Global Net Solutions launches IoT tracking badge with fingerprint verification

Global Net Solutions has announced the launch of its new IoT-based security credential S-Badge, which protects high security environments like hospitals, and government buildings with three factors including fingerprint verification. The S-Badge includes a photo ID, and leverages a multi-sensor Bluetooth low-energy beacon, multiple data sensors, and high frequency RFID technology, according to the announcement. It authenticates users based on their location and an individually programmed NFC chip, in addition to biometrics. It also utilizes AI and machine learning to

Suprema sets up Middle East operations

Suprema continues to expand its global operations with the establishment of Suprema Middle East FZCO. The new operations are located in the Dubai Airport Free Zone. Mohamed El Shenawy has been appointed to lead the regional sales team and focus on the new business development as well as supporting existing business partners in the region. “Suprema Middle East FZCO is committed to help our strategic partners and customers in the Middle East,” explains said SY Lee, Director of Global Business

BIO-key updates fingerprint algorithm, biometric service platform

BIO-key has released updates of its WEB-key biometric service platform and fingerprint algorithm software. New features in WEB-key 4.0 include support for one-time passwords, proximity cards, security questions, passwords and PINs, support for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, an updated user interface for customization and branding, support for device based authentication via Windows Biometric Framework, and expanded audit logs. BIO-key’s NIST-tested, core fingerprint algorithm VST has also been updated to include Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux

Speed up implementation of biometrics technology to secure borders: WTTC

According to Gloria Guevara Manzo, president and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the implementation of biometrics technology to facilitate secure borders is the single biggest opportunity for the travel and tourism sector in 2018. “Biometric technology has been evolving over many years and we have seen gradual implementation across the sector for some time,” explained Guevara. “However, in order for the step change which needs to happen to improve security and create jobs through increased tourism

Federal News Radio explores U.S. Department of Defense 30-year roadmap for biometrics

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has a 30-year roadmap for biometric technology and its potential uses, and it includes ambitious plans for several different biometric modalities, according to Federal News Radio. Department of Defense deputy project manager and Chief engineer for biometrics Will Graves told Federal News Radio that DoD will test five different biometrics this year. “It’s a very interesting time, being in biometrics.” Graves says that in his former position at the Department of Homeland Security, facial

Shuttle introduces multi-modal biometric devices for physical access control

Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. has introduced its BR06 Series of intelligent, all-in-one biometric scanning devices, which feature faster recognition speeds, a larger user database capacity, and lower power consumption. The BR06, BR06V2, and BR06S have different OS, CPU, and internet access options, and can also be used for physical access control. The BR06 Series is designed for use by small and medium-sized businesses, banks, colleges and universities, industrial settings, or VIP access. The devices can be customized for facial recognition,

Border Management & Technologies Summit 2018

Border Management & Technologies Summit 2018 Zagreb, Croatia May 16 – 17, 2018 IBMATA are pleased to announce that our inaugural international conference will take place in Zagreb, Croatia from 16-17 May 2018. With a complex border comprised of a long coastline and a land border shared with both EU and non-EU states, Croatia illustrates some of the challenges facing border management today. As well as in-depth presentations from the Croatian government, delegates will also hear presentations from other Balkan

Cisive introduces ID verification and facial recognition tool for HR screening

Compliance and risk management solution provider Cisive has announced the launch of new real-time identity authentication tool for Human Resources, called IDVerity. IDVerity is designed to combat identity fraud and insider threats by enabling employers to institute a “Know Your Candidate” program, in which the authenticity of government issued ID is validated, and compared to a selfie the candidate takes with his or her mobile device. It combines AI with biometric facial recognition, liveness detection, and live verification experts in

NEC acquires UK police software provider Northgate Public Service

Software provider Northgate Public Service (NPS) has been acquired by NEC for £475 million (roughly $655 million), giving NPS access to NEC’s biometric scanning and facial recognition technology, and allowing NEC to pursue significant growth opportunities in the UK and Australia. NPS provides software to UK police forces and other public services, including the National Health Service (NHS). NEC Japan acquired the company from private equity firm Cinven after failing to reach an agreement on a similar asset, reports.

Zwipe raises additional $1.2M in latest equity capital round

Zwipe reported today that in December it raised an additional $1.2 million (NOK 9.6 million) on top of the $4.3 million (NOK 35 million) private placement of new shares announced November 30. The size of the equity capital raise was increased to meet demand for shares from existing shareholders. The latest equity capital round brings the total raised in equity, debt, and grants since inception to $25.6 million (NOK 208 million). Key employees of the Norwegian biometrics technology company including