IriTech introduces iris camera system designed for PCs

IriTech has revealed a new product line called IriVault, an iris camera system designed specifically for laptop and desktop computers. IriVault is a compact and lightweight camera under 3.5 inches designed to be connected externally, as an encased product, or internally, as an OEM module, to a PC to provide real-time iris identification for applications such as desktop sign-in without passwords, single sign-on, online payments, email/file/folder encryption and decryption. These functions can be done automatically as a background Windows service

Digital Barriers releases live facial recognition system for body-worn cameras

Digital Barriers has released SmartVis Identifier, which the company calls the world’s first live facial recognition system for body worn law enforcement cameras. The company integrated its EdgeVis and SmartVis technologies to provide defense, security and law enforcement agencies with real-time facial recognition against multiple watchlists and databases. The SmartVis facial recognition technology, which was previously available for standard smartphones, has now been adapted to run live on Digital Barriers’ body worn cameras designed for frontline law enforcement. Combined with

LG Innotek to manufacture 3D facial recognition camera for iPhone 8

LG Innotek, the components division of LG Group, will be providing facial recognition camera modules for the upcoming iPhone 8, according to a report by Patently Apple. The report follows ongoing rumors that Apple is potentially integrating facial recognition functionality into the iPhone. Apple has been developing facial recognition technology as far back as 2011, and received their first two U.S. patents for the feature in 2012. In February, Apple acquired Israeli facial recognition firm RealFace. The company’s new facility

IrisGuard introduces iris camera designed for outdoor enrollment and recognition

IrisGuard has released EyeHood, its portable iris camera that is ideally suited for outdoor enrollments and recognitions. EyeHood is the latest addition to the IrisGuard EyePay platform camera portfolio. The camera fully shields the user from direct sunlight and other external lighting conditions both at mobile or stationary enrollment and verification stations, providing excellent iris quality images and matching results, essential in payment and identity systems. According to a company statement, the EyeHood was developed to meet difficult outdoor registration

Sony patents eye gesture contact lens camera

Sony has filed a patent for a “contact lens camera” that would allow the wearer to snap photographs with a deliberate blink of the eye and store them on a wireless smartphone or tablet devices. Images from the camera can also be stored in the lens itself before being transmitted wirelessly. While other tech companies, including Google, have filed patents for “smart contact lenses”, Sony has contrasted itself from its competition by including enhanced features within its patent filing, such

Scientists develop inexpensive X-ray camera technology that can identify people

A team of scientists at the University of Washington have developed an inexpensive hyperspectral camera technology that can capture X-ray photos of small items, such as a hand, to identify people, according to a report by International Business Times. Using hyperspectral imaging, the HyperCam is able to scan 17 wavelengths of visible and invisible near-infrared light from across the electromagnetic spectrum to view details that are otherwise invisible to the human eye. Hyperspectral imaging is frequently used in a variety

Corvus Integration’s facial recognition camera to be exhibited at Global Identity Summit

Corvus Integration announced that its FaceCube solution will be featured in exhibits hosted by biometrics services partner IBM and Dev Technology at the Global Identity Summit, held September 21-24 in Tampa, Florida. The Corvus FaceCube is an auto-focus camera that combines the simplicity of a webcam with the functionality of an industrial camera supporting a wide range of imaging. The camera features a 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, enabling it to deliver high-quality images and video, as well as a high

ZKAccess receives award for its access control camera with embedded facial recognition

ZKAccess has received the ESX Innovation Award for its HD IP access control camera, ZKAccess BioCam 300, in the category of Access Control: Readers/Keypads. The ESX Innovation Awards recognizes industry products and services for their innovative technology, design or application. A panel of judges select the winners after performing a full evaluation of the products and services entered for their ability to help security and life safety professionals operate, grow, and maximize their businesses, as well as innovate for the

Privacy and civil rights groups outline regulations for police body cameras

A coalition of over 30 privacy and civil rights organizations, including the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union, have released a list of recommended regulations for the use of police body cameras in the U.S., according to a report by the International Business Times. The new guidelines follow several incidents throughout the U.S. in which police body cameras failed to show what occurred during a shooting involving a police officer. The coalition offered five primary guidelines that encourage law

Polycom to release videoconferencing system with facial recognition

Polycom will soon release a new videoconferencing and collaboration systems product that features facial recognition capabilities. Using a camera, Polycom EagleEye Producer finds all participants involved in a discussion and automatically frames them for clear visibility using pan, tilt, zoom technology, even as new people enter or exit the room. The system is not restricted to historic camera tracking limitations like fixed-camera presets or unnatural IR transmitters. The device can be used with Polycom’s RealPresence systems to help administrators with