Bodet introduces biometric time and attendance solution for small businesses

Bodet recently introduced Timebox, a comprehensive time and attendance monitoring solution designed specifically for organizations of up to 100 employees. With Timebox, employees can clock in and out using a proximity badge, keyfob or a biometric fingerprint detector. Employee time and attendance data is stored on a database that can be retrieved using a portable USB drive, or sent directly to the central server through an existing wired network or via Wi-Fi. The plug and play software generates attendance reports

Bodet time and attendance terminal now tracks staff professional development status

Workforce management and access control specialists Bodet Ltd has introduced a high specification employee time and attendance system incorporating interactive reporting which supports continuing professional development (CPD) and promotes greater employee engagement. Bodet’s Kelio Visio X7 smart terminal allows employees to identify themselves using the built-in biometric fingerprint sensor or a proximity card. When staff sign-in, the terminal identifies them and time stamps the record which is then stored on the master database in real time. The seven-inch touch screen

Bodet installs biometric time and attendance system at London retirement facility

Workforce management firm Bodet has installed its Kelio biometric self-service time and attendance management system at Battersea Place, a London, UK-based luxury retirement village and nursing facility, to help manage its over 75 employees. In addition to providing highly accurate, customized staff attendance reports for HR, management and payroll departments, the biometric time and attendance system also helps management with employee engagement and empowerment duties. According to Battersea Place, 60% of its employees are clinical, providing 24-hour care and emergency

Bodet introduces cost effective option of its biometric time and attendance solution

Workforce management firm Bodet has introduced the Kelio Visio X4, a more cost effective option of the Kelio Visio X7 interactive time and attendance terminal. The Kelio Visio X4 terminal has the same design and provides core time and attendance functionality as well as a messaging service and web browsing capability. The terminal is available with a proximity card reader, a fingerprint sensor or both to uniquely identify employees as they clock in or out. The time stamp record is

Bodet introduces employee feedback apps for its time and attendance terminal

Bodet Ltd have introduced software apps for businesses to carry out automated employee surveys and receive staff suggestions directly through Bodet’s Kelio Visio X7 time and attendance terminals. Bodet introduced the Kelio Visio X7 interactive time and attendance system in January of this year. The new staff survey and staff suggestion apps prompts employees to make suggestions as they clock in or out, without having to fill in forms. The engagement is ongoing as it also provides a communication trail

Bodet installs biometric time attendance system for garden produce retailer Crocus

In an effort to provide accurate and reliable staff attendance data and reduce administration for HR and payroll staff, nursery and online garden produce retailer Crocus have installed the latest Bodet interactive time and attendance system. Crocus’s HR manager, Danola Martin commented, “Depending on the season, we employ between 120 and 180 people, and we need to know how many are on site each day to ensure we are adequately staffed. The manual system was unreliable not only due to

Bodet introduces a new interactive time and attendance system

After five years of R & D and £5M investment, Bodet has introduced a new interactive time and attendance system designed to increase staff engagement. The new Kelio time and attendance system is fronted by Kelio Visio X7, an award winning interactive terminal, which comes with a card reader, a biometric fingerprint sensor or both. Using the fingerprint option removes the risk of “buddy-punching”. The Kelio Visio X7 terminal touchscreen allows staff to easily interact with the company’s back office

Bodet provides food manufacturer with biometric time and attendance system

Bodet Ltd. announced it has provided and installed a biometric workforce management system, which includes three palm scanners, for food manufacturer UGO Foods. The palm scanners are linked directly to the Kelio Integral time and attendance software on the main server, which automatically manages the data both for payroll and management reporting. UGO Foods employs over 100 production staff and operates a broad range of shifts as the company operates around the clock to supply retailers like Waitrose and John