Romania’s busiest international airport upgrading CCTV, adding facial recognition

The National Airport Company in Bucharest is planning an EUR 8.8 million upgrade of the coverage of the CCTV system at the Henri Coanda Airport. According to a Business Review report, the upgrade will include a facial recognition and automatic license plate number recognition solution, as well as an extension of the area covered by video surveillance. The CCTV system will be extended to areas currently not covered including public areas, technical areas, airport platforms, lounges and any other areas

NEC facial recognition solution implemented in cities across Georgia

NEC Corporation has provided an advanced surveillance system using facial recognition to several major cities in Georgia. The company signed an agreement with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, in cooperation with system developer Capital Systems LLC. Beginning operation last month, the system works in combination with 400 CCTV surveillance cameras installed in Georgia’s major cities such as Tbilisi. The system uses NeoFace Watch, NEC’s real-time facial recognition software for video which features the world’s highest recognition precision. Earlier

Security cameras in the UK will scan thousands of soccer fans’ faces in June

This is a guest post by Kayla Matthews, a biometrics and technology writer. From airport body scanners to metal detectors at museums, we’ve become accustomed to increasingly advanced forms of security in public places. However, security officials in the United Kingdom will take things to the next level by using security cameras with face scanners. Learn how this particular advancement might affect human safety, as well as how the security field has changed in recent years. Football Fans and Others

Startup Xjera Labs develops advanced facial recognition system

Singapore-based startup Xjera Labs has developed a face recognition system that uses artificial intelligence to detect and identify a person or an object from CCTV footage within minutes, according to a report by International Business Times. In development for the past five years, Xjera Labs’ neural networks can detect individuals, vehicles and objects from video footage with a 97 percent accuracy, based on a database of 20,000 facial images taken from CCTV footage. Neural networks are large networks comprised of

Dublin Airport looking to increase use of its CCTV cameras

In an effort to help improve security and safety, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) is looking to increase use of its CCTV cameras to monitor passengers in real time, according to a report by The DAA is on an information-gathering exercise regarding CCTV video analytics technology to transform its network of cameras from an “image capture” system to an “intelligent and effective detection and alert” system. The DAA is currently inviting companies to suggest possible applications for 1,400 cameras

UK surveillance camera commissioner releases national strategy

UK surveillance camera commissioner Tony Porter has released a national strategy for how CCTV should be operated and to ensure that cameras are not infringing the public’s privacy. Porter, who is responsible for overseeing the UK’s governance of surveillance cameras, was advised by University of Stirling’s privacy expert Professor William Webster on the development of the strategy. Designed to help maintain the safety of UK citizens in public places and their privacy rights, the strategy promotes best practice in how

Dubai Police turn to AI and biometrics for crime prevention

The Dubai Police are deploying artificial intelligence and facial recognition software to help predict and prevent crimes in areas of the city known to police, according to a Gulf News report. The Director of the Dubai Police Operations Department, Brigadier Kamil Butti Al Suwaidi, explained that the police command room will use a smart security system using sophisticated biometric software to compare images from CCTV cameras installed in public places to a database of face photos of known or wanted

Public-private surveillance project in India raises privacy concerns

A surveillance project in Mumbai that would see private and public establishments share their CCTV feed with the police is raising privacy concerns over allowing police access to private networks, according to a report by DNA India. The surveillance project consists of a network of 4,717 cameras, installed at 1,510 sensitive locations. In an effort to improve surveillance, enable faster response and enhance protection, the government wants live access to the video feeds of malls, five-star hotels, shops, banks and

7-Eleven implementing biometrics, CCTV to prevent wages fraud by Australian franchisees

Australia`s Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has signed a agreement with convenience store chain 7-Eleven to use biometric technology and CCTV supervision to prevent worker exploitation by franchisees, according to a report by The ABC. 7-Eleven will integrate and manage biometric time and attendance systems and CCTV at all stores to allow its head office to monitor worker hours and ensure workers are paid correctly. An FWO spokesperson said the proactive compliance deed committed the company to preventing wages fraud and

Allevate launches face recognition service that integrates with Facewatch

Allevate has launched its Face-Searcher service, which enables organizations to use facial recognition as a hosted cloud service. Face-Searcher is built on Tygart Technology’s MXSERVER biometric search engine platform, which enables the product to perform automated facial detection and recognition. MXSERVER is designed to handle Big Data by leveraging a cloud-based architecture for faster parallel processing of services. “The best face-recognition technology in the world is useless unless businesses have accurate and reliable subject matter to match against,” said Carl