Biometrics and banking, fingerprint authentication, wearables and security applications most popular this week

Here is a recap of the most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on this past week. Fingerprints Morpho has been selected by Australia’s Victoria Police to update biometric capture devices already in use and to increase the number of one-stop livescan fingerprint, palmprint and face capturing stations at up to 92 police stations across metropolitan and remote locations. The kiosks provide significant efficiency gains by allowing police to quickly and accurately collect and verify identity information. Qualcomm CEO

Financial institutions piloting Cardlab’s fingerprint activated credit card

Cardlab announced that Texas-based card provider Epic One and two banks in Dubai and London are trialing its new biometric credit card. The biometric credit card was developed in cooperation with Danish firm Quardlock using both companies technologies and patents. The authentication system combines a fingerprint with a one-time-password (OTP). The card generates standard OTP for every successful fingerprint authentication No data is send to the magnet strip, NFC or EMV chip if the owner of the card is not

BioSSL integrates CardLab fingerprint card interface into their online platform

BioSSL announced it has partnered with the Danish smart card firm CardLab, in which it will integrate CardLabs’ new dual interface biometric bank card with fingerprint sensor into the BioSSL secure platform to create a complete and fully secure financial platform. BioSSL say they are the first company to offer HTTPS fingerprint security without storing the image or scan locally, providing a unique defense against system hacking. Combining a CardLab card with BioSSL verification provides customers with both online and