Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing to host kick-off workshop

Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing announced it is hosting a Kick-Off Workshop on November 12-13 in Martigny, Switzerland. The two-day event will feature keynote presentations from Morpho VP of research and technology Jean-Christophe Fondeur, who will deliver a presentation titled “Morpho experience of a win-win collaboration”. Nils Tekampe, head of the biometric laboratory at TÜViT will discuss testing and certification in biometrics. Idiap head of biometrics group Sebastien Marcel will discuss the Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and

Chinese institute developing facial recognition system for online purchases

Researchers at the Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology in China are currently developing a facial recognition payment system that enables users to authorize their online transactions by showing a photo of themselves, according to a report by IB Times. According to researchers at Chongqing Institute, the system enables users to interlink their bank accounts or credit cards with facial data and make purchases without the use of any passwords or PINs. A special camera captures a photo of

Nigeria to issue national Mastercard-branded biometric ID cards

Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC) announced it has launched the eID pilot program, issuing MasterCard-branded identity cards with electronic payments functionality to 13 million civilians. The program marks the largest rollout of a biometric verification card with an electronic payment solution in Nigeria, as well as the broadest financial inclusion program in Africa. The eID card is a key part of the NIMC’s mandate to develop, maintain and run Nigeria’s first central national identity database and provide proof of identity

More than 350K iris and fingerprint devices shipped a year in India: 6Wresearch report

6Wresearch announced it has a published a new report that shows that more than 350,000 iris and fingerprint units were shipped in India in the year leading up to June 2014. The report illustrates how biometrics are growing in worldwide acceptance, specifically across developing countries such as India. The report provides details about the total number of biometric units imported and manufactured in India, as well as the players, prices and features including resolution, verification, interface and applications. Single-modal biometric

ImageWare to provide retailer with multi-modal biometric identity management on Fujitsu cloud

ImageWare Systems announced it has signed a three-year contract with an undisclosed major international retailer to provide its multi-modal biometric identity management product suite that runs on the Fujitsu Trusted S5 Cloud platform. According to the agreement, ImageWare’s IWS CloudID product suite will use face, finger, iris and voice authentication. The solution will operate on top of the Fujitsu Trusted Cloud S5 platform, a fully configured, on-demand cloud infrastructure. The biometric identification management solution will initially be implemented at the

LifeBEAM: An interview with CEO Omri Yoffe

LifeBEAM specializes in creating unique hardware and software platforms that monitor multiple physiological parameters including heart rate, blood flow and oxygen saturation. The Israeli-based company manufactures a number of “vitals monitoring gadgets”, that include a cycling helmet and sports cap. Leveraging IndieGogo in April 2013, LifeBEAM raised funds from the public to develop the helmet, which uses an optical sensor instead of an ECG chest strap to measure an athlete’s heart rate. By using an optical sensor in the front

Qualcomm submits patent application for biometrics authentication and authorization device

Qualcomm Inc. announced it has submitted an application to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for approval of a biometrics-based device for authentication and authorization. Application #20140230018 credits Subramanian Anantharaman of Chennai, India as the sole inventor. It was first filed on February 12, 2013 before being published on August 14, 2014. According to the patent application’s summary, the device includes “a home biometric security unit configured to receive an indication of a configuration request for an electronic device.” It

Explainer: Palm print recognition

Palm print recognition inherently implements many of the same matching characteristics that have allowed fingerprint recognition to be one of the most well-known and best publicized biometrics. Both palm and finger biometrics are represented by the information presented in a friction ridge impression. This information combines ridge flow, ridge characteristics, and ridge structure of the raised portion of the epidermis. The data represented by these friction ridge impressions allows a determination that corresponding areas of friction ridge impressions either originated

Biometrics 2014 Conference & Exhibition announces keynote speakers

Elsevier and the Biometrics Institute have announced its keynote speaker lineup for the upcoming Biometrics 2014 Conference & Exhibition, which will take place on October 21 to 23 at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, London. According to its website, Biometrics 2014 will inform attendees on existing and future biometric technologies, applications and issues, which biometrics work best for their application, and what installing a biometric system really means. In addition, attendees will be able to network with a

Innovatrics receives top ranking in NIST fingerprint software evaluations

Innovatrics announced that its biometric fingerprint algorithms scored high at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation II, the world’s only independent, public, large scale testing of fingerprint technology. The NIST Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation II measures the performance of fingerprint matching software using vendor proprietary fingerprint templates. Overall, Innovatrics ranked among the top three in each reported category. In one test, the company’s fingerprint matching software was found to be the most suitable for real