automated border control system in Iceland begins operation

The first automated border control systems in Iceland have been put into operation at Keflavik airport. The first control unit, supplied by secunet and equipped with six egates for passengers to pass through, opened on 9 June and the first traveler to use the new system came from France and was travelling on to North America. Keflavik airport is seeing a steady growth in passenger numbers, and is often used as a hub for intercontinental flights between Europe and North

SmartCard Marketing Systems, CardLogix to develop closed-loop payment solutions

SmartCard Marketing Systems, Inc. and CardLogix Corporation have partnered to deliver seamless payment solutions that connect SmartCard Marketing Systems’ payment architecture to CardLogix’ smart card platforms. Through the collaboration, the companies will provide a sandbox solution as well as custom-built solutions that optimize speed, mobility, and security for medium-sized enterprises, governments, and resort and casinos. The system will map ID filters and parameters of the unique user for sending payments securely over a cloud-hosted, closed-loop payment system. “We are excited

Canada’s government coordinating biometric efforts

Canadian government agencies and police are coordinating the development of their biometric capabilities, according to a report published in Motherboard. Over the last year, Canada’s military, national police, border agency and intelligence establishment have reportedly been sharing information to “foster collaboration between federal departments and agencies that have an interest in biometric technologies and their application”, according to a National Defence spokesperson. The article notes that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Canadian