Applied Recognition face recognition solution to aid in preventing digital coin theft

Blockchain Acuity has integrated Applied Recognition’s FaceLocate technology into its custom and existing blockchain solutions. The service, ‘Access Acuity’, offers users secure access to their digital currencies with face recognition. “Holders of Bitcoin and other digital currencies greatly underestimate the risk of theft,” explains Don Waugh, Co-CEO of Applied Recognition. “The increased value of digital currencies has attracted sophisticated criminals that not only crack passwords but who also hijack mobile phone based methods of authentication.” “Cryptocurrency token issuers and exchanges

Jumio adds facial recognition, enables Coinbase, releases mobile banking study

Jumio has added biometric facial recognition capabilities to its digital ID verification technology, Netverify. As a result, Jumio’s Netverify now includes Face Match and ID verification, a three-pronged approach to the Know Your Customers (KYC) process on mobile devices by confirming an identity and the validity of the person presenting the ID. Netverify with biometric facial recognition enables companies to conduct ID verification combined with a complete identity verification. As a result, the solution is able to ensure the person

Case develops biometric bitcoin wallet

In a presentation at TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY 2015, startup Case demonstrated what it calls one of the most secure hardware bitcoin wallets, according to a report by TechCrunch. “There’s no easy and secure way to use bitcoin,” Case co-founder and CEO Melanie Shapiro said. “You’re either getting security, or you’re getting ease of use.” Case aims to provide both of these benefits in its bitcoin wallet. The small credit card-shaped device features a small screen, a fingerprint sensor, a camera,

HyprKey releases biometric payment gateway at CES

HyprKey, a cyber security startup, announced that it will exhibit its patent-pending HYPR-3 biometric payment gateway technology at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas. “As technology increasingly transforms commerce, the payments landscape is poised to benefit from security and efficiencies,” stated HYPR Corp. CEO George Avetisov. “HYPR-3 is a technology we expect to gain prominence as a direct result of showcasing its functionality, which includes the ability to spend bitcoin without ever owning bitcoin and the capability of safeguarding

Bitcoin ATM firm RoboCoin said integrating biometrics slowed down customer enrollment

Bitcoin ATM provider RoboCoin believes that implementing biometric technology is far more work than its worth, according to a report by Payments Source. In August 2013, RoboCoin began accepting pre-orders for its bidirectional (cash in/cash out) Bitcoin ATM, which it claimed were more secure than competing machines as a result of its built-in palm identification system. But RoboCoin would soon learn that the biometric authentication technology, while impressive, significantly slowed down the enrollment and transaction process. “Launching with [biometrics] was

Fujitsu signs master distribution deal with Biyo for digital wallet solution

Fujitsu Frontech North America announced that Biyo (formerly PulseWallet) has signed a master distribution agreement with Biyo’s Digital Wallet for retail point of sale electronic transactions. Using Fujitsu PalmSecure biometric technology, Biyo system is able to identify and authenticate retail customers. It then connects these retail customers to their stored information, such as credit cards, reward cards, coupons and loyalty discounts, as part of the payment authorization process. “Our customers have been very pleased with the performance of the Fujitsu

Fujitsu PalmSecure to provide biometrics technology for Robocoin kiosks

Bitcoin currency and cash dispensing firm Robocoin will use Fujitsu’s PalmSecure biometrics technology to positively authenticate customers on its entire global network of Robocoin ATMs. The agreement will provide account holders with safe and secure 24-hour access using Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology. As a result, Robocoin will be able to provide three factors of authentication — phone, PIN and palm vein — to protect customer accounts against theft and fraud. “We thoroughly researched other forms of authentication, including other biometric technologies,

Coinsetter adds biometric security measure to multifactor authentication platform

Coinsetter, a virtual currency exchange, announced it has added a new advanced security measure for its multifactor authentication platform, LaunchKey for Coinsetter. Coinsetter recently partnered with LaunchKey to launch a comprehensive solution which enables users to pair LaunchKey with their Coinsetter account, implementing a minimum of seven authentication factors to confirm their identity before any user can successfully log into their account. Now, Coinsetter has added biometric facial recognition and biometric fingerprint scanning to the LaunchKey for Coinsetter functionality in

ABA rolls out biometric bitcoin ATM in Australia

A biometric bitcoin ATM has been unveiled at a mall in Sydney, Australia. This is the first of many to be rolled out across the country, and it uses a combination of biometrics to register and verify user identities. According to a report in The Guardian, the ATM – deployed by Australia Bitcoin ATMs  — allows people to buy and sell bitcoins or exchange them for cash. Registration requires government-issued IDs, from which facial images are compared using a camera

Bionym bolsters biometric bracelet with bitcoin wallet

Bionym’s wearable biometric authentication device – The Nymi — will launch with a Bitcoin wallet as one of its initial applications, the company announced Tuesday. As an emerging digital currency, Bitcoin functions on a peer-to-peer network of computing nodes. To participate in Bitcoin, a user must have a Bitcoin wallet, which contains a public and a private key. The public key allows anyone to deposit funds into the account. The private key allows the account owner to send funds out to