VFS TasHeel International to manage biometric enrollment for Saudi visas in Nigeria

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs department has contracted VFS TasHeel International to manage and administrate the Saudi Arabian visa application process from Nigeria. The process will also combine mandatory enrolment process of fingerprint collection and photo capture for all applicants. VFS TasHeel, a joint venture between the global visa processing firm VFS Global and Saudi Arabia-based TasHeel, said it will start processing Saudi visas of all categories with the exception of Hajj and Umrah. However, it is mandatory for

Anviz, Megapar install fingerprint identification device at Paraguay airport, biometric time-attendance system at bank

Anviz Global recently partnered with distribution company Megapar Ingenieria SA to provide security solutions for the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asuncion, Paraguay. The partnership continues the companies’ long-running professional relationship over the past several years in which Anviz Global has provided a series of devices, including biometric-based access control and time-attendance devices to Megapar. As Paraguay’s busiest airport, Silvio Pettirossi recently underwent significant renovations which called for a much-needed upgrade in security capabilities. To meet the demands for a

DHS terminates biometric deportation program

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has announced it has terminated one of its key deportation programs, that was heavily based upon the sharing of biometrics. This week, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson announced that the “Secure Communities” program was discontinued due to litigation, a high level of criticism from other levels of government, and a lack of cooperation from state and local law enforcement officials. Under the program, more than 283,000 illegal aliens with criminal convictions were removed from the

UK Science and Technology Committee to host biometric data and technologies session

The UK’s Science and Technology Committee will hold its session November 26 at 9.15 a.m. at the House of Commons to address the current and future uses of biometric data and technologies. Previously reported, the Science and Technology Committee made an inquiry back in August regarding the potential use and collection of biometric data, as well as whether or not the regulations in this relatively new field are sufficient. The session will address the future applications of biometrics with a

Biometrics Institute appoints new board of directors and re-confirms its focus on building trust in biometrics in 2015

The Biometrics Institute announced its newly elected board of directors, which includes representatives from Immigration New Zealand, the FBI, Spanish Ceca Bank and UK Home Office. Arron Baker of Immigration New Zealand has been re-elected as Biometrics Institute’s chairman and director. He will oversee the board of directors, which is comprised of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Paul Cross, Salmat Speech Solutions GM Brett Feldon, the FBI’s Jim Loudermilk, Australia Attorney Generals Department’s Andrew Rice, Cognitec Systems’ Juergen

TruTouch raises $5 million for biometric device that detects blood-alcohol level

TruTouch Technologies recently raised $5.2 million in debt from various investors to recruit more customers for a biometric device that shines light through the skin to rapidly detect blood-alcohol level and confirm an individual’s identity in the workplace, according to a report by the Boston Business Journal. So far, TruTouch has already shipped about 50 devices to various companies, said company CEO Bruce Berger. Though Berger would not disclose the names of the companies, he said the company’s focus is

Intel and McAfee to release new biometric authentication software

In the coming weeks, McAfee will release new biometric authentication software that will enable individuals to log into email and online bank accounts, according to a report by PC World. Though no additional details about the product are currently available, the new software will eliminate the inconvenience of remembering passwords when using PCs and tablets. “Your biometrics basically eliminate the need for you to enter passwords for Windows log in and eventually all your websites ever again,” said Kirk Skaugen,

Latin America’s growing biometric technology market

Latin America has become the largest growing market for biometric technology used for identifying individuals and is increasingly being used by the region’s governments, biometric expert Sergio Valdez said at the recent Second International Security Meeting (EISCE) in Quito, Ecuador. “It is being applied in many Latin American countries” at a rapid rate “precisely because of the volume of the critical mass of inhabitants,” said Valdez, director of business development of the multinational 3M for Latin America. According to market

Toronto police considering facial recognition software to identify suspects

The Toronto Police Service is considering facial recognition software as a tool that could significantly reduce the time it takes to identify suspects, according to a report by the CBC. Already adopted by Calgary police and various law enforcement agencies in the United States, facial recognition software enables police officers to match crime scene images against a database containing thousands of mug shots. But despite the popularity of the software in other regions, privacy advocates have criticized the technology for

ICCI urges Saudi government to stop biometrics collection for Umrah visa applicants

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry acting president Shakeel Munir has requested the help of the government of Pakistani to urge the Saudi Government to withdraw the biometrics system it is enforcing for Pakistani Umrah applicants, according to a report by Pakistan Today. Munir feels that the biometrics system will result in “a lot of unnecessary difficulties for the Pakistanis travelling for Umrah”. “The same condition was reportedly imposed by the Saudi government on the citizens of India, Bangladesh and